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Ochaco loves and cares for her parents very deeply, tied taking on the decision to become a hero regardless of the dangers for their sake. She wishes to make money as a bomber to give her parents a good liveliness. On the other hand, her parents intelligibly love and support Ochaco very much, wanting her to look out for her own happiness rather of aid with their clientele. When Ochaco returns home plate after the U.A. Sports festival, she ‘ s meet by her parents who throw their storm daughter a party for her efforts. Ochaco is teary at the visit but is very happy to see them again. [ 1 ]

Their friendship began chiefly after Izuku saves her from being crushed by one of the zero-point mock-robots in the U.A. Entrance Exam. She besides tries to give points to him after it was complete so that he can enter the school since she feels that she owes him for saving her. They meet again and both are surprised to find out they ‘ re now classmates. Ochaco calls him “ Deku ”, as she thinks it ‘s his real name because of what he was called in their first meet, but learns the truth about it and quickly apologizes. She says she thinks it sounds like the japanese idiom for “ You can do it ! “, ( however, in the English knight, she just says it sounds cunning, and it can make a great hero name ), which causes him to blush in delight and tell her she can call him “ Deku. ” Ochaco strongly respects and admires Izuku to the decimal point of normally striving to be just like him ( sharing his own creativity and determination ), and has faith in his sagacity and decisions. This is best seen when she puts in a vote for him as class president, which shows her fast impression in him. On the other hand, Izuku trusts profoundly in Ochaco ‘s own decisions and serve, and greatly enjoys being around her. Both of them are protective of each other, as when Izuku defends her from Katsuki Bakugo ‘s accusations, and when Ochaco about confronts Tomura Shigaraki who ‘s keeping Izuku hostage by the neck at one point. She does n’t seem to mind Izuku ‘s habit of mumbling and taking notes. In the Shie Hassaikai Raid when Sir Nighteye tells her that Izuku was going to die, Ochaco is horrified that she could n’t do anything to save him. [ 2 ] She is late relieved to see him not alone outlive, but defeated Overhaul as well. Ochaco slowly developed feelings for Izuku, getting jealous when Mei Hatsume gets besides near to him and their suggest talks during the fun ‘s festival. She got abashed when Gunhead teased her by asking if she was talking to her boyfriend on the earphone, and madly tells him that was n’t the case. She besides madly denies everything when Yuga asks her about her feelings for Izuku. She ‘s besides greatly amazed when Izuku shows off his new moves at the end of the Vs. Hero Killer Arc. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] During the Final Exams, Yuga Aoyama asks Ochaco if she likes Izuku, to which she only replied by blushing and holding her face with overplus. This completely changes her scene of Izuku, as those words seem to have stuck with her, echoing in her mind whenever the two are alone. In the anime, when Tsuyu questions her on what she and Yuga were talking about, she acts this room again and gives many excuses while backing aside from Izuku who is confused by her erratic behavior. due to her insecurities about her romantic feelings for him, Ochaco normally blushes heavily and runs away whenever she is alone with Izuku, or denies it in an over-exaggerated way, while he remains broken by her behavior. She was highly jealous of Melissa Shield spend time with him, until she got to know Melissa and got over her jealously. At the Expo Preview, Ochaco showed up in a formal dress, and Izuku was crushing on her. She felt fluster and largely ecstatic when Izuku flattered her in her dress. She believed that Izuku would beat Katsuki at the Villain Attack drawing card and was one of the few that agreed with Izuku ‘s plan to save everyone. She is shown along with Class 1-A cheer for Izuku during the concluding struggle against Wolfram. [ 5 ] During