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帯 (たい) 電 (でん)

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Denki Kaminari

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Reading: Electrification

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chapter 16

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Episode 8 Electrification ( 帯 ( たい ) 電 ( でん ), Taiden ? ) is the Quirk used by Denki Kaminari .


electrification gives the user the ability to charge in electricity and emit it out of their body as a sort of protective aura that electrocutes anyone through contact .
With his Quirk activated, Denki gains a defense mechanism that shocks those who touch him, leaving them slightly paralyzed. If he emits adequate electricity, it automatically discharges in all directions, shocking anyone close to him, careless of contact. due to this being a light-generating Quirk, it has a natural advantage against Fumikage Tokoyami ‘s Dark Shadow. electrification besides allows Denki to act as a lightning rod and absorb electric discharges from enemies. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


electrification works better at close-range, being airy for long-range. While it ‘s possible to increase the Quirk ‘s output for solid areas of effective attacks, Denki has no natural way to direct the excess energy and runs the risk of hitting his voltage restrict as well, potentially putting himself and allies in compromising situations .
If he exceeds his electrical power specify, Denki short-circuits his own brain, turning himself dumb for a one-hour period and being unable to activate his Quirk, or even do anything for that matter, until he recovers, although he does appear to retain minimal awareness of his surroundings. [ 3 ] In this state, he becomes harmless and frankincense easier to defeat, capture, or hold hostage. It is possible to protect oneself from Denki ‘s electricity through insulating material materials. This besides makes him vulnerable to Quirks that do n’t conduct electricity, like Vines or even other electric-type Quirks .


In situations of extreme risk, Denki can sometimes panic and thoughtlessly discharge in self-defense.

due to the volatile nature of Electrification, Denki is not adequate to of directing the energy he releases, putting any allies at risk should they be near him if he unleashes his world power, so he frequently holds back in fight. Thanks to the efforts of Mei Hatsume and her teacher Power Loader, Denki ‘s costume has received an extra firearm of equipment called Sharpshooting Gear that allows him to fire projectiles which can stick themselves to surfaces and attract his released electricity, shocking only those within a direct course between them and Denki. Denki can besides use his electricity to activate or charge electronics, like the radio receiver headset he uses in his hero costume or the batteries of versatile electric devices, effectively replacing traditional sources of energy. As share of his Forest train Camp Arc Quirk train, Denki ran his currents of electricity through a high capacitance battery so he could handle larger amounts of electricity .

Named Ultimate Moves

Indiscriminate Shock 2 Million Volts: Denki is capable of increasing the output of his Indiscriminate Shock to 2 Million volts, though this causes his brain to short circuit faster.[4] Indiscriminate Shock (Two Heroes).gif


  • Electricity-based Quirks like Electrification are noted to be highly valued in the job market. For this reason, heroes with electric Quirks tend to be rare.
  • According to Denki, one of his goals regarding Electrification is to be able to conjure a blade made of electricity.

  • Electricity – Wikipedia article about the phenomenon Denki can create with his Quirk.


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