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Do n’t Believe Everything You Think “ [ Source ]

None of that mattered to us. It still doesn’t. We know who you are. You’re our daughter. Our miracle.
—Jennifer to Naomi[src]

Jennifer McDuffie is a chief fictional character on The CW ‘s superhero drama Naomi. She is portrayed by Mouzam Makkar. Jennifer is Naomi ‘s adoptive beget, who dotes on her undimmed and gifted daughter. She is happily married to Greg and teaches linguistics at the town military base .


early on biography

Jennifer met Greg while viewing an art gallery. It was love at first view, and some prison term after that, they got married. On March 14, 2004, while on a walk through the woods, they saw something crashing from the flip. When they went to investigate the doss web site, they found baby Naomi wrapped in a silk yellow blanket on top of a rock and took her in to raise her as their own. [ 1 ]

Naomi ‘s curious behavior

Jennifer and Greg greet Naomi in the dawn and ask what time she got in from Nathan ‘s party. She reveals that she did n’t get in until midnight, which they ‘re fine with. The last time Jennifer and Greg stayed out that belated was 2009, when they drove out to Portland and saw Coldplay. Jennifer and Greg have dinner with Naomi as a syndicate, during which they discuss Naomi faint in the Square after learning of the Superman stunt. With Naomi ‘s telephone blowing up with text from her friends, this leads to a discussion of her respective suitors, from Lourdes, to Nathan, to Anthony, but she insists that they ‘re all her friends and that she likes each of them for different reasons. Upon learning that Naomi had been chosen as one of two participants in the argue before the dignitaries, Jennifer and Greg have gotten her something to celebrate — the opportunity to drive the car, but Naomi is a sting caught up with her holocene interaction with Dee and asks if they know him, as he knew her adoption day and he was surprised by the fact that she wears glasses, which she questions herself, as it makes her vision bad, if anything. Jennifer tells her to relax, and Greg explains that she wears glasses because she has a condition called leber eye neuropathy. It ‘s degenerative, and the glasses help slow the price to her eyes. As for Dee, they doubt that he knew her real parents, as they died in a barge in far from Port Oswego. They arrive at the Academy of Medicine, where Jennifer and Greg sit in the hearing as she takes the stage to debate if homo behavior is controlled only by their genes. however, Naomi faints, and when she awakens, they reveal that she purportedly had a panic attack. so, they have scheduled an date for tomorrow. Naomi fears that it ‘s something more and that it could be connected to Superman, but her parents are n’t convinced. [ 2 ] Jennifer and Greg are alarmed by Naomi ‘s sudden interest in the death of her birth parents, who died in some kind of doss, but with it being a close adoption, they, unfortunately, do n’t have many answers for her. All the agency would tell them is that it happened somewhere on the East Coast, not that this matters to them, as Jennifer reminds Naomi that she ‘s their daughter, no count what. After preparing smoothies and pasta for Naomi and her friends, Jennifer rests on the sofa, where she is joined by Greg, who informs her that Commander Steel has him looking into the Superman stunt, which leads him to Dee, who Jennifer wonders if he will be a problem. [ 3 ]

Telling Naomi the truth

Excited for Naomi ‘s college week, Jennifer and Greg are in the populate room, on the sofa, watching old home television and going through old keepsakes. Naomi has been talking about attending Hartford for years. amazingly, she has n’t tied finished her admissions essay even, but they ‘re not besides concerned, as they know Naomi will get it done, reminding her that Hartford is her dream school.