the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Ochaco realizes that she does indeed have romanticist feelings for Izuku after getting covetous of Himiko Toga disguised as Camie Utsushimi being with him, and realizes she has felt this way because of their time together, and Ochaco found Izuku to be cool in the first place every time he does everything he can without giving up for the exclusive purpose of achieving his objective and found Izuku ‘s determination admirable. however, she decides to follow Izuku ‘s exemplar to focus on becoming a pro hero for her sake, so that her affections for Izuku does n’t interfere between them, deciding to temporarily shut her feelings for him away, and alone being conclusion best friends with him for the time being, while simultaneously keeping her feelings in check, and accepting to herself that she does have feelings for Izuku. [ 6 ] It is shown that she has trouble staying in her mentality of keeping her feelings at bay though, as when diarist Taneo takes a selfie with Izuku, she gets fluster and confused. More recently she remembers the time that Izuku saw Mei ‘s cleavage, gets jealous, and punches herself in the face in regulate to get herself to stop. [ 7 ] however, after witnessing Izuku losing see of his Blackwhip Quirk, her feelings resurface again as she starts to worry about why this is happening. She uses her Zero Gravity to jump up and grab him before calling out Hitoshi Shinso for aid. [ 8 ] After the end of the one-fifth match, Mina Ashido teases both Izuku and Ochaco about what transpired, which causes the two to blush furiously in embarrassment. [ 9 ] At Nabu Island when on the expect for Katsuma Shimano both she and Kyoka went with Izuku to find him. After finding Katsuma and Mahoro Shimano yelled at Izuku for taking besides long to find him. Ochaco told him how amazing he is and told him that he ‘s a champion through and through. Giving him a hitchhike up and winking at him. When Nine and his group went to attack the island to take Katsuma ‘s Cell Activation Quirk, on the fight with Nine and Izuku and Katsuki, after being injured by Nine ‘s lightning hit. Both her and Tsuyu took them out of the fight and rushed them to resistive first aid. She was worried about how Izuku and Katsuki ‘s break bones could n’t be healed. After Katsuma was to heal their injuries using Cell Activation, she was late relieved to see that he ‘s ok. During the final struggle with Nine. Ochaco tried to make him float, but when Nine used one of the stolen Quirk Hydra on her to send her into the publicize. While she was sent into the air travel, Izuku jumped into the publicize to save her from pluming into the grate. When she was in Izuku ‘s arms, Izuku called out her identify worried, then Ochaco said “ I ‘m all right, Deku ”, then passed out unconscious mind in Izuku ‘s arms. Afterward, Izuku landed and placed her down on the grind. Izuku then had an angered look on his face, yelling that Nine will pay for hurting Ochaco, and proceeded to blast his Delaware Smash Air Force at him. [ 10 ] It is besides revealed that she and Izuku gave each other Christmas gifts with ecstatic looks on their faces. Ochaco got Izuku a bag of Mochi Chips, and Izuku got her an All Might keychain. then all of a sudden, Ochaco reveals that she keeps Izuku ‘s All Might keychain he gave her on her belt, causing Mina to tease her. But at that time, Ochaco smiled and responded in a slightly anxious way while putting the keychain away, indicating that she felt a little less abashed about her feelings for Izuku. And after the joint Training Arc when Class 1-A showed off their raw moves, Ochaco and Izuku shared a tint moment. They both thank each other for making one another stronger, and fist-bumped with blushing faces. [ 11 ] During the Paranormal Liberation War, when Izuku broke off from the group and decided to go off on his own aboard Katsuki, Ochaco watches him go off while feeling concerned about him. [ 12 ] After events from the battle during the Paranormal Liberation War, when Izuku fell into a coma, Kyoka asked if Izuku was alright, in which Ochaco responded that she feels worried as she stood in presence