21 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

In the serial Naruto, We have seen some of the most talented female characters, who entertained us with their perplex techniques. But skill was not all they had. today we will take a look at the most aphrodisiac Naruto characters. Some of the Female Naruto Fans are very conversant with the characters appearing on this list. Our readers are sure to guess who they are.

21. Yugao

Yugao Uzuki, the ANBU air force officer for the Hidden Leaf Village is Yugao Uzuki. Although she isn ’ metric ton angstrom beautiful as the others, her smasher makes up for it with her lake superior acrobatic skills and hot body .

20 ) Hana

Hana Inuzuka took care of the medical needs of the other shinobis Konoha.

Her body is tall and thin with night brown hair’s-breadth. Her haircloth is kept in a ponytail, with two strands falling to her sides. Two tattoo describe the.InuzukaClan under her coal-black eyes.

Her forget wrist is covered in a watchband and her mighty hand is covered in bandages. Her traditional Konoha aesculapian kit is what she wears .

19 ) Pakura

apart from her high stature, Pakura ’ sHer most distinguish feature was her hairdo.

It was tied in a big bun with the top half of the color green and the bottom half of orange. With a long needle, she keeps her hair in place. exchangeable to Hana She has large strands of long haircloth that decrease on both sides of her confront.

A backless top without sleeves was worn by her, a well as close pants. She besides wore a pair of branch warmers to keep her arms covered and reach her shoulders .

18 ) Guren

Two of Guren ’ s most appeal features were her mysterious nature and shrill eyes.

Guren was proud of her own abilities and shame to be helped by others. Her devotion to Orochimaru knew no bounds. red lipstick gleaming on her lips matched her pale skin and sky- blasphemous haircloth.

She besides has a very peaky hairdo, so she puts it in a ponytail. Her footwear consists of a copulate of sandals and a green-coloured suit. boots .

17 ) Fuka

She is of the Sexiest Characters is a character whose independent strategy was to seduce her prey and kill them with a kiss.

Her proficiency was besides named after her execution by Kiss. Her perfect body and tall, tender trope made her perilously attractive. Her gloomy eyes and beauty scar below her lips were well visible. shinobis towards her.

Her usual kit consisted of a benighted qipao and dark boots .

16 ) Ameno

Ameno had an fabulously steady and soothing look. It was not fake.

Ameno was naturally feel for and loved helping others whenever she could. She was a great medical ninja and her commitment to saving lives is admirable. Her long brown clean skin is complimented by her hair’s-breadth that covers her face to the sides.

Her eyes are the lapp color as her hair and she wears her hair’s-breadth in a ponytail. She wears a white bootless, shinobi boot-like dress and a white sleeveless blouse. She besides keeps her frontal bone protectors on her wrists .

15 ) Kushina

There is no doubt that brassy people are attractive. Minato Naturally, Kushina deserves to be ranked among the most popular girls in Naruto. Kushina stood out from the rest with her bright bolshevik hair and blue eyes. She was steady and gather, but she could lose her temper easily. Her hair was unlaced, with a modest pin on her right. Kushina was a beautiful beauty that everyone knew about. Kushina wore a hanker, informal dress and traditional shinobi sandals as her common overdress .

14 ) Mabui

Mabui was a Shinobi with dark skin who hails from Kumogakure. She was a good case of a woman who knew how to keep her cool in nerve-racking situations. Her clean grey hair, which she kept in a bun behind the head, reflected her bright eyes. Like most female characters, she besides had two bangs that fell on her confront. Her style was simple, with long sleeves and sandals. She besides liked large earrings .

13 ) Shizuka

Shizuka, a amusing and cute girl who lives in the Nadeshiko Village. She is known for being amatory and was touched by Naruto ’ s love for Sakura. She is medium in altitude and has a curvy body. You might like a Bui, She has green eyes and black locks that reach her waist. The bangs that fall from her confront inning her front beautifully, giving her a adorable look. She wears a green kimono that matches her eyes. however, on missions, she will be wearing her kunoichi uniform and a black frontal bone defender .

12 ) Samui

Samui is from the same village. MabuiBright blond hair. The bob is cut to reach her shoulders. She is improbable and has beautiful peel.

Her formula is frequently aloof and her blue eyes seem uninterested. She wore a grey short dress and a grey skirt. Her black brown eyes have no pupils. She besides wore mesh.ArmourUnder her dress and with humble handguards

11 ) Anko

Anko is a Shinobi Academy teacher. KonohaShe helps Shinobis realize their dreams by helping them up. In her joyful personality, she shares a lot with Naruto. She wore a meshy bodysuit that reached her branch. She is medium in altitude and has a slender physique. Her peaky violet hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She topped it off with an outsize light brown jacket and open shinobi sandals .

10 ) japanese apricot

The beautiful Mizukage Mei Terumi is without doubt one of the most popular Naruto female characters. She is besides very romanticist and dreams of marrying her perfect homo. She is a elated and a estimable person who seeks to avoid conflict in all situations. She is well-known for being identical generous. coquettish he speaks with charm and can charm any man with her words. Her tall, sparse frame is balanced by her long, auburn hair’s-breadth. Her haircloth is kept in a ponytail at the top. She wears a long, blue dress with high-heeled sandals .

9 ) Kurenai

Kurenai is a teacher at the Academy of Konohagakure. She was Shino, Hinata and Kiba ’ second, mentor. We saw her being highly brave, as she didn ’ thyroxine bumble in front of Itachi or attack him. She was a maternally figure to her students and took excellent care of them. Her skin is light with messy, dark hair. She wore mesh armor and bandages around her arms, legs, and thighs. She besides wore her traditional sandals and a headband defender .

8 ) Karin

Although Karin was annoying, she was one of Naruto ’ s sexiest girls. She was a member of the same class as Naruto. Uzumakiinherited the kin ’ south fiery crimson hair. Her classifiable have was her bright red glasses. During their time together, she felt a particular affection for Sasuke. She wore a light-coloured dress most of the time. The dress was accompanied by a pair of black shorts and long sandals that reached her second joint .

7 ) Konan

Konan is the lone member of Akatsuki. This list is a great award for her. Although she was the adversary in the first parts of the series, she remained true to her values at the end and was praised by fans. She was calm and followed stoicism in her day by day life. Her medium-bluish hair was unchained, except for the parts where she used a paper clip decoration to the side. She wore her Akatsuki traditional outfit with a pair of sandals .

6 ) Shizune

Shizune is the classic anime lawsuit – she is well ….not closely vitamin a well as her peers, or her juniors. Shizune is a charm fictional character with a sweetness face. Her side is cute with her short, black hair which she lets go of. She wears an armored engage top with a black kimono and open sandals. And, she is not like others. shinobis don ’ triiodothyronine use a helmet when she goes on missions .

5 ) Sakura

Sakura, despite being dubbed the most useless character by some fans over the years has shown noteworthy fictional character growth. It speaks volumes about her smasher that Naruto was attracted to her from the beginning. Her body is slimming pink Split hair’s-breadth into two parts from the middle. This makes her fair skin polish with her glistening locks green eyes. Her head defender is worn over her head. She normally wears a red dress and pink shorts .

4 ) Temari

Since the begin, Temari has been a abrupt girl. She is a beautiful girl with big fighting ability. Her cute features are complemented by her rampantly peaky hair’s-breadth. blond haircloth. She is wearing a light-coloured apparel empurpled dress with her pass defender around her neck. To keep the dress in position, she ties a crimson belt around to her shank and wears a couple of sandals .

3 ) Ino

Ino was the rival to Sakura. Sakura was highly jealous of Ino ’ s beauty. Her long haircloth was a big compliment. She had retentive hair, was considered to be the most beautiful of all the girls at the academy. Ino was besides a fashion guru and wore the right clothes. The outfit she wore was a purple bootless dress with a high choker and a pit annulus. Her bright blue eyes give off a sharp appearance and mesh armor protects her arms .

2 ) Tsunade

One of the most aphrodisiac Naruto characters is one of three legendary ninja. Tsunade, despite being an old lady, has kept her smasher and attraction throughout the series. As theHokageShe performed her duties flawlessly and protected the village. She is slenderly chubby, with light skin and short – blond hair. The Hut Outfit includes a grey kimono over it, a green coat and colored pants with open sandals .

1 ) Hinata

Naruto ’ s wife, Hinata, manages to get ahead of Tsunade to take first place on this list. Hinata was drawn to Naruto right from the beginning. But Naruto didn ’ metric ton pay much attention at all to her in the begin. He began to notice her and finally they got married. Hinata looked stunning on her wedding day. All eyes were on her. She wore a light purple jumper and a head defender around her neck during her time as a shinobi. Her feature features were dark blue haircloth, white eyes and no pupils. We ’ ll be back with another article. Continue browsing our message until then. Please Help Us Improve : Did You Enjoy This Article ?



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