Jennifer drives down to Naomi ‘s school to meet with the Principal after she gets news that Naomi and her friends got trip up breaking into the geology lab at Central Oregon, during the tour, which Jennifer is n’t even certain why Naomi was attending. She exits the position and expresses her disappointment in Naomi. Of all the times to start acting like a delinquent, Jennifer wonders why immediately. Naomi reminds her mother that she ‘s never been in trouble before and that she ‘s good-for-nothing. however, Jennifer could n’t help but notice that Naomi has been off the last few days and tells her to be home by 6:00 tonight. Jennifer and Greg confronts Naomi when she returns dwelling late, despite agreeing to be back by 6:00. They then ask where was she, but Naomi lies and says she was with Lourdes, which they know to be faithlessly, as Lourdes called about an hour ago, looking for Naomi. For this, they ground Naomi and take away her phone. She is curious as to why her parents are coming down then hard on her when they normally treat her like an pornographic. Greg plainly replies that it ‘s dangerous out there right now. The trace good morning, after thinking it over, Jennifer and Greg decide to tell Naomi the truth. While on a car ride to an unknown destination, they reveal that the military have discovered that there are aliens living on land, who they believe to be a threat and are being hunted down, but that ‘s not why they ‘re driving Naomi out. They take her to the placement where they found her as a baby. Embedded within the reason is a large estrange aim that glows when Naomi touches it. [ 4 ] Having revealed to Naomi that they ‘ve known her to be an alien this entire time, she is swage with Greg and Jennifer, wondering why they did n’t tell her sooner. They intended to tell her the truth when she was older, but she seemed happy and normal. not to mention that they truthfully know nothing of her biological parents. Jennifer understands that Naomi ‘s harebrained and hopes that she will forgive them, which she does. After learning from Naomi that Dee is besides an alien and that he ‘s been helping her good understand her abilities and who she is, Jennifer and Greg invite him over for dinner, during which they discuss Naomi ‘s trail, Dee ‘s ability to sense early aliens, and the fact that he left Port Oswego and worldly concern for some fourth dimension. The postdate morning, Jennifer and Greg apologize to Naomi for being so harsh and interrogative mood of Dee. While that was n’t their intention, they do n’t want Naomi getting suffering. When Naomi reveals that she has to leave for student council meet, they question why she did n’t tell them. While it ‘s all right for Naomi to be upset, Jennifer reminds her that she can constantly be honest with them, no topic what. [ 1 ]

Recruited by Commander Steel

Jennifer is called upon by Commander Steel to assist with their alien investigation, as she is the best at what she does, that being a linguist. His team recovered an artifact with markings etched on it in an unknown speech, which happens to be the rock that Jennifer and Greg found Naomi on. so, they return family and discuss their future move. Jennifer fears that Commander Steel suspects something of them and this could all be a examination. Greg suggests that she lie about the translations, but they still have the rock, and it wo n’t take them long to realize it ‘s not a material found on earth. Jennifer proposes they go on the run, which they ‘ve done before, but in doing sol, it would look like they have something to hide and it would expose them. then alternatively, they swap out the fabric analysis of the alien rock with a less alien kernel and report card to Commander Steel that the markings on the rock are exchangeable to written languages created by the ancient people of Mesoamerica, meaning not alien. [ 5 ] Jennifer and Greg union Naomi at the skate park. Jennifer used to enjoy these sessions more when Naomi wore pads and a helmet, which has n’t been the case since she was 12 years old. Naomi recalls that their first gear skateboard Sunday was in Tokyo. A lot has changed since then, she remarks before making eye contact with Zumbado, who Greg warns her to stay away from. however, the following even, Jennifer and Greg return home from dinner to find Zumbado in their know room. Greg pulls his gun, but Zumbado disarms him with his abilities. When they threaten to have him arrested, he threatens to expose Naomi. He knows that the military has been investigating aliens, and he ‘s come to warn them. person is coming for Naomi, and her bearing in Port Oswego puts them all in risk. It ‘s time for them to leave ; Zumbado advises him to deal with the situation, or else he ‘ll take matters into his own hands. The future dawn, they gift Naomi a scrapbook of all their travels. [ 6 ] Jennifer and Greg invite Annabelle to stay for some pizza when she arrives unexpectedly, but she simply came to see Naomi, who both Jennifer and Greg thought was at the game. Annabelle covers for her and claims that she was and that they were supposed to meet up and study. Later, when Naomi returns home, they have dinner and ask if she ‘s okay. [ 7 ]

20th anniversary

Jen and Greg wake up and come downstairs the good morning of their twentieth anniversary to find that Naomi has prepared a french stylus breakfast in their honor. She recreated their favored meal from their honeymoon in France. While they are extremely appreciative, Jen and Greg tell Naomi that they ‘re considering canceling the party due to holocene events regarding her alien nature. With all that ‘s been going on, they just want to be extra careful, but Naomi insists that she ‘s fine and that they go through with the party. Greg concedes, though they are hush considering leaving Port Oswego, which they are keeping hidden from Naomi until she later confronts them after finding their unavowed storage unit of measurement that contains a duffel bulge with cash and talk through one’s hat IDs. Jen and Greg reveal that things with the military have gotten dangerous after they found Naomi ‘s birth rock. They besides fear that Commander Steel may be on to them. They ‘ve always had the bag in cooking that one day they may have to run. They love Naomi and will do anything they can to protect her. [ 8 ]

