My Hero Academia: How Did [SPOILER] Die – and Why Was It So Unpopular With Fans?

One of UA ‘s most beloved teachers in My Hero Academia was called to the line of duty – and they did n’t return. The following contains major manga spoilers for the upcoming Season 6 of My Hero Academia . For a usher with such wholesome beginnings, My Hero Academia has had quite a few character deaths. Some of the most celebrated include Sir Nighteye, Pro-Hero Snatch and Magne from the League of Villains, but none have been more controversial than UA ‘s identical own R-Rated Hero Midnight. She was one of the Paranormal Liberation War ‘s most outstanding losses and her death was wildly grieved by many fans, but how precisely did Midnight die ? And why was her death preferably controversial among MHA fans ?

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Midnight was a penis of the Pro-Hero group tasked with raiding the Meta-Liberation Army ‘s headquarters at Gunga Mountain Villain. It ‘s easy to understand why she was placed at the mathematical process ‘s front man lines ; her Somnambulist Quirk, which placed anyone who smelled Midnight ‘s pheromones in a deep rest, was the perfect neutralizer for villains who would have been unmanageable to put to sleep by force .
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How the Pro Hero Midnight Was Killed in MHA

midnight my hero academia My Hero Academia ‘s Midnight had an perplex and profoundly caring personality. even while in active duty, Midnight went the extra mile to ensure that her UA students were calm and clear-headed before the batch villa raid began. Given the austereness of the Liberation Army ‘s threat, freshman Hero Course students from UA were included in this especial operation. Most of them served as stand-in, but a few had especial Quirks, including Honenuki Juzo, Kaminari Denki and Kinoko Komori. Before the struggle began, Midnight knew how panicky they must ‘ve felt and shared some words to help ease their nerves, advising them to fight as if protecting the person who was most crucial to them .
When the raid began, Midnight quickly proved she was n’t all talk. She incapacitated several weak villains before attempting to take down Gigantomachia herself when the giant last stirred. Although supported by Kamui Woods, her attempts to activate Somnambulist against Gigantomachia were foiled by Dabi and the other members of the League of Villains, resulting in a prolong spill from a dangerous height. Midnight survived the drop, but was in no condition to defend herself against the other villains who cursorily swarmed her injured soundbox.

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Why Midnight’s Death Was Poorly Received By MHA Fans

Midnight asking Momo to stop Gigantomachia before her death The accurate circumstances of Midnight ‘s death in My Hero Academia are unclear since it occurred off-screen. however, one of the villains who cornered her in those final moments has since taken credit rating for the murder. The stranger attacker has since resurfaced during the ongoing war, gloating about his hand in Midnight ‘s death to Mina Ashido and Kirishima Eijiro. His reappearance suggests that more details about Midnight ‘s death could be revealed late, though it is n’t guaranteed .
The violent nature of her death — coupled with the secrecy surrounding it — upset many readers who were n’t expecting a Midnight death at all. Given her popularity, the fact that her actual cause of death remains stranger is added abuse to injury for fans of the quality.

additionally, Midnight ‘s noble sacrifice was barely acknowledged in-universe ; neither was she mourned, save by a few of her students and colleagues. She continued to fight until her final breath to take Gigantomachia down, delegating the tax to Yaoyorozu Momo once she realized she could no long complete it on her own. Out of all My Hero Academia ‘s deaths, Midnight ‘s was the one most befitting a Pro-Hero, so it ‘s sad that such a kindhearted and brave person has been forgotten therefore soon. Midnight just deserved better .

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