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Izuku is a mate scholar of Minoru ‘s in Class 1-A. Minoru has come to admire Izuku for his acts of heroism and for believing in his abilities as a hero, although he is reasonably doubting at first of Izuku ‘s decision. Minoru ‘s contrary antics normally gross Izuku out, with the most noticeable happening being in Save ! Rescue Training, where Minoru is forbidden to carry any female rescues due to inquiring about holding their behinds. The two have become friends, peculiarly following their battle together against the League of Villains. He was one of the people who went to see Izuku after his loss to Shoto during the U.A. Sports Festival and became delirious along with the others upon hearing that he required operation, showing that Minoru cares for his wellbeing. They have besides been seen talking to each early and hanging out in-between classes on occasion. He was quite amazed to see that Izuku overcame his drawbacks and improve in the Rescue train race. [ 1 ]

It appears he has picked up some of Izuku ‘s habits, as he used his own cognition of heroes ‘ Quirks to defeat Midnight. Minoru besides engaged in comment with Izuku during the Joint Training Battle. During the battle between Class 1-A and Deku, Minoru says that he never thought the world power of One For All was amazing, but what made Minoru admire Izuku was how he leads everyone to victory despite being scared himself. [ 2 ] Upon Izuku ‘s return to U.A., Minoru was the most desperate to comfort him when he broke down into tears, running up to him before being stopped by Tenya and then running up to him later aboard Kota to hug him. Minoru besides joined the others in bathing Izuku and agreed with him on forgiving Yuga Aoyama for unwillingly being All For One ‘s breakwater within U.A. High .
Tsuyu is frequently seen together with Minoru, although she constantly punishes him for perverted behavior or insensitive comments. Tsuyu most much hits Minoru with her tongue. however, the two seem to be on friendly terms, to a degree. They worked in concert to defeat respective villains in U.S.J. Arc and he evening earned her praise for his inventiveness. They besides worked together U.A. Sports Festival Arc .
Minoru is greatly attracted to Momo ascribable to her attraction and womanly trope, and she has been on the receiving end of a few of Minoru ‘s twist ploys. During the Obstacle Race at the U.A. Sports Festival, Minoru used his quirk to attach himself to Momo ‘s back, knowing that her speed would help him arrive at the complete line preferably. late on, Minoru and Denki tricked Momo and the other girls into wearing cheerleader outfits, that Momo created herself using her Creation Quirk, much to the female child ‘s anger and chagrin. In return, Momo can not stand Minoru ‘s distorted demeanor and is frequently seen rebuking him with angered or disgusted looks .
due to their shared perverted sake in girls, Denki and Minoru frequently hang out with each early. They both once played a buffoonery on the Class 1-A girls during the U.A. Sports Festival, where they tricked them into wearing cheerleading outfits for their own personal entertainment. together, they tricked Izuku to help persuade Shota Aizawa to give them license to use the school pond good to see the girls in their bikini. Although they were both disappointed to find the girls wearing school-issued swimsuits, Minoru was still appreciative that the girls were wearing swimsuits while Denki insisted he get standards. Despite Denki ‘s interest in girls, he still respects the girls ‘ privacy and tells Minoru that he ‘s taking it excessively far when he reveals his plans to climb the wall to spy on the girls ‘ side of the hot springs. When a peephole to the girls ‘ footlocker board was discovered Minoru felt it was a blessing while Denki was shocked. They have besides discussed other things, such as potential Ultimate Moves that they might develop. Denki was jealous that Minoru got a higher grade than him at the examination which meant he was more intelligent. [ 3 ] Hanta is often seen chastising Minoru for his depraved actions, though they get along ampere well. Minoru was besides cheering for Hanta during his conflict with Shoto in the Sports Festival. They were paired up in their first Term Final Exam against Midnight and Hanta used his tape to get Minoru away from Midnight ‘s Quirk, leaving Hanta himself susceptible and therefore incapacitated. Despite this, Minoru was covetous of Hanta, since he was able to use Midnight as a lave pillow while unconscious. however, ascribable to Hanta ‘s actions, Minoru was able to best Midnight and carried Hanta through the exit. Minoru took great pride in hearing Hanta admit that he could n’t have beat Midnight without his help oneself .
Minoru shares a rather negative relationship with Katsuki. Like his other classmates, Minoru is put-off by his loud-mouthed nature and violent demeanor, while Katsuki constantly derides Minoru as a coward and a weakling. During the Sports Festival, Minoru condemned Katsuki ‘s persistent attacks on Ochaco, calling him a sadist. later on, when Katsuki ruins his interviews and gets himself cut due to his abrasive comment, he calls Katsuki nuts. In hurt of this, Minoru was greatly worry when Katsuki was injured during the Paranormal Liberation War, and upon waking up from his two-day coma, Minoru shouted out in stand-in, going therefore far as to hug him with tears flowing down his impudence. [ 4 ] He besides aided his classmates in restraining him after he causes a commotion. however, he was mindful that he was upset about Izuku inactive being unconscious mind. [ 5 ] While the two do n’t interact much, Kyoka despises Minoru ‘s depraved behavior, just as the early girls do. He is often the recipient of her chastise or punishment with her Quirk on a few occasions.

