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Star and Stripe Arc


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Final Act Saga


chapter 329 – 334

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U.A. Traitor Arc List of Story Arcs The Star and Stripe Arc is the twentieth narrative arch in My Hero Academia, and the second fib arc in the Final Act Saga.

With Tomura Shigaraki ‘s body closely complete, All Might requests immediate help from the foreign Heroes. Enter America ‘s No. 1 Pro Hero, Star and Stripe, arriving to help defeat the villain. But “ Tomura ” is prepared to fight back, and do anything to accomplish All For One ‘s next goal : stealing her Quirk, New Order .


A Big-Time Maverick from the West

In a unavowed cave hideout, All For One states to Spinner that, thanks to the escape convicts, Pro Heroes and the Police Force have been excessively busy to turn their full attention to them and proclaims victory on their game of hide-and-seek. Spinner says they could have besides won by leaving the nation, but All For One replies saying this is a short-run finish, with the next being the larceny of One For All. spinner wonders why obtaining One For All is n’t the final examination goal. All For One tells him that he ‘s planned ahead for a long time and that the award moment presents him with the greatest obstacle and ultimate opportunity. He reveals that he has friends around the universe and that, while All Might may have suppressed communication within Japan, oversea is different and once those friends start to cause fuss, each state will have to choose between their own priorities or the base hit of their citizens .
Spinner goes on to question what the obstacle and opportunity are, and All For One answers that his greatest obstacle is the american Hero, Star and Stripe, otherwise known as “ the world ‘s strongest charwoman. ” He says that she would be person they would have to worry about should she intervene, but if he can get ahold of her Quirk, there would be nothing to worry about anymore. He then tells Spinner that, after devoting time to guarding him, he will support Tomura Shigaraki in his crusade as the “ one who spins the fib. ” While this is happening, on the streets, the remaining members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, specifically other heteromorphs who served in Spinner ‘s squadron, continue to keep the embers of liberation alight. These remaining members have received a message from Skeptic, who has told them to continue on and eliminate any underground that remains. Skeptic says that while his dislike of the League of Villains remains, they have been recognised by Re-Destro and that it does n’t matter whether or not they are true liberators, their influence is real and they shall work with them to sow the seeds of the future, once Tomura has destroyed everything .
meanwhile, Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist continue travelling along the coast to meet up with Star and Stripe. Hawks is concerned about whether Star and Stripe will face any fuss coming over to Japan from America, with Best Jeanist attempting to reassure him. The trio get an pressing message from Naomasa Tsukauchi, informing them of something that has entered the airspace of Star and Stripe ‘s flight path ; he has, at last, shown himself. Atop a flying Nomu, “ Tomura ” stands, facing down Star and Stripe and her squadron of champion jets. She asks him if he is the villain known as “ All For One ”, to which he replies “ What precisely am I ? ” [ 1 ] One of the combatant pilots informs Star and Stripe that the person in front of them is Tomura Shigaraki and that he is able of performing electromagnetic pulse attacks. With that information and upon Star and Stripe ‘s request, the pilots take up an assail formation and deploy shock shields, with Star and Stripe besides preparing to fight, telling her fellow fighters that she ‘ll return their bodies to their families, should they perish in battle. [ 2 ]