of the door of his hospital room. [ 13 ] After Izuku ‘s conversation with the predecessors, All Might left the board, and Ochaco was the beginning person to go into Izuku ’ s hospital room to check on him. then back at Heights Alliance, in April, Ochaco and her classmates received individualized letters from Izuku. Her letter said how Izuku thanks her for everything, confessing the truth behind his quirk that he received from All Might, how All For One and Tomura are after him, and that he must leave because of it. After she read her letter, she reacts in edginess to the fact that Izuku has left U.A. High. [ 14 ] During the fight between Class 1-A and Izuku, he prepares to make a getaway, combining Blackwhip, One For All at 45 %, and Fa Jin, but Ochaco comes from the flip, telling him that his situation is different from when Bakugo was captured by the League of Villains, indicating that she ’ randomness will to go after Izuku, even though she doesn ’ t want to hurt his pride of wanting to protecting everyone from All For One and Shigaraki. Before Uravity can finish her prison term, Izuku felt emotionally hesitated by what she was going to say to him, then dodged her approach and blasted into the sky. Ochaco calls to her classmates as they combine Ashido ’ mho Acidman and Shoto ’ second Flashfreeze Heatwave to launch Bakugo off Shoto ’ randomness frosting ramp-up to Deku, pushing further with Ochaco ’ s Zero Gravity. then Ochaco thinks to herself about how she knows that she and everyone has something to say to Izuku but they know that their words wo n’t affect Izuku. She says that they do n’t want to be protected by Izuku, or that they ‘re rejecting Izuku ‘s own impression and his actions, she and the others fair want to be with Izuku. After the Battle between Deku and Class A, Ochaco and Class A succeeded their mission to bring Izuku back, then Izuku realizes he is back at school as he is carried around by Shoji while Sero reveals that the barrier is active. Izuku still believes he hush can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go back, and his belief seem to be enforced by a group of protestors within the school demanding he not be let in. The civilians say they know he is the rumor boy Tomura is after and after they were convinced U.A. would provide them refuge, allowing what they consider a “ ticking time-bomb ” is a atrocious idea. They say he should go somewhere else and Izuku evening considers leaving, but Ochaco grabs his hand to stop him and tells him not to worry about it, as she is justly now more determined to not let him go, and now it ’ s her turn to protect him. The people, however, are silent unconvinced, believing they are being forced to pay the price for the heroes ‘ mistakes, with the hate and anxiety of everyone starting to swell up Izuku ’ sulfur Danger Sense. With no one apparently listening to argue, Ochaco jumps up onto the U.A. build with a microphone and addresses to the people that Izuku Midoriya ( first time she said his full name rather his nickname Deku ) has a limited might, and that he already left the school in the first place to prevent anyone from feeling perturb, he has only returned because she and the lie of her classify brought him back. She admits his power is what the villain ‘s desire because they know it is the merely thing that can stop them, but he has gone through indeed much while on the outside. She begs for everyone to take a closer expression at him for he wishes to fix everything despite knowing he could be attacked at any minute. certain enough, the people start calming down, with one of the civilians recognizing him for having helped her earlier. Ochaco declares that special powers are one thing, but there is no such thing as a special person. The people start seeing how run down Izuku is. One of the unconvinced civilians asks if the people themselves should be covered in obscenity besides, but Ochaco replies saying that alone the Heroes will be, which is why she wants them to give him time to rest to wash it away Izuku watches her in awe as he starts tearing up, with Ida telling him that she is fighting for Izuku and everyone ‘s correct