On the early bridge player, Minoru does n’t seem to pay Kyoka as much attention as the other girls in class 1-A, which she takes crime to, as it is suggested that Minoru does n’t see her as attractive. This was seen during Minoru ‘s attempt to peek in on the girls locker board and he did n’t bring up Kyoka while fawning over the other girls, which she noted barely after stabbing him in the eye with one of her earphone cables. [ 6 ] Minoru besides ridiculed her smaller breast size on one occasion, which angered her greatly. [ 7 ] Despite this, Minoru does n’t seem to hate Kyoka, and in hurt her punishing him for his behavior, this seems to go both ways. While debating over who should do the go vocals for the U.A. School Festival, Minoru is shown to be greatly shocked by Kyoka ‘s beautiful cantabile articulation, alongside the rest of the class. Beforehand, he besides commented on Kyoka ‘s full-dress at the I-Island Expo party, although this earned both him and Denki a jab from her earphone cables, despite Denki insisting it was a compliment. During 1-A ‘s hot pot party, Kyoka is shown teasing Minoru over the approaching final examination and asks if he ‘s worried over failing them, something the rest of the classify facetiously laughed at. [ 8 ]


Shota is aware of Minoru ‘s corrupt personality, he tied does not hesitate to describe him as the “ shape of lecherousness ”. Although Shota does not do much to correct this position, he does not allow Minoru to cross certain lines of human decency, particularly when it comes to peek on girls. due to his attitude, Minoru is scared of his home room teacher when he stops him. For this rationality, Shota normally warns other people about Minoru ’ s position so that they take the necessary measures in this esteem, or he generates an aura of determent to make sure that Minoru does not do anything perverted. however, there appears to be common respect since Minoru once helped Izuku and Tsuyu rescue Shota from Nomu. Shota besides supports him by giving him confidence when he feels overwhelmed by a challenge, as when Minoru was nervous about the Provisional Hero License Exam. Shota encourages him to do his best so that he can pass the examination and further his finish in becoming a Hero. This both frightened and encourages the boy to trying his best. [ 9 ] Because of his lecherous tendencies, Minoru was greatly attract to her beauty .
Minoru was forced to fight her in his first Term Final Exam along with Hanta. He was saved from her Quirk by Hanta though was covetous, as she allowed Hanta to use her lap as a pillow. Midnight soon pursued him and took a sadistic joy in the act. however, Minoru admitted to being a fan of hers and knew about her quirk from it. Using clever think, Minoru was not a victim to her Quirk and left her trap as he dashed passed her and won the match. The Pro Hero was greatly impressed by his acts and complimented his scheme to best her .
Minoru has expressed great admiration for the Symbol of Peace. When the villains beginning attacked U.A. High and they revealed their design to kill the symbol of peace, he immediately assured his classmates that no one could defeat All Might. Later on, during the fight between Nomu and All Might, Minoru cheered the hero on, confident he could defeat the bio-engineered enemy. When All Might was fighting All for One, Minoru was in tears, cheering the numeral one champion on and showing how dedicate he is towards the symbol of peace .
due to his lecherous and naughty personality, primitively Minoru chooses Mt. Lady for an internship. Tsuyu immediately accuses him of thinking something perverted when selecting her, although he denies it. [ 10 ]

Days later, when Denki asks Minoru about how his experience was with her, Minoru answers while quivering. Whatever he experienced under her gives him nothing but badly memories, and he tells Denki that all women are demons who hide their true personalities. [ 6 ] The zanzibar copal shows that what he experienced was basically being made into her servant, cleaning up and doing early humble tug around her office while she lazed around. That bad have continues to affect him, and now hearing her identify terrifies him. When Denki comments that she forms a team with Kamui Woods and Edgeshot, Minoru starts shivering. [ 11 ] When they meet again, he is alarmed to see her and immediately points out that Mt. Lady is the most “ showbiz ” hero out there. Mt. lady ignores his protests and encourages him and his class to try their best for the “ Hero Interview Training ”. [ 12 ]


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