New Order of the Ages

“ Tomura ” states that he is in a strange state, as he knows that he is Tomura Shigaraki, but at the same time he is All For One, and it has been like this ever since he awakened. Using Radio Waves, Air Cannon, and Heavy Payload, “ Tomura ” unleashes an enormous explosion of energy at Star and Stripe and the champion jets, who all evade the attack. Star and Stripe and “ Tomura ” go rear and away with taunts, until Star and Stripe reveals her Quirk, New Order, which allows her to impose a convention onto a target after touching it and saying its name, and uses it to make the 100 meter area in front her a void, removing the air. “ Tomura ” is forced to hold his breath, thinking about how brutal of a Quirk it is, but besides about how he wants it .
Star and Stripe then orders the champion pilots to shoot their lasers towards him from all angles. however, “ Tomura ” counters with Reflect and Scatter, firing the lasers back while he regenerates. One of the reflected lasers heads towards Star and Stripe, who uses New Order to make the laser holdable, while the champion pilots note that the cause Japan lost to him was because of the re-formation Quirk he possesses. “ Tomura ” realises that the vacuum has disappeared and wonders what kind of limitations New Order has, before stretching his limb and launching himself toward the Pro Hero. Star and Stripe does the like, launching herself toward the villain before landing a punch on “ Tomura ” ‘s face. She notes that New Order does have a limit in that she can only set up two rules for two different targets at any given time, and that one of them is used on herself to maintain super strength exchangeable to – but not quite like – All Might ‘s. Star and Stripe goes on to talk about how a japanese central scholar saved her and her family when a rogue villain attacked them. Since that sidereal day, he has remained her function model, and with seeking out a greater level of peace, she modelled her hair after his with eight tufts of hair, compared to his two. “ Tomura ” grows irritated, stating that there ‘s no escape from the early No. 1. star and Stripe reminds “ Tomura ” that he is called the symbol of Peace for a reason, and after saying that she has touched him and knows his identify, she uses New Order so that if “ Tomura ” therefore much as moves a muscleman, his center will stop .
“ Tomura ” thinks to himself about how Star and Stripe fell for his trap, whilst the vestiges of Tomura and All For One continue to fight, as they fuse into one being. All For One makes a gloss on how the operation for him and Tomura to become one would have taken 2 months, but because of Tomura ‘s high floor of hate, he has exceeded expectations, already reaching 98 percentage completion in a much brusque timeframe, equally well as stating that, once completed, they will neither be All For One or Tomura Shigaraki, but a new being all in all. From the external, “ Tomura ” begins to show signs of resistance to New Order, storm Star and Stripe, causing her to wonder who the person in front of her actually is, while All For One declares that Tomura ‘s hatred will deliver them both to a “ brilliant future. ” “ Tomura ” ‘s hair’s-breadth increases in distance, as he remembers his old family home plate where his hate began, and lets off an explosion. [ 2 ] Star and Stripe evades the explosion and, surprised by the hair growth, begins to wonder what is going on with her opposition. Gleefully, “ Tomura ” declares to himself that he knows how New Order works. He notes how nonindulgent the United States politics is when it comes to overseeing her Quirk and thinks about how the Quirk functions – touching the aim, stating its name, and imposing a rule of her choice – is a ability so bang-up that it ‘s adequate to redefine what a quirk can be .
Despite all this, over the course of the conflict, “ Tomura ” takes note of some of the limitations New Order has that he has witnessed. He figures that, while there ‘s not limit to how much New Order can incapacitate person, there is a limit to how much the Quirk can power up a know, physical soundbox, comparing it to a barometer she can set at will, otherwise she could have killed him with a single punch right at the begin. He continues, saying that considering the fact she did n’t kill him through manipulating the air, one can assume that she either can not randomly involve things she has n’t touched or it would n’t be as effective. “ Tomura ” determines that, through the use of the vacuum and lasers, New Order ‘s true utility lies in nonliving things. He figures that this has to do with the appointment of the target function of New Order, and that when it comes to surviving things, both the exploiter and target must have the same common sense of understanding about the name that is being said. When she called out “ Tomura ” ‘s name, it was ineffective because “ Tomura ” is uncertain about his own identity, questioning whether he is “ Tomura Shigaraki, ” “ All For One, ” or evening “ Tenko Shimura. ” however, as inanimate things have no sense of self, Star and Stripe ‘s biased understand of the object is enough for New Order to take effect. “ Tomura ” begins to think about the possible heights New Order could theoretically reach, making it even more desirable than earlier. [ 3 ]

America ‘s Might

The fighter pilots ask Star and Stripe what their next motivate is, so she reluctantly replies saying to send a message to Commander Agpar, explaining that “ Tomura ” has graduated from local villain to global threat and that they have to use tactics Japan lacks in holy order to put him down for good. One of the champion pilots reflects on their beginning interaction with Star and Stripe, agreeing to follow her until the end. The fighter pilots roar into natural process, tipping “ Tomura ” off of the plane he was on ; he lands on the Nomu he flew into conflict with.