to smile again. then Izuku shouted out Ochaco ‘s name while he continues tearing up, indicating he ’ randomness feeling touched by her words of convincing the civilians to let him stay in UA to rest. Ochaco apologizes that she and the heroes ca n’t reassure everyone ‘s condom, because they are adenine scared as everyone else, which makes them all the lapp in a feel. She screams for them to lend Izuku their forte so they can have a shot at smiling in the future. Nevertheless, Ochaco continues her speech begging everyone to let Izuku stay and rest, citing him angstrom just a high school kid like herself and the others who are even learning as they go, as she realizes that when the heroes are hurting, it is up to everyone else to protect them. When the lapp protest civilian tries to speak back, Ochaco screams at the top of her lungs that UA High is Izuku ’ randomness Hero Academy and to let him stay. back at Heights Alliance, Class 1-A return for a dampen from their search efforts, all feel fabulously tired. Tenya tells them to get to bed early on, with Izuku lamenting that he wishes they could have some more loose time to talk, particularly with how he wasn ’ t able to thank Ochaco by rights however. then the future day, Class 1-A reconvenes at the Makeshift Fortress : “ Troy ”, a fortify structure created by Cementoss, Power Loader, and Ectoplasm, that they can stay at for now. The classmates move their bags into their temp dorms, when Izuku spots Ochaco reflecting outside. He jumps gloomy to see her, as the two say they didn ’ t have much to unpack anyhow. After a moment of silnce, Izuku thanks Ochaco for what she did earlier, which she plainly brushes off, before saying she ’ s precisely watching the city. She proceeds to tell him she feels weird, as back when she was shouting from the top of the build, Himiko Toga popped into her principal. She tells him during their fight during the War, even after she told her what she believed is mighty, she saw how sad it made her. even after all the lives that have been lost and the city destroyed, and being direction past the point of forgiveness, she ’ south still a person, and thinks about how she doesn ’ t know anything about her at all. Ochaco continues that she ’ second gazing out of the city then she won ’ thyroxine forget the destruction they caused and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think dazed things like that again. however, Izuku replies that he understands her, having seen a little boy crying inside Tomura and that even though there ’ s no way to avoid the struggle, he can ’ t neglect that side of him. Ochaco says that it makes them both eldritch. Back outside, both Ochaco and Izuku confidently submit they ’ ll put a break to them for sure. As the heroes begin their final battle against All For One, Shigaraki, and the Liberation Front, Izuku is on the spur of the moment caught off guard by a whip, forcefully dragging him into a separate Gate, to his and Bakugo ’ s confusion. elsewhere, Izuku was warped to an aquarium, aboard Ochaco and Tsuyu, by Himiko Toga using her whip. Ochaco is anxiously aghast why he ’ second here, while Izuku is confused that his Danger Sense didn ’ t even trip, staring down Himiko .
Since they are both very close to Izuku, they become close friends with each early ampere well. Ochaco ‘s amazed to hear Tenya is from a prestigious family of superheroes and that he is, consequently, the brother of Ingenium. Ochaco says that she knew he had some form of a deep background and was impressed by him. [ 15 ] similarly, Tenya is shown to be supportive of Ochaco ‘s argue for becoming a champion, stating that there ‘s nothing faulty with trying to improve one ‘s state of surviving. In hurt of their differ personalities, the two surprisingly get along very well and much end up in situations together. As a leave, they constantly have each other ‘s backs during battles, which was seen when Ochaco protects Tenya from Kurogiri as he went to get heroes. Ochaco is concerned about Tenya when he departs for his internship and, aboard Izuku, assures him that they are constantly available for support whenever he needs them .