Exposed as an estrange

Jen and Greg ‘s anniversary party is interrupted by the surprise arrival of Dee and Zumbado, who reveal that Commander Steel stopped by Dee ‘s denounce with questions, leading Greg to reluctantly confess that Steel found Naomi ‘s birth rock. Jen and Greg fabricated the results of the analysis, but possibly they were n’t careful enough, Jen fears. And Greg worries that Steel may suspect that he ‘s sympathetic to aliens. To find out what he knows, they need access to the files in his office. fortunately, they have a eventuality plan. Jen and Zumbado sneak onto the base, while Greg and Dee stay behind. As Jen uses a unvoiced drive to plant information on Steel ‘s calculator to ruin his credibility, she and Zumbado argue over Naomi, as she blames him for telling Naomi the truth. After escaping the al-qaeda, Jen reconvenes with Greg and they use dilustel to render Commander Steel unconscious mind after he went after Naomi at the school, though they expose themselves as aliens in the march. [ 9 ] Jen and Greg try to explain to Naomi why they ‘ve been lying to her, but she does n’t stick around to find out, immediately leaving to stay with Annabelle for a few days. To Jen ‘s surprise, she gets a visit from Annabelle, who stopped by to pick up some things for Naomi. She asks how is Naomi doing, but Annabelle does n’t want to get involved. Jen understands that Naomi is upset and wishes they could at least get a opportunity to explain. Jen pleads with Annabelle to deliver a message to Naomi that they love her more than anything and that they want to make it right, but Annabelle flees. subsequently that day, Jen and Greg have to pick Naomi up from school after she ‘s catch skipping. They try to talk with her and convince her to come home, but she refuses. fortunately, after thinking it over, she does come home after all, though she informs them that she still has n’t forgiven them. [ 10 ]

Jen and Greg sit Naomi toss off and tell her the entire truth about their home-world and her birth parents, who they actually knew, despite previously claiming otherwise. On Earth-29, Jen and Greg were scientist who were called in to fix the Tear, the event that gave the Twenty-Nine their powers, but they failed. They ‘ve been lying to Naomi because they wanted to spare her the injury, but Naomi insists that she deserves the truth. sol, after Brutus rose to power, there was violence and chaos beyond anyone ‘s imagination. Naomi ‘s birth parents wanted to protect her from that, and Jen and Greg promised them that if anything happened, they ‘d keep her condom. But moving forward, they ‘re prepare to do whatever it takes to protect Naomi, whether that means running and hide or staying to fight. Later that night, they get discussion from Dee that Naomi and her entire junior class are trapped in the school by a pull field. fortunately, she manages to save them all. [ 11 ]

Leaving Port Oswego

Jen and Greg convene a meet with Dee, Zumbado, and Akira to determine Naomi ‘s future. ultimately, they decide it is in her best interest to run and leave Port Oswego behind, as Brutus is coming for her. Later, they go to Akira ‘s workshop, where she is repairing Naomi ‘s enchant vessel. They thank for her the rectify, even though she does n’t agree with Naomi running. This leads to an argument, as Akira does n’t think running is the answer and says they should be preparing Naomi for her destiny rather. however, Jen and Greg remind Akira that she does n’t know Naomi and that they ‘re her parents. After Greg leaves, Jen confesses that she does sometimes question if she and Greg were the best choice to raise Naomi, wondering if she would ‘ve been better off with Zumbado or Akira, since they have powers and could ‘ve well prepared and protected Naomi. [ 12 ] After learning that Naomi met with her parentage parents on Earth-29 and that they warned her not to trust anyone because they were betrayed, Jen and Greg decide that they should leave town immediately, without telling anyone. however, on the road out of Port Oswego, they are confronted by julian and the Assassin, who flip their car and take Jen and Greg off. Jen and Greg are locked away in a warehouse along with Dee, Zumbado, and Akira, where they accuse one of the three of betraying Naomi ‘s parents. fortunately, they ‘re rescued by Naomi and her friends. The follow day, Jen and Greg take Naomi out to the woods to bury her ecstasy vessel. however, when she touches it, her memories resurface of the night she left Earth-29 and she discovers that Jen and Greg killed her birth parents. They claim that it was for the greater good. They constantly believed Naomi ‘s exponent was the key to fixing the Tear. No one believed them, not flush Naomi ‘s parents. They left Jen and Greg no choice but to kill them and take Naomi. [ 13 ]



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