My Hero Academia: Every Character Stronger Than Izuku Midoriya, Ranked

Izuku Midoriya is among the strongest characters in My Hero Academia, but there are some who still manage to outclass him. The protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime and manga series, Izuku Midoriya naturally ranks among the strongest characters in the floor. Although he was born Quirkless, Izuku received the power of One For All, the Quirk once wielded by none early than All Might, the strongest hero himself .
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slowly, Izuku has made this power his own and become an incredibly potent character. presently, only a handful of characters can be considered a match for him in battle, and even fewer can be called stronger than him. however, there are a few who can outmatch this champion — and even pose a threat to him.

Updated on June 5, 2022, by Rei Penber: The worldly concern of My Hero Academia has seen the rise of quite a few mighty characters over the years with Izuku Midoriya in midst of it all trying to establish himself as the greatest ever. While Izuku has already come very far and is, undoubtedly, one of the strongest characters in the My Hero Academia, there are some whose potency is still greater than his. This list already mentions all of those characters, however, we ‘ve taken a deeper prima donna into what makes them sol herculean and, with that, expanded on the list even further .

6 Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia from My Hero Academia Gigantomachia is one of the strongest villains to ever appear in My Hero Academia. He was once the bodyguard of All For One, which implies his forte must be fantastic. It ‘s been noted that Gigantomachia has multiple Quirks which include Gigantification, Pain Blocker, Dog, and Fierce Grains, among others .
Machia was hard enough to take on the entire League of Villains by himself and distillery gain the upper hand in the conflict. To stop him, several Heroes have to combine their efforts. Until Izuku wholly masters the power of One For All, he surely is n’t going to be able to defeat Gigantomachia .

Gigantomachia’s Strongest Quirks

Gigantomachia My Hero Academia Gigantomachia has several Quirks at his administration, as mentioned above. Some of his strongest abilities include Endurance, which gives him the ability to turn esprit de corps into stamen, Pain Blocker, which prevents him from feeling any trouble, Gigantification, which lets him grow in size when he ‘s excited, and Dog, which gives him a sense of smell and listen akin to a andiron ‘s .
He besides has access to Energy Saver – a Quirk that lets him function on very little food and water, Fierce Gains – a Quirk that lets him harden his muscles to exceeding levels, and last, Mole, which lets him use mole-like claws for grok, among early things .

5 Nine

My Hero Academia Nine Nine was the main adversary of My Hero Academia : Heroes : Rising. He was a knock-down character who had a power like to the All For One. Nine had the ability to steal Quirks of other people and use up to nine Quirks in total, hence his appoint. His original Quirk was known as Weather Manipulation, and it was solid enough to destroy cities with ease. however, the price to pay for using this exponent was huge .
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Nine besides stole several early Quirks, including Cell Activation, Hydra, and Air Wall, among others. He was able to defeat Izuku Midoriya at 100 % of his One For All strength, which fair goes to show that his tied of office was incredible. Nine was finally defeated by the aggregate feat of Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, both of whom held the world power of One For All at the fourth dimension. however, Izuku probably could n’t take him on alone .

Nine’s Strongest Quirks

Nine, My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Being among the strongest characters in My Hero Academia : Heroes Rising, Nine has quite a few great powers up his sleeve. His strongest quirk was decidedly All For One .
Unlike the master All For One, his translation of the Quirk was weaker and could only let him hold up to eight different abilities. Despite that, Nine gained frightful baron thanks to it and could steal a lot of useful abilities .

4 Star and Stripe

New Order My Hero Academia The Number One Hero of the United States of America, Cathleen Bate, besides known as Star and Stripe, was an incredibly knock-down Hero. She held an overwhelm Quirk called New Order, which allowed her to set a rule on the surroundings and wholly alter the battle in her favor .
By bestowing new abilities upon the environment and even on herself, Star and Stripe was impregnable enough to take on about anyone in battle. not entirely could she give herself new abilities, but she could besides manipulate the body of her opponents, making her extremely hard to defeat. Her Quirk was simply besides potent, which is why some have identified it as the baron that redefines what a quirk can be. deplorably, Star and Stripe died in her meet with Shigaraki Tomura .

