Tsuyu Asui

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Heroine Overview


  • Superheroine

  • Student

Superheroine Student

Full Name

Tsuyu Asui


Rainy Season Hero: Froppy



My Hero Academia


Student at U.A. High School



High Intelligence

Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills
Frog Quirk:

  • Superhuman Jump
  • Enhanced stamina, speed and agility
  • Dexterity
  • Tongue Extension
  • Toxin Generation (non-lethal)
  • Body Storage
  • Camouflage
  • High-Speed Swimming


Looking after her siblings.

Spending time with friends (especially with Deku, Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki).


Become a Pro Hero.


  • Ganma Asui (father)
  • Beru Asui (mother)
  • Samidare Asui (younger brother)
  • Satsuki Asui (younger sister)


Habuko Mongoose (middle school best friend)
Shota Aizawa (teacher)
All Might (teacher)
Izuku Midoriya (best friend)
Ochaco Uraraka (best friend)
Tenya Iida (friend)
Shoto Todoroki (friend)
Eijiro Kirishima (friend)
Momo Yaoyorozu (friend)
Mina Ashido (great friend)
Kyoka Jiro (friend)
Toru Hagakure (friend)
Fumikage Tokoyami (good friend)
Mezo Shoji (friend)
Minoru Mineta (sometimes)
Denki Kaminari (friend)
Hanta Sero (friend)
Mashirao Ojiro (friend)
Rikido Sato (friend)
Koji Koda (acquaintance)
Yuga Aoyama (acquaintance)
Katsuki Bakugo (acquaintance)
Nejire Hado (friend)
Ryukyu (mentor)
Sirius (guide/friend)
Selkie (former mentor)
Oki Mariner Crew


League of Villains

  • Tomura Shigaraki
  • Himiko Toga

Eight Precepts of Death

  • Overhaul
  • Rikiya Katsukame

Nine †
All For One

Type of Hero

Mutant Superheroine

Reading: Tsuyu Asui

I’m not weeping and moping around anymore. Because you matter to me. You’re my friend, and when we’re scared, we tremble together. When times are tough, we cry together. So, if you’re dead set on being some comic book superhero… then Class A… won’t let you live that fantasy alone.
~ Tsuyu Asui to Izuku Midoriya in “Deku vs. Class A”

Tsuyu “Tsu” Asui is a major supporter in My Hero Academia. She is a scholar of Class 1-A and one of Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka ’ randomness friends. She is voiced by Aoi Yūuki in the japanese translation of the zanzibar copal, and by Monica Rial in the english translation .


Before starting at U.A., Tsuyu ‘s parents had to travel for work often, which gave them little time to raise their children. Tsuyu was left with the responsibilities of raising Samidare and Satsuki, such as making dinner for them. Although it was baffling raising her little siblings, Tsuyu still found her life to be fantastic. Two years ago before starting at U.A., Tsuyu ‘s hero studies at her middle school piled up and she did n’t have much detached time for herself. Tsuyu ‘s interfering agenda, adenine well as her frog-like appearance, made it unmanageable for her to make friends. During her time at center school, there was a student who started stalking her named Habuko Mongoose, who besides had difficulty making friends. Habuko often used her Quirk, which paralyzed whoever she looked at for three seconds, on Tsuyu. Despite this, Tsuyu was n’t bothered by Habuko ‘s stalk because she could understand her as they were both lonely. One day, Tsuyu mustered up the courage and ultimately asked Habuko to be friends. Habuko was surprised and touched by Tsuyu ‘s forgivingness, before happily agreeing to be friends with Tsuyu. finally, Tsuyu and Habuko graduated from their center school, but went to different senior high school schools though they kept in contact. Two years by and by, the day after U.A. ‘s semester began, Tsuyu receives a message from Habuko which states that she made new friends at her new high school and future clock time she will introduce them to her. even though they ended up going to different high schools, Tsuyu notes that she will constantly be friends with Habuko. Tsuyu decides that, like Habuko, she will make lots of friends at her newly high school a well .


Tsuyu is a unretentive girlfriend with a frog-like appearance. She has straight dark green hair that ties into a bow at its bottomland, and her eyes are well large, unlike any normal person. She has eyelashes at the bottom of her eyes and a mouth that dips down a bit in the middle. Adding to her frog-like appearance, she has notably large hands. Her superhero costume consists of a bright green full-body suit, with black stripes and yellow pare. She has two utility belts, one ending above her breasts and one on her shank, which is decorated with green dots along the outside. Tsuyu wears beige gloves with large wrist guards and green buckles. She besides wears black, thigh-high flippers with smaller green lines, resembling frog legs. In fact, most of her costume is based on the design of a frog .


Tsuyu is laid-back, but she is besides identical calculate with those around her, will to tell them precisely what she think about others. ascribable to her parents being busy at work and much being left to look after her two younger siblings at a youthful senesce, she is a very senesce and responsible individual who is able to efficaciously divide her care between home and school-related duties without letting them interfere with one another. This has besides lead her to being an effective column of aroused support for others, making them feel dependable and at ease if they do n’t feel so. She seems to be very indifferent when in school, but sometimes she has demonstrated the diametric and is quite perceptive. She is highly realistic, she cares about her classmates, and remains calm in the face of danger, but reacts violently if person harms her. She prefers to be called by her nickname “ Tsu ” as pit to her real name, although only by her friends. Despite her supportive nature, Tsuyu can besides be rather sensible due to her constantly saying what ‘s on her beware, and fearing her words coming off as blunt and deleterious as consequence. After Bakugo ‘s kidnapping, Tsuyu tries to get her friends to act rationally by saying that they are no better than villains if they go breaking the rules with leaving to save him. Afterwards however, Tsuyu becomes very broken and saddled with guilt due to being unable to face her classmates again after this, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as viewing her own behavior as cowardly. With aid from Ochaco Uraraka however, she was able to put things correct and talk with everyone again.

Befitting her frog physiology, Tsuyu can much be heard using the password “ Ribbit ” ( “ kero ” in the japanese interpretation ) at the end of her sentences deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as her replies. Her facial expression is much a calm and vacant gaze, making it difficult to read whatever she ‘s thinking .

Powers & Abilities


Frog: Tsuyu ‘s Quirk gives her the physiology of a frog, with her having the attributes of the creature adenine well as possessing several frog-like abilities. She is able to cling to surfaces, leap very high ( and is normally seen leaping as opposed to running ) american samoa well as stick out her clapper up to 20 metres which is strong enough to lift a person ‘s whole body weight. Tsuyu is besides adequate to of camouflaging herself to some extent, other abilities include being able to eject her abdomen and secrete a balmy, itch-inducing toxin. Since frogs are cold-blooded creatures, Tsuyu is very sensitive to the coldness, and can go into a hibernation-like submit if over-exposed to cold temperatures .


  • Tsuyu’s favourite food is jelly.
  • Her favourite thing is the rainy season.
  • Tsuyu was originally going to be male, however Horikoshi chose to make her a girl due to a lack of female students in Class 1-A at the time. She shares this aspect with Toru Hagakure.
  • After Tsuyu helped Izuku when training with Blackwhip, he named his “Froppy Style” technique after her, where he shoots out a Blackwhip from his mouth like Tsuyu’s tongue.


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