Naomi: Every Major Change From The Comics, Explained

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Naomi season 1, episode 1.
The CW superhero series Naomi is the latest DC place to get a live-action adaptation, and unsurprisingly, it makes some major changes from the comics. Based on the fairly newfangled DC comic series Naomi created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell for Bendis ’ Wonder Comics imprint, Naomi follows adolescent amusing book fancier and Superman fan Naomi McDuffie, who lives in a small town where nothing ever happens. When a realistic-seeming event involving Superman happens in her little town of Port Oswego, Oregon, Naomi investigates to find out who is behind the fraud. During her investigation, she starts to learn the truth about her adoption and discovers that she has superpowers of her own .
The amusing book serial debuted with a six-issue release in March 2019. Naomi, as it turns out, is the daughter of two super-powered humans from a different earth. Her parents were part of the 29 people from her master earth who were imbued with a form of radiation sickness when the ozone layer was wholly depleted. This radiation gave them superhuman abilities. When Naomi was a baby, she was transported to Earth-0, or the main DC universe, to protect her from an evil metahuman who wanted her dead. immediately, she goes by the superhero identify of Powerhouse and, since her 2019 debut, has been a extremity of Young Justice and the Justice League .
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The amusing book and CW versions of Naomi partake a lot of the same lineage story, but they already have a few key differences between them. In an consultation, showrunner Ava Duvernay said that her version of the quality would have a different trajectory than the amusing bible character, whose second solo run Naomi Season Two will release in March of 2022. immediately, it ‘s gain that the CW character, who even lives outside of the main Arrowverse, has an entirely different relationship to superheroes than her amusing bible counterpart. While the Naomi trailer showed she silent has a Superman connection, one major transfer sets CW ‘s show up for a report that will be vastly different from the comics. here are some of the main differences between the CW series and the comics .

The CW’s Naomi Lives in a World Without Superheroes

In the amusing iteration, the character Naomi lives in the main DC population, Earth-0, where Superman and the early iconic DC heroes exist in reality and live out their adventures. In the CW show, however, Naomi is n’t in the Arrowverse, living on an earth where superheroes are n’t very, but are entirely the gorge of comedian book fiction and movies. Naomi is obsessed with Superman comics because, like herself, he was adopted. Because of her interest in Superman, she runs a Superman fan locate which is described as the third-largest in the world. Because Superman is fabricated in the indicate, Naomi is surprised when the superhero appears to show up in her hometown, described as “ a amobarbital sodium guy ” and fighting person right on Main Street. Her comic bible origin has a similar event, but in the comics, it ’ south clear that this is the real Superman. The people of Port Oswego, Oregon, are excited by their sojourn from Superman and by his render to help clean up the wreckage of his fight with Mongul. The television receiver translation of Naomi, however, believes the Superman appearance to be a fraud and investigates it with her friends .
In the television receiver series, Naomi misses the Superman stunt because she passes out when she gets close to the event, in what appears to be an early materialization of her superpowers. In the comics, however, Naomi simply misses Superman ’ s appearances because they happened so cursorily that she couldn ’ thyroxine perplex there in clock to see him. While the comics version of Naomi is besides a Superman fan, she isn ’ t a bad comic book nerd the room she is on the CW series. For her, Superman is a real superhero who she admires because, as an espouse child, she sees him as a symbol of hope that she could one day be particular, excessively .