Star and Stripe’s Strongest Quirk

MHA Star and Stripe Feature Image Star and Stipe was the wielder of New Order, as already mentioned above. With its world power, Cathleen could wholly redefine what a quirk could and could n’t do .
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By merely setting a new predominate on the surroundings, she could bestow new properties to herself, and do impossible things. Horikoshi was quite smart to take this Quirk out of the mental picture as it was besides potent and with it, Cathleen had surely become one of the strongest MHA characters .

3 Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki from My Hero Academia Born with the power of the fantastic Decay Quirk, Shigaraki was potent enough to destroy anything with a mere partake ever since he was a child. After undergoing his awaken at Deika City, he gained the world power to reduce a city to dust in a shortstop period of meter .
What ‘s more, his Decay ability immediately worked without needing to make direct contact. Following the events of this discharge, Shigaraki undergo surgery that gave him the ability of All For One, making him one of the strongest characters of all time. If that was n’t enough, his body was besides strengthed to a target where it got compared to All Might himself. Shigaraki about defeated the entire Hero Association on his own in the War arc .

Shigaraki’s Strongest Quirk

My Hero Academia Shigaraki Tomura Durability Although Shigaraki has access to a lot of overwhelm abilities, the strongest that he has presently at his disposal is All For One. With its powers, he can easily steal any Quirk, reserve it and even distribute it among others .
He can try many combinations of different powers and make himself even stronger in battle .

2 All For One

My Hero Academia All For One All For One remains the greatest villain to appear sol far in the worldly concern of My Hero Academia. He is quite an old person whose Quirk has kept him alive through generations. With the exponent of All For One, he is able to steal, stockpile, and distribute Quirks freely among people. All For One possesses frightful strength and when using the battalion of Quirks that he has up his sleeve, he ‘s about unstoppable .
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He was potent adequate to injure even All Might in his prime, which equitable goes to show that he was on a in truth unlike tied compared to every other villain in the story. All For One was ultimately defeated by All Might ; however, to do so, he had to go past every single limit he had .

All For One’s Strongest Quirk

My Hero Academia young all for one All For One was the original wielder of the All For One Quirk and even today, he wields a double of his ability. It is using this quirk that he rose to the pinnacle of villainy and created an long time where villains ran amok .
He besides played a separate in Nine receiving a duplicate of All For One. finally, his Quirk was transferred over to Shigaraki Tomura, however, he hush holds a extra of the All For One Quirk .

1 All Might

All Might's smash in My Hero Academia All Might is surely the strongest character in the world of My Hero Academia then far. Born Quirkless equitable like Izuku, All Might received the power of One For All from his mentor, Nana Shimura. With some train, All Might was able to make this power his own, and within a few years, he became recognized as one of the strongest Heroes of all time. With meter, he established himself as the symbol of Peace, and thanks to him, the crime rate in Japan dropped importantly .
With the exponent of One For All, he was able to reach the identical top and stay there for years to come. even person equally impregnable as All For One did n’t have it in him to defeat All Might. During his prison term as the Number One Hero, All Might fought All For One doubly and managed to defeat him during both encounters. Without a doubt, he ‘s army for the liberation of rwanda stronger than Izuku Midoriya .

All Might’s Strongest Quirk

allmight my hero academia anime manga The erstwhile Number One Hero was the eighth wielder of One For All and used this ability hanker earlier Izuku. even though he no longer possesses this power, he still remains to be its strongest user to date.

All Might could even go beyond 100 % with his power and bring down villains such as All For One for good. At his best, he was just unstoppable, and in his prime, not even the strongest villains could stop him .
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