Ochaco and Tsuyu are close friends, as they are on a first-name basis with each other. They even call each other “ hon ”, a shorten translation of the dub “ honey ”. Tsuyu lets Ochako call her “ Tsu ”, a dub that lone allows her conclusion friends to call her, and self they care and protect when the other is in danger. Tsuyu detected Ochaco ‘s mood swings as shown when she returned from her internship with Gunhead, saying that Ochaco had developed a new sense of battle and noticed when Ochaco was distracted while they were with the early girls. Ochaco noticed Tsuyu ‘s sadness for hesitating to save Katsuki and tried to comfort and reassure her, hugging her when she started crying. Tsuyu besides comforts and reassures Ochaco as when they were on the Forest Training Camp, offering to hold her hand sol that he does not fear ( which Ochaco accepts ) and they protected each other in their struggle against Himiko Toga⁚ Tsuyu prioritizing the condom of Ochaco and she running to save her. [ 16 ] Tsuyu detected Ochaco ‘s climate swings as shown when she returned from her internship with Gunhead, saying that Ochaco had developed a new sense of battle and noticed when Ochaco was distracted while they were with the early girls. Ochaco noticed Tsuyu ‘s sadness for hesitating to save Katsuki and tried to comfort and reassure her, hugging her when she started crying. Tsuyu besides comforts and reassures Ochaco as when they were on the Forest Training Camp, offering to hold her hand so that he does not fear ( which Ochaco accepts ) and they protected each early in their battle against Himiko Toga⁚ Tsuyu prioritizing the condom of Ochaco and she running to save her. [ 17 ] later they both do their Hero Work-Studies together at the Ryukyu means, where they prove to have excellent teamwork to the point that they have created a Super Move by combining their respective Quirks : Meteor Fafrotskies, and fight aboard Nejire and Ryukyu against Rikiya Katsukame. [ 18 ] In the Joint Training Arc, Ochao was cheering for Tsuyu when he saw her crusade against the Class 1-B team and when the internships returned, the Ryukyu representation has to do a deputation with the Oki Mariner Crew and after the airplane that Ochaco had got on to stop some Trigger dealers was about to crash into the sea, Tsuyu worriedly yells at Ochaco that get out of the airplane. They besides worked together saving civilians during the Paranormal Liberation War, Ochaco saved Tsuyu from the debris of a build and Tsuyu went to help Ochaco against Himiko before she got damage .
Ochaco and Fumikage appear to be on inert, if not good, terms with each other, and share a reciprocal acquaintance in Izuku. During the cavalry battle in the U.A. Sports Festival, Ochaco and Fumikage joined Team Midoriya, and cooperated very well to ensure their team ‘s fourth-place standing, allowing them to advance to the future rung .
They are not seen interacting excessively much, although they appear to be on good terms. Ochaco is seen comforting Momo after they and the other girls were tricked into wearing lean cheerleader outfits by Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta. Due to Ochaco ‘s meager life style, she is often amazed and slenderly jealous of Momo ‘s wealth.

The pair are later seen talking with the other girls about things. soon the topic turns into questions about Ochaco ‘s love life, but Momo respects her privacy and tells the other girls to stop trying to pry into it. Ochaco is appreciative of this but left to wonder about her feelings .
They are seen together several times and are good friends. Mina was the first of the girls to figure out that Ochaco was in love with person and teases her for it, while attempting to find out who it is with Jiro and Toru, but Tsuyu and Momo stop them. After Joint Training Battle, Mina teases her again for grabbing onto Izuku therefore hard in her attack to save him, powerfully hinting that she knows she likes him, which causes Ochaco to turn bright red in overplus. It does n’t stop there, as she continues her tease after she finds out that Ochaco keeps Izuku ‘s All Might plushie in her gauntlets, revealing that she is aware of her crush on Izuku. [ 11 ] Ochaco herself would confirm it, but submit she decided to put her feelings away for now. After a session in which the classify showcases their progress, Mina witnesses an switch over between Ochaco and Izuku in which the two bump their fists, which she watches with much enchant. By all intents and purposes, Mina is one of the staunchest supporters and aspirant for an eventual relationship between Ochaco and Izuku .
At beginning, Ochaco avoids interacting with Katsuki due to his aggressive demeanor. They first meet in the train fight, but Katsuki is indeed focus on fighting Izuku that he ignores Ochaco. For his partially, Katsuki does n’t bother to talk to her and does n’t recall her boldness or name, as seen in the Sports Festival while she was frightened that she has to fight him. however, in their couple, he was thinking less of her at the begin, but through their whole match, he was impress by her inventiveness, by and large because he realized she is close friends with Izuku, showcasing that she reminds him of Izuku. Katsuki acknowledged Ochaco ‘s strength and determination, by saying her last name as a sign of respect. For her character, Ochaco stopped being afraid of him since then and felt grateful to Katsuki for treating her like a potent adversary. After the consequence, the two heroes-in-training however want nothing to do with one another, but they do respect each early a little. This was seen when Katsuki goes out of his way to say that Ochaco is n’t frail, even when his classmates, except Izuku, said that she was. In Forest Training Camp Arc, when the students are cooking, Ochaco notices Katsuki ‘s tongue cover skills and was surprised by them, to which he yells, asking what ‘s so surprise about it and impolitely questions her, how she can be thus damn bad with a knife. then, Katsuki felt annoy by her after that. In an omake after the end of Term Test Arc, Ochaco talked to Katsuki about his competition against Izuku. She questions why he is sol angry around him, and correctly guesses his anger is truly just a way to mask his insecurities and jealousy towards Izuku. And she suggests he should stop being beggarly to Izuku, and be friends with him again. Katsuki felt extremely irritated by her, for wanting him to bail with Izuku, then he responded angrily at her and scared her off .
