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This is the article on Boruto chapter 52. For the jutsu, head to Baryon Mode.

Baryon Mode edit

重粒子バリオンモード­ (Barion Mōdo)


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Legacy ( # 14 )



Sacrifice “


Boruto #52


That ‘s Reality “


V Jump #1, 2021 (cover date: January 2021)


Kawaki Arc


Boruto # 217 ” Baryon Mode “ ( 重粒子バリオンモード, Barion Mōdo ) is chapter 52 of the Boruto manga .


Both Isshiki and Sasuke are impressed by Naruto ‘s chakra and wonder what it could be. Kurama explains the principles of this modality to Naruto, how it consumes their chakra to create a new type of energy. Kurama stresses the importance of avoiding unnecessary moves and tied unnecessary thoughts to make Baryon Mode stopping point long. Isshiki attacks Naruto, who counters his moves and lands hits of his own with facilitate. Sasuke considers Naruto ‘s operation to be above Isshiki ‘s. Isshiki attempts to crush Naruto with his cub, but Naruto tosses them at him. Sasuke grab Boruto and takes him to a safer distance from the fight. Naruto and Isshiki exchange more blows, and Isshiki throws more shrivel rods at him. Naruto is able to grab them even before they regrow, impressing Sasuke, who struggled to track them even with the Sharingan. Isshiki is incredulous of how fast Naruto got so much stronger. At Konoha, Amado asks about Kawaki ‘s prosthetic hand. Katasuke explains that it runs on Naruto ‘s chakra, as it was primitively made for him. Sumire asks if he ‘s able to restore Kawaki hand, which Amado confirms is the first thing he intends to do after they do n’t have to hide from Isshiki. Through the prosthetic, Kawaki feels Naruto ‘s chakra getting weaker. In the battlefield, Sasuke and Isshiki besides notice it. Despite his attempts to stay wake up, Boruto passes out. Isshiki grasps the life-shortening nature of Naruto ‘s office. much to his surprise, Isshiki begins spitting up lineage. Kurama explains to Naruto that the life-shortening effects of Baryon Mode are, in this case, an advantage to them, because they besides apply to Isshiki when they come into contact. Isshiki estimates that rather of 20 hours, he has less than 30 minutes left in his current vessel. Kurama makes it clearly that their finish is n’t winning, but getting in attacks so Isshiki runs out of meter before they do. Naruto continues exchanging attacks with Isshiki. Sasuke notices Naruto ‘s chakra continuing to get lower. Isshiki notices his life getting smaller, gloomy to equitable 10 minutes, and Naruto taunts him about it. Isshiki notices something that pleases him. Shikamaru asks Kawaki to explain himself, but when he tries to focus, a rupture appears around him, taking him to the battlefield. Because Kawaki ‘s prosthetic runs on Naruto ‘s chakra, he was able to use that connection to find Kawaki and bring him there. Sasuke stresses about this turn of events, and Boruto opens his right eye .


  • This is the first Boruto chapter to be written by Masashi Kishimoto, who replaced the previous author, Ukyō Kodachi.
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