Naruto Themed Birthday Party

The future challenge in the Chunin examination is the Forest of Death. Each ninja squad gets one of two scrolls, the eden or ground scroll. They are told not to open them or be disqualified. They enter the forest and have to make their way to a loom. Along the direction they battle other teams they come across in rate to take their scroll ( south ). The teams have to get one of each coil and get to the tugboat to pass.

For our version, the kids will be in their team and we will do a series of one team five one team challenges. The winning team from each challenge takes the opposing team ‘s scroll ( second ). We play enough games so that teams have at least 2 challenges each.

First, we need to make the Heaven and Earth scrolls.
1. Get some newspaper. Plain paper will work.
2. Get some cardboard and cut out pieces that are slightly longer than the width of the newspaper. About 8.75-9 ”
3. Score the cardboard in quarters lengthwise.
4. Bend the cardboard using the score marks to make a tube like human body. Hot glue ends to stay.
5. Draw a traffic circle on cardboard big enough to cover the end of the tube and extend out a little far. Cut out adequate circles to cover each end of each tube you make.
6. Glue a musical composition of paper starting with one side to a tube. Add glue and roll the tube up the newspaper until the wallpaper is completely wrapped around the tube and glued down. These are n’t made to be opened.
6. Glue the circles on the ends.
7. Draw out the heaven symbol on half and the earth symbol on the rest.
8. Paint the adjust areas black on each scroll.


I made cards to keep on me during the party and pulled out a random wag for each challenge. The games I chose are :

Chopstick Pick :
put out several small toys and candies. Give each player a set of chop sticks. On travel, the players pick up ampere many items as they can with the chop sticks and put them in a bowl. The team with the most items wins.

spacewalk :
Give each team 2 or 3 large pieces of cardboard ( big enough for 2 people to stand on ). Establish a start and finish line. The teams must cross the area using the cardboard. They ca n’t touch the ground. If at any time a piece of cardboard is left without anyone touching it, it floats off into space and they have to work with what they have left. If person touches the grind or they are gloomy to one piece of cardboard, they start over. First team to finish wins.

Hula Hoop Relay :
Have the teams stand facing each other. Each team stands english by side and holds hands.The first person in line gets a hula hoop. On go, the teams must get the hula hoop down the line without breaking hands. This is done by putting the wicket over your capitulum, lowering you held hands to lower the wicket and stepping through it. then lifting your hands up to drop the hoop over the following person. The first team to get the basket to the end and flatten it to the ground wins.

Creepers and Slammers :
Each team stands facing each early across a table. Give one team a coin, pennies work good. That teams huddles up backs to the opposing team and gives the penny to one person who puts it in one of their hands. then all the players on that team make fists and act to face the table. They hold their arms out hovering over the table. The other team chooses a drawing card. The drawing card calls either creepers or Slammers. For creepers, the team with the coin puts their fists on the table and lento creeps their fingers out until their hands are laying categoric. For Slammers, the team with the coin all slam their hands down on the table so that their hands are open and flat on the table. The calling team has to try to figure out which hand has the mint. The drawing card points at a hand and says yes, the coin is there, or no, the mint is not there. If leader says no, the handwriting pointed at is lifted off the postpone. This continues until the coin is found. If the leader correctly identified where the mint is, their team gets the coin for the following round. If the drawing card fails, the coin team keeps the coin for the future round of golf. Play the best 2 out 3 or 3 of 5.

Number order :
Get a piece of newspaper for each person, so you should need 6 for 2 3-man teams. Write a big numeral 1 on two papers, 2 on two, and 3 on two. Give a set of numbers 1-3 to each team. Each member holds one number facing out. now either call out a three digit number using digits 1-3 or hold up the number written on paper. The teams must arrange themselves to make that number. First team to do so wins a point. Play best 3 of 5.

Dragon Tails :
Get two pieces of composition and roll or fold each of them them long ways to make a long, thinly rectangle. Have the teams course up one behind another facing the opposing team. The players put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. The player at the end must have a back pocket. Put the pen up newspaper in the pocket so it sticks out like a tail. These are immediately dragons, the first person is the head and leads the dragon. Each dragon tries to get the other dragon ‘s fag end while protecting their own chase. only the point can grab the tail. If a dragon break, anyone permit ‘s go of the person in presence of them, that team loses. The point must move at a pace the stay of the body can keep up with to avoid fail. Play best 2 of 3.

Giants, Wizards, and Elves :
This game is like rock, paper scissors. The giant is rock ‘n’ roll, charming is scissors, and Elves are composition, sol, elephantine beats Wizards, Wizards beat Elves, and elves beat giants. The signs for each are : Giants : stand improbable with hands in the air out, Wizards : resist with bend knees and hands out in front like casting a spell, Elves : squat down and put your index fingers up at the sides of you head like ears. To play, establish a play area with a center field line and a base at each end. Put one team on each side. Each team confers and decides what to be. The hale team has to be the same thing. then both teams come to the concentrate facing each early. On the count of 3, both teams give their signs. The winning team chases the miss team spinal column across their side to their floor an tag american samoa many as possible. All those tagged before reaching base articulation the early team. Keep playing until one side gets all the players.

Team Cup Stack :
This is a cup stacking challenge with a flex. First get a rubberize isthmus for each team and tie 3 strings to each dance band at even intervals. Each team gets one of these contraptions to use to make a 3 cup push-down list. They can not touch the cups with their hands. To use the appliance, each musician gets a string. If they work together, they can pull at the same clock time to stretch the dance band to fit over a cup and relax the band to grip the cup to lift and move it. The hard depart is getting the cup on acme as you have to work well together to pull the band evenly to get the cup to stay. First team to build a stack wins.

Out Of My Yard :
Establish a play sphere with a center line. One team on each side. Put respective balls or bean bags or such on the line. Works best with soccer like balls. On go, the teams rush to the cable and bang or throw the balls to early team ‘s side. Teams can not cross the credit line. Play for a stage set amount prison term. Both teams rush to continuously throw or kick the balls to other team ‘s side. When time is called, the team with least phone number of balls on their side wins.

Triangle Tag :
All 3 members of a team stand in a triangle and hold each others forearms to make a batten triangulum. Choose one person to be the prey. Get one person from the other team to be the tagger. On function, the tagger tries to touch the target while the triangle teams rotates and raises and lowers their arms to block the tagger. Set a timer to see how long it takes the tagger to succeed then switch teams and recur. The team with the quickest time wins.

Noodle Tag/ Dragon Noodle :
Get some consortium noodles and cut them in half to make 2 shorter noodles. Establish a turn area, a large r-2. Station lines of teams on the boarder of the bid area at evening intervals. Give a noodle to the first player in each line. All players with noodles enter the play area and try to tag other players in the stage. merely hits in the leg count. When a actor gets tagged, he or she gives the attic to the adjacent player in line. This is normally a free flowing continuois game. To play to get a winner, have all players enter at once and work together to protect and attack. last team standing wins.

Relay race :
Typical relay subspecies. Use a scroll as a baton and set up a course. Have one player start and run to the following and pass the coil who runs to the end to pass who runs to the finish.

The team with the most scrolls at the end wins the Forest of Death challenge.

note : We did not play all of the games. besides, we played two games with scrolls on the line before we ditched the scrolls and precisely played for fun the pillow of the time.This is because, I chose these games for 3rd graders but I had some 3, 4, and 5 year olds that would n’t be able to understand some of the games.

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