They are classmates and their beginning suffer was in the Quirk Apprehension Test. When Izuku has his Quirk restrained by their teacher, Yuga gives Ochaco comforting words by stating he ‘ll be by her side if Izuku is expelled, though she is confused and ca n’t recall his name. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] They are late paired up against Thirteen and their teamwork is a bit rocky. When they ‘ re in a bind, Yuga had correctly guessed that Ochaco was thinking of Izuku in their pit. He inquired if she had feelings for him, which resulting in her blush and letting go of the train she was clinging to. however, this besides awakened her fight instincts and allowed her to take down the champion. [ 21 ] Yuga ‘s words caused Ochaco to ponder over her feelings for Izuku and they were shown to stick with her before she realized that he was justly about what she felt about Izuku. She was deeply shock and saddened to discover that him and his parents were spies for All For One, being visibly upset when he was held for interrogation. [ 22 ] Through Izuku ‘s pleas with Yuga though, Ochaco understood that he did n’t have a choice and alternatively wishes to help him make amends alongside the perch of her classmates. Enraged over Yuga ‘s downfall, she and her course vow to bring All For One down. [ 23 ] initially, Ochaco and Kyoka have very fiddling interaction with each other ; as the report progresses, the two build up a friendship and are on good terms. The two are seen hanging out occasionally outside of class, normally with the other girls of Class 1-A, talking about versatile things. The night before the Provisional Hero License Exam both Mina, Kyoka, and Toru tried to find out who Ochaco ‘s break down is. Kyoka said that they would n’t give up until they found out who Ochaco ‘s love interest is. Before the U.A. School Festival Ochaco compliments Kyoka for her musical skills, recalling occasions where the latter would practice while Ochaco and Toru would watch. When Ochaco, Momo, and Kyoka explain why they were invited to I-Island, Kyoka casually rests her arm on Ochaco ‘s shoulder, telling Melissa that they were selected by Momo as two guests. [ 5 ] Ochaco appears to be friends with Toru, if not on commodity terms at least. The two normally hang out with the other girls outside of class, be it in U.A. ‘s cafeteria or in UA Alliances ‘ sofa room. One night after training for their Ultimate Moves, both her, Mina, and Kyoka tried to find out who ‘s Ochaco ‘s crush is before Momo and Tsuyu tried to stop them. Upon returning from their deputation to save Eri, Ochaco and Tsuyu are both hugged by Toru, who is contentedness that they ‘re o .

early Schoolmates

Ochaco has a reasonably rocky relationship with Mei, due to the latter ‘s extremely directly nature and wild inventions. She besides dislikes Mei ‘s “ dreadfully close ” outdistance when around Izuku ( as she has a habit of violating peoples ‘ personal space ), much to her depress and enviously. While all this makes Ochaco extremely uncomfortable and covetous, she manages to remain civilized and civil. recently though, when she remembered the prison term that Izuku saw Mei ‘s cleavage, she punched herself in the face to stop thinking about it .
