Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is an Xbox 360 -exclusive television game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, making it the first Naruto game to be developed by a non-Japanese company .


The game itself consists of two major game act modes : one-on-one active and RPG, where Konoha serves as a independent hub to access diverse missions players can go on. The independent report mode alternates between these two modes, and takes place from the beginning of the series to the end of the Konoha Crush ( episodes 01-80 of the anime ), with include side quests. It features game turn like to that of a 3D platformer, like jumping acrobatically from rooftop to rooftop or racing through checkpoints, arsenic well as having one-on-one brawl much like the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series. Like with most Naruto games, it features cel-shaded graphics.The game besides allows on-line versus multiplayer via Xbox Live, titled “ The Forest of Death ”, enabling you to play with your friends. You start off choosing a character, and defeating other opponents to rank up and finally gain points to complete the examination. If the musician is defeated, they must begin from the bottom of the table all all over again, but the points are still kept. Offline play, and two-player versus mode are besides available. The game supports downloadable contented. Chōji, Temari, the Third Hokage and Jiraiya come bundled in packs of two : Chōji and Temari, Third Hokage and Jiraiya. Each bundle besides comes with two newly maps/arenas. Each pack is 500 Microsoft Points which is $ 6.25. Shikamaru is rid, but you must be registered to Ubisoft and you link your Xbox Live to Ubisoft report. Downloadable contentedness besides adds an extra accomplishment for each fictional character played in the Forest of Death. Currently, the game has 37 achievements with a maximum of 1075 crippled points .


Based about directly on the first three bow of the anime, the story follows the trials and tribulations of a new male child, Naruto Uzumaki, from his time at the Academy to his big blow-out struggle with Gaara.

playable Characters

Downloadable Characters


  • Naruto vs. Mizuki
  • Naruto vs. Sakura
  • Naruto vs. Sasuke
  • Naruto vs. Kakashi
  • Naruto vs. Zabuza
  • Naruto vs. Haku
  • Naruto vs Kidnapper (Iruka in disguise)
  • Naruto vs. Orochimaru
  • Naruto (Five Pronged Seal) vs. Kiba
  • Naruto vs. Neji
  • Naruto vs. Gaara



The crippled has met generally good reviews from critics. Its Metacritic aggregate score is 78, indicating “ broadly favorable reviews ”. [ 1 ] One chief example of praise is from IGN, awarding the game 8.4/10 and stating ‘the first bang-up Naruto game ‘ ( despite giving praise to past games in the Naruto franchise ). In addition to winning the best contend game prize at E3 2007, it was besides praised for having a simple but playfulness and fast active engine. The game though was slightly criticised for giving players an abridge fib, and many characters not being in the report a well.


exclusive Shikamaru download ( which was free ) caused games to freeze when hitting a trip wire or log, while besides rendering the japanese voicepack non-functional. These have been solved through a while in the Third Hokage and Jiraiya download ( both trial and full adaptation ). [ 2 ] According to sources, Rock Lee ‘s finish motion ( Primary Lotus ) was removed due to inadequate results in both on-line and offline play, but Ubisoft has said it will restore this in a free firmware plot. In addition, there are bugs within the achievements for the two new downloadable characters packs, meaning players can not achieve the 60G promised when completing the examination with these four characters .


  • For some unknown reason, many characters such as the Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Konohamaru, Moegi and Iruka’s voice actors were replaced in this game. On the other hand, Jiraiya and the Third Hokage received their original voice actors in the sequel, Naruto: The Broken