Naomi’s a Superhero for a New Age

Although Naomi : Season One came out back in 2019, it was n’t until recently that I dove into the curtly six-issue run, written by David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Jamal Campbell. I ‘ll amply admit that my pastime was piqued by the late DCTV show, which is immediately airing Tuesday nights on The CW. I did n’t want spoilers, precisely, but I needed to know more about the brazen young Naomi McDuffie, and what better avenue to turn to than the informant material ?
The series welcomes readers to Naomi ‘s little town of Port Oswego, Oregon, where the biggest matter to ever happen to the town has equitable taken locate : Superman and an nameless adversary brought their battle to chief street—and Naomi, a massive Superman winnow, has fair missed it. The event sets the adolescent on a path of discovery that leads to some very surprise revelations, starting with a rumor that this was n’t the first gear time a superheroic event had happened in Port Oswego. Whispers abound, but no one will tell her about the earlier event until she strikes up a conversation with the local automobile mechanic, Dee, who leaves her literally hanging after he tells her that the earlier rumor consequence did happen, and it happened on the exact date of her borrowing, seventeen years ago .
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As Naomi struggles with that mic cliff, she turns to her espouse parents. They assure her that they do n’t know Dee and the fact that the date of the earlier event happens to coincide with her adoption date is merely a coincidence. But Naomi ‘s not one to ignore her intuition, and there ‘s something more to the fib that no one wants to let her in on. She takes things into her own hands and goes to investigate Dee ‘s shop, hoping to find something that will assuage her malaise.

now, I ca n’t in full condone Naomi ‘s actions for a number of reasons. Breaking and record is rarely a smart plan, even if you know you ‘re going to find the answers you need. ( And Naomi surely was n’t 100 % sure she was going to find anything. ) additionally, Dee is an incredibly massive homo, and Naomi is, well, not. He did n’t do anything to hurt her during their first conversation, but he did physically toss her out of his shop…by palming her head like a basketball and bewilder. ( I ‘m not one to offer advice to folks who do n’t want it or who I do n’t know, but the ma in me thinks she in truth needs to better keep self-preservation in mind while trying to sort out the truth. )
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thankfully, Naomi ‘s actions actually lead to answers when Dee shows up at the shop—rightfully miffed that she ‘s forced her means into his space—and Naomi berates him into telling her a story she is n’t quite prepare to hear : he ‘s an alien soldier from another planet who arrived on land on the run. He ’ s not her birth father, a ending she jumped to after finding a photograph of him with a cover girl Black woman, and he ’ s not person who very knows a lot about her or who she might be, other than Naomi McDuffie, beloved adopted daughter, best friend and Superman fan. ( At this distributor point, we readers do n’t know much more than that, either ! )
One thing leads to another, and the lie of the series sees Naomi unwrap more shock truths about the people in her life—and about herself. Throughout Naomi : Season One, Naomi ‘s a wholly new hero who has no real connections to the rest of the DC Universe other than being a sports fan of superheroes who are household names.

But her struggles to figure out who she is and why she feels so certain that there ‘s something more to her than the average person is n’t fair a case of Superman Complex. Naomi ‘s therapist explains this as something a draw of adoptees feel : the hopes of finding out that they, excessively, are “ limited ” past the singular characteristics of every “ normal ” person .
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It was easier for me to make a connection with Naomi than a lot of early supers because she was equitable a normal adolescent animation in a small town. ( Her being a fan of superheroes was besides a capital source of alike matter to. ) And even when I found out that—spoiler alert—her Superman Complex was n’t precisely in her principal, I still felt a solid connection to a young womanhood struggling with her place in life. ( I ‘ve been there ! I placid might be there ! ) This is n’t a quality alone to Naomi, of course—most superheroes ( and villains ! ) struggle with who they are and what to do with their lives—but Naomi ‘s struggles feel merely a bite more realistic to start .
Naomi ‘s a superhero for a fresh old age of fans, and it seems I ’ ve discovered her at good the right time as her second comic script adventure, Naomi : Season Two, equitable kicked off this week. I, for one, ca n’t wait to see where she goes next.

naomi : Season One, written by David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis with art by Jamal Campbell, is nowadays available in bookstores, comic shops, libraries and on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE .
Mandy Curtis writes about comics, specifically DC ’ s Young Adult production line, and television for You can find her on chitter at @ mandyannecurtis. Check out her recent thoughts on the Naomi television receiver series over in the DC Couch Club .
NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of Mandy Curtis and do not necessarily reflect those of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.

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