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Conqueror · Mass Murderer







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reality Undetermined


Brian Michael Bendis · David F. Walker · Jamal Campbell

First Appearance
Naomi #5
(July, 2019)

Zumbado is a mass murderer who was convicted for his crimes and was sentenced to death because of them. On the day he was gifted his powers, Zumbado was sitting in the electric chair prepared to receive his death prison term. He presently rules over his universe as a conqueror.


After the depletion of Earth ‘s protective layers, Zumbado was among the twenty-nine people who were given access to “ godlike ” powers. [ 1 ] Some time after the crisis, a helping of those who were gifted fight for operate of the Earth while the others fought to protect it. [ 1 ]

One calendar month after the event, Zumbado was among the surviving fifteen that lived, and the remaining eight that stayed on Earth. They attempted to call a armistice, yet he continued his seduction and was ultimately victorious in conquering half the universe. [ 1 ]

After Naomi activates her hidden powers, Zumbado was able to track her to Earth 0. [ 1 ] He then takes her to her homeworld and attempts to deceive her. [ 2 ] Naomi reveals she knows of him and they clash. They are cursorily interrupted by Akira, and Naomi is sent back to Earth 0. Zumbado attempts to go after her, but is knocked back through the portal site by Naomi as it closes. [ 2 ]


  • Unique Physiology
    • Dimensional Travel: With his natural powers unlocked Zumbado is able to create tears in dimensions that he can travel through. In this way he was able to travel from his Earth to Earth 0.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Zumbado is able to release purple energy blasts naturally from his body.[2]
    • Superhuman Strength: Zumbado was able to launch Naomi far away with a punch from behind. He also caused great damage to the surrounding area by just using his strength.[2] During his later fight with Naomi he was able to match her blow for blow and crush Greg McDuffie’s hand and his Rannian energy gun just by brabbing it.[3]
    • Flight: Zumbado is capable of flying at great speed.[3]
    • Superhuman Durability: Zumbado was completely unfazed by the barrage of energy bolts shot at him by Greg McDuffie, he has taken blows from Naomi and has survived having Brutus crashing into him with so much force that sent both of them flying into a building that immediately detonated from the impact without any serious injury. Still, despite his great durability he is not invulnerable and can be injured when facing a powerful enough opponent as seen when Naomi broke his left arm and then blasted him with enough energy to cause him to pass out.[3]
    • Accelerated Healing: Despite his great physical resilience, it’s still possible or Zumbado to be injured by physical attacks. the full extent of his healing power are unknown, but probably just as quick as Naomi. for example; he was able to recover his injured arm quickly after being broken by her.[3]


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