Star and Stripe tells “ Tomura ” that knowing what she can do still would n’t help him fight back, as she uses New Order to turn the tune into a calculate of herself but 1000 times larger. Having a regretful feel about what ‘s going on, “ Tomura ” is hit with Star and Stripe ‘s Ultimate Move Fist Bump to the Earth, sending him flying backwards. Star and Stripe states that dealing any more damage is bootless and deduces that her opponent would n’t give her his real name, flush if she asked, so that the entirely way to get rid of him is to reduce him to atoms, as she uses the air concept to flatten him between its hands .
With “ Tomura ” scantily surviving between the construct ‘s hands, Star and Stripe calls upon the champion pilots to send the lasers her way. She then uses New Order again, at the expense of her super intensity dominion, to merge the lasers into one. The air concept grabs them and uses the Ultimate Move United Hyper-Max Output Laser : Keraunos, pinning “ Tomura ” to the sea floor. The pilot in the trade Star and Stripe is standing on asks if this is enough to burn him to nothing, to which she disagrees, stating that this is merely pinning him down and that if that were the case, Endeavor could have finished the job. Star and Stripe receives a message from Agpar, who warns her that this stunt of hers will cost her more than barely her hero license, a fact she is very well with. He notifies her that the strike is at hand and that Japan has been informed, adenine well as saying that her crying defiance of the rules is what has made their nation shine the brightest. He notes that All Might could n’t put an end to this villain and tells Star and Stripe, using her nickname “ Cassie, ” to prepare to surpass Japan ‘s former Number 1. En route to the battlefield are the State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Missiles codenamed “ Tiamat “. [ 3 ] In the by, a younger Star and Stripe hangs out with her fellow soldiers, concerned about the limit New Order has on how potent she can make herself. She wonders if it ‘s ascribable to her being a daughter, but the soldiers reassure her that it ‘s not got anything to do with that and that when it ‘s not enough, she should call on them to pick up the pieces. They besides tell her that she should n’t compare herself to All Might, because she ‘s already bang-up adequate to catch up to him. She reflects on how commodity that conversation made her feel .
back in the present, the Tiamat missiles make their way to the battlefield and one of the combatant pilots asks Star and Stripe if she is able to use them. She replies in the approving, but mentions that she will have to give up the laser rule for what she wants to do next. She tells the pilots that when the laser govern is dropped, they should concentrate their firepower at “ Tomura ” to keep him pinned down while she tries to grab the incoming missiles. “ Tomura ” deduces that what has transpired is not the final blows and is alone entail to keep him place while a more potent assail is being prepared. He decides to take advantage of this. Star and Stripe manages to grab the missiles with the giant air travel construct with precise clock and uses New Order to redirect them, causing her laser rule to disappear. “ Tomura ” seizes the opportunity to escape but is pinned down with laser fire from the jets and is hit soon after with a state-of-the-art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch, in an attempt to put him down for good. This causes a gigantic explosion which is visible from the mainland, which Endeavor notices .
Star and Stripe looks polish at the crater left from the missiles and notices a hole in the middle. soon after, a char “ Tomura ” emerges from it. He knew that something dangerous was about to hit him, so he used his Decay Quirk to dig a hole and that should he had been a second late, he would be dead. It is revealed he used the Nomu he rode in on as a decoy, while “ Tomura ” states that he was playing along with their crippled and that if that were used against anyone else, they would have been done for. “ Tomura ” then commands the Nomu to Burst, distracting the pilots for long enough to allow him to jump advancing at Star and Stripe, claiming “ me and myself ” will put Star and Stripe ‘s resources to better use. Seeing this unfold, one of the fighter pilots tells her to destroy his transport, saying that doing so will finish the problem. She ca n’t bring herself to do it, however, resulting in “ Tomura ” grabbing her face. [ 4 ]