Nejire helped Ochaco get an internship with Ryukyu and Ochaco was excited to hear Nejire ‘s offer and the two established a dear relationship with each other. During the internships, Nejire constantly spoke with Ochaco and Ochaco listened and cooperated excellently with Nejire. When Ochaco showed the improvements in her suit, Nejire was curious to know the reason for the change, causing Ochaco to blush when she remembered Izuku and while they were on the beach before the operation with the Oki Mariner, Nejire approached Ochaco to show her something she had found in the sea and helped Ochaco when she had gotten on a plane to stop some Trigger dealers .


Shota is her teacher. Their first meet was not all good as she was put off by his sudden arrival and deadpan manner. She heard of his hero identity from Izuku and noted she did n’t seem familiar with him after he erased Izuku ‘s Quirk. Though there is n’t much interaction between them, she respects him as her teacher and listened to him when he had the class flee U.S.J. after actual villains show up. After the death of Sir Nighteye, Ochaco feels guilty because she thought she could have done much more to save him, but Shota consoles her and replies that she bears no province and the defect lies with the heroes, asking her to take time and think about what she wants to do in the future, to which she responds that she wants to save people. [ 24 ] Months late, after she saves Izuku during the fifth round of the Joint Training Battle, Shota recounts that Ochaco has matured. [ 9 ] Ochaco interned under Gunhead, wanting to see how a fight hero like him works. They are close enough to tease the other at times, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Because of their prison term together, Ochaco has developed a battle instinct that tends to awake in situations and help her. Ochaco besides thinks the way he talks and acts is cunning which contrasts his intimidate appearance .
Thanks to Nejire ‘s recommendation, Ochaco, along with Tsuyu, is hired by Dragoon Hero : Ryukyu for an internship and both girls got excited about the opportunity. Ochaco respects the Pro Hero and is grateful that she accepts her as an intern. As for Ryukyu, she believes that Ochaco has potential and welcomes her agency while saying that the internship will help to develop her crusade skills. Ryukyu trusted Ochaco to go to Sir Nighteye ‘s meet and deemed her meet to go to the operation against the Shie Hassaikai and the rescue of Eri. During the operation, along with Tsuyu and Nejire, Ochaco helps Ryukyu to defeat Rikiya Katsukame and they showed good teamwork. [ 25 ] Ryukyu entrusted Ochaco with the guard of Sir Nighteye and helped her get him to a doctor. After Class 1-A ‘s battle against Nine and his team, Ryukyu carried Ochaco to take her to condom as the two of them smiled at each other. Ryukyu re-recruits Ochaco and Tsuyu during the revert from internships .
Ochaco and Himiko are arch enemies. They first meet at the train camp, when Himiko stalks Ochaco and Tsuyu. Despite the fact that Himiko tries to attack Ochaco and Tsuyu with a knife, she gleefully calls them “ her friends ”, which leaves Ochaco slenderly disturbed. however, Himiko manages to hit a soft spot when she realized that Ochaco fell in love with person. It is by and by revealed that Himiko loves her. [ 26 ]

They met again during Paranormal Liberation War where they fight once again. Himiko tells Ochaco about how she was viewed as disgust by company and that she just wants to be unblock and be herself. Ochaco states that she will pay for her actions dearly leading Himiko to run away crying. Ochaco curiously ponders on why she was so disquieted. Later Ochaco did reveal she felt a form of sympathy for Himiko but felt a conflict hatred given all the severe acts her and the League of Villains committed .


As aforementioned, Ochaco is jealous to see Melissa and Izuku hanging out together ; an abashed Izuku explained to her that Melissa was merely giving him a go of the museum. At Melissa ‘s behest, Ochaco, aboard Momo and Kyoka, go to a restaurant to grab some tea. Ochaco and Melissa bail with each early over meter, and are implied to have a near adequate friendship due to Melissa addressing Ochaco by her first identify .
Ochaco finds Eri adorable and treats her with kindness. Upon learning the truth about Eri, she is greatly aghast and is determined to save her from Overhaul. Eri herself enjoys Ochaco ‘s company and likes her for her kind spirit .


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