Naomi’s Relationship with Dee the Tattoo Parlor Owner

In both versions of the fib, Dee, the serviceman who tells her about her origins, is from an foreigner species known as Thanagarians, and he is one of only a few people who knows the truth about Naomi. In issue 3 of Naomi, Dee is the local automobile mechanic, and Naomi confronts him hoping to find out more about her past and where she came from. She assumes Dee is her parentage founder, but Dee insists that they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually have a lot of a connection. He tells her that he is a Thanagarian and reveals that there ’ s a multiverse. Dee turns out to be a Thanagarian soldier who had been in battle with Naomi ‘s adoptive father Greg, who is actually an stranger from a species called the Rannians. They witnessed her mother bring baby Naomi through a portal vein as she tried to escape her Earth, and they fought against the people chasing her. When Naomi ‘s mother died, the Rannian took Naomi and raised her, along with his homo wife, Jen, and Dee agreed to watch over her from a distance and aid keep her safe .
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In Naomi sequence 1, however, Dee is a tattoo parlor owner, not a mechanic, and their first meet unfolds slightly differently. Naomi assumes that Dee knows something about the Superman stunt that took place in the middle of town, and he confesses to it to stop her from investigating promote. After she is confronted by Zumbado, she figures out that Dee wasn ’ triiodothyronine behind the Superman stunt, and goes back to the tattoo shop to ask him about what very happened. He reveals his metallic element wings to her, encouraging her to ask him who she truly is .

Zumbado Is Close By

Zumbado Justice League

The villain Zumbado is one of the 29 people from Naomi ’ s original multiverse ground who was imbued with supernatural powers. He finally takes over her original Earth, ruling as an absolute dictator, and seeks her out in holy order to destroy her, as she is the only child to be born from any of the 29 superhumans. In the comics, he lone comes to Earth-0 to find Naomi after she awakens her superpowers. On the Naomi CW series, however, he hides out in Port Oswego as a exploited car salesman, observing Naomi from afar. While it is n’t clear how hanker he ‘s been watching Naomi, it seems probable that he ‘s been around for a while. later in Naomi sequence 1, he follows Naomi into the woods where she finds a disk that seems to be connected to her past. He takes the magnetic disk from her and leaves with it, but he does n’t seem to be peculiarly concern in hurting Naomi specifically .
The comic script version of the villain, however, wants to kill Naomi as an act of ability. He has killed or helped to kill many of the others like him from his worldly concern, and he followed Naomi to Earth-0 so that he could kill her and prove that he was the strongest among the 29. On the CW series, his motivations have yet to be made well-defined. He knows who Naomi is, and besides wants the disk, which may be a sort of substitution for the cube that her beget leftover for her in the comics. Whatever his motivations, the inaugural episode of the series sets Zumbado up as an adversary right away and introduces him in Naomi ‘s history long before the comics even mention his name.

Naomi Gets More Friends

In her 2019 debut comedian, Naomi is shown hanging out with early kids from the town of Port Oswego, Oregon, but she by and large spends time with her best friend Annabelle. There do n’t seem to be a bunch of friends in her inside circle, and she does n’t appear to have much fourth dimension for romance, either. On the CW display, however, Naomi season 1 ‘s form of characters gives her a kernel group of friends, keeping Annabelle and adding friends Anthony, Nathan, and Lourdes. While Naomi has other friends in the comics apart from Annabelle, they are either mentioned in pass or are n’t named at all. The amusing ledger version of Annabelle seems to be split between her namesake and amusing workshop employee Lourdes in the CW show, thanks to Lourdes ‘ colorful hair just like Annabelle ‘s pink haircloth in the comics. Lourdes is besides an addition to the usher ; the CW version of Naomi spends a distribute of clock at the comic book shop where Lourdes works, and may possibly have a romantic connection with her .
Nathan, Naomi ‘s ex-boyfriend, and Anthony, another ally she may be romantically connected to, are besides additions to the CW series. These characters, who seem to be added to give Naomi a romantic subplot ( or three ), may besides help to build her inner circle. In the comics, Naomi becomes a extremity of Young Justice and late the Justice League, which already surrounds her with characters with whom she can form friendships and relationships. By setting the CW series in a world without superheroes, Naomi needs to have her own cast of friends that can step into supporting roles. The foreshadowing about her quixotic ties to Lourdes, Anthony, and Nathan may have come on a sting strong, but if the CW plans to have more seasons of Naomi, it could be beneficial to plant the seeds for potential relationship drama down the road .
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