ghost of All Might

“ Tomura ” thinks about how much he dreaded the theme of New Order and One For All working together, thus to combat that, he purposefully put an end to the Hero Public Safety Commission and ordered his oversea associates to cause as a lot trouble therefore as to delay the arrival of extraneous heroes a much as potential. His plan was to perfect his consistency, steal One For All, then tackle New Order, as that would give him the world power for absolute ball-shaped domination. Facing New Order in his incomplete body this early was a risk he was forced to take, but he shouts with rejoice and declares that the risk has paid off, as he begins to steal New Order from Star and Stripe. Using her real name, “ Cathleen Bate, ” Star and Stripe uses New Order in a attempt to stop herself from decaying. however, as this rule is beyond the upper bind of her Quirk, she only manages to slow down the disintegrate. “ Tomura ” states to Star and Stripe that she started Decaying when he began stealing her quirk and that in prioritising her guard, she lost her Quirk in the process. He begins to think about his new buddy, Yoichi Shigaraki, and the comics they read together when they were younger. He states that he always knew how the stories would go, so he decided to stop .
immediately with the power of New Order, “ Tomura ” tries to manipulate the air, but is interrupted mid-command by the trace of Star and Stripe within the All For One Quirk, while “ Tomura ” begins exploding from within. The pilots see this unfold and realise that Star and Stripe has affected the villain in some capacity. The now Quirkless Star and Stripe reveals that, at the last second, she issued a command stating that New Order would revolt against other Quirks. All For One curses Star and Stripe ‘s name as her trace begins tearing away at the other vestiges, causing mayhem for both All For One and Tomura. Star and Stripe thinks about the worst case scenario for the fight at hand, and says that it would be her die and her Quirk being stolen, and while she would have liked to have protected both, she is uncoerced to give it up in club to stop a global threat like “ Tomura Shigaraki. ” With her mind made up, she gives thanks to her friends, the fighter pilots, for all they have done for her. “ Tomura ” thinks about the Quirks fighting each other within him and understanding that All For One can not dispose of a Quirk, only give them or take them, he tries to find person he can force New Order onto. “ Tomura ” is immediately hit with lasers from the combatant jets, with the fighter pilots exclaiming that Star and Stripe is still fighting and that her forfeit will not be in bootless. “ Tomura ” ‘s Reflect Quirk is destroyed by the trace of Star and Stripe as its rampage continues in the trace region. Star and Stripe finally gives in to the decay and, in her final moments, thinks about All Might and how he saved her, which allowed her to indulge in this dream of hers. All For One curses this “ ghost of All Might ” as the champion pilots continue firing their lasers at “ Tomura. ” [ 5 ] Using the Wing Quirk the Nomu possessed that he took moments before Bursting it, “ Tomura ” desperately attempts to vacate the battlefield in order to get rid of New Order, as it continues to rampage from within. Cursing All Might once again, he makes his room to mainland Japan, evading the fighter pilots in pursuit. Reaching a pier, he crashes into the safehouse of escape convict Kashiko Kashi and his chap early convict. “ Tomura ” touches Kashiko ‘s expression in order to make him Quirkless, sol that New Order can be transferred to him, preserving it. however, before he can do sol, the trace of Star and Stripe mocks “ Tomura, ” stating that, while New Order ‘s disgust against the other Quirks has resulted in the death of her concluding embers, angstrom long as people are willing to stand up to save each other, the will of heroism will be passed on and that the end of Tomura Shigaraki and All For One will become a world. All For One retorts that the winner is the one who lives the longest, telling the trace to move on. Unbeknownst to everyone, a third base person hears the conversation take seat and deep within the core of Tomura and All For One, thinking about “ some hero, ” Tenko Shimura calls out to Izuku Midoriya. [ 6 ]

The Hunt Continues

The search for Tomura resumes immediately after the incident occured. The authorities found evidence of a struggle at Kashiko ‘s hideout but the villain has disappeared without a trace, putting everyone involved back at feather one. The world is shaken by the end of the american Number 1, and knowing that the strongest hero in the worldly concern had fallen to this threat, the nations of the world retracted their defend to Japan, much to the depress of many Pro Heroes, including Salaam .
meanwhile, the champion pilots meet up with All Might, who saddened by Star and Stripe ‘s death, wishing to see her again. One of the fighter pilots tell him that her death was not in bootless and that each X-66 fighter fountain holds data about the battle that precisely occured, having recorded each bio-signature and every quirk from the competitiveness. The fighter pilot burner gives All Might this data to use with the data presently in manipulation at Central Hospital. The adjacent sidereal day, two days after Izuku returned to U.A., All Might informs Class 1-A that Tomura ‘s body was ascribable to be completed by the follow day, but thanks to Star and Stripe ‘s final command, Tomura will need another workweek to be 100 % arrant, this being her separate giving. All Might tells the class to use this time to their advantage and prepare to take down All For One and Tomura Shigaraki once and for all. [ 6 ]

Story Impact

  • The remaining members of the League of Villains are revealed to be hiding out in a secret cave enclove, with Spinner watching over All For One.
    • Learning of Star and Stripe’s impending arrival, All For One plans to use this opportunity to send Tomura out to steal her Quirk.
  • Skeptic has regained contact with the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, having them continue to fight and gain more support.
  • Star and Stripe and her army of fighter jets on their way to meet up with the Japanese Heroes are confronted by “Tomura Shigaraki”, riding a flying Near High-End Nomu, and prepare to battle.
  • Star and Stripe’s Quirk is revealed to be “New Order”, allowing her to declare a new rule of up to two things that she touches and says the name of.
    • She was saved by All Might at a young age when he was in America, which inspired her to become a Hero.
  • Tomura and All For One have begun to fuse together into a new being, with it already at 98% completion after only a month due to Tomura’s extreme hatred speeding up the process.
    • “Tomura” in the outer world finds himself confused regarding his own identity, believing himself to be both Tomura and All For One.
  • “Tomura” is able to figure out the depth of the mechanics of New Order.
    • A rule supposedly can’t arbitrarily involve things she hasn’t touched.
    • The Quirk is most effective on nonliving objects, as it only requires Star’s one-sided understanding of the target’s name, whereas for living beings, the target must also recognize themselves as that name.
  • After using several powerful techniques to take “Tomura” down, which only end up temporarily restraining him, Star and Stripe calls in for a fleet of missiles known as Tiamat to throw at him.
    • She redirects the missiles with the intention of vaporizing him, however “Tomura” at the last minute uses the Nomu as a distraction, while he Decays himself inside the Earth to barely escape most of the blast.
  • “Tomura” successfully touches Star’s face and begins to Decay her and steal New Order, while she uses a rule to try and stop the Decay, only for it to just be delayed, reaching the limit of how strong she can make her body.
  • Before he can use New Order after stealing it, “Tomura” suddenly begins to explode from the inside.
    • Before it was stolen, Star imposed a rule that it will revolt against other Quirks located in the user’s body. With that, Star and Stripe’s vestige starts destroying Tomura and All For One from within, as well as the other rampaging Quirks.
    • “Tomura”‘s Reflect Quirk is destroyed, which gives the fighter squad the opportunity to fire on him and finally finish him off.
  • With her vestige and Quirk within “Tomura”‘s body, Star and Stripe’s body decays, after internally thanking All Might for allowing her to indulge in her dream.
  • “Tomura” escapes the battlefield using the Wing Quirk taken from the remains of the Nomu.
    • He attempts to preserve New Order in the body of a prison escapee, Kashiko Kashi, but the Quirk is destroyed after revolting against and destroying many of “Tomura”‘s Quirks.
    • Deep within the core of Tomura and All For One, Tenko Shimura calls out for Izuku Midoriya.
  • The nations of the world withdraw their plans to aid Japan after hearing about Star and Stripe’s death.
    • The pilots provide data recorded during Star’s battle against “Tomura”, revealing some of his bio-signature and Quirks.
  • All Might reveals to Class 1-A that they now have a week until Tomura is completed, with the extra time being Star and Stripe’s parting gift.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • New Order: Star and Stripe’s Quirk allows her to declare a new rule on her given surroundings after touching it and saying its name.[2] The Quirk is stolen by “Tomura”, but then destroyed within due to a rule set that it would revolt against other Quirks.[6]
  • Heavy Payload: “Tomura”‘s Quirk allows him to increase the damage output of a given attack.[2]
  • Reflect: “Tomura”‘s Quirk allows him to reflect any attack he receives with the same strength.[2] This Quirk is destroyed by New Order.[5]
  • Scatter: “Tomura”‘s Quirk allows him to split up and multiple projectiles before firng them.[2]
  • Burst: The Near High-End Nomu’s unnamed Quirk allows it to explode in a blinding flash of light.[4]
  • Wing: The Near High-End Nomu’s unnamed Quirk allows it to sprout large black wings, granting it the capabilities of flight. “Tomura” takes this Quirk allowing him to do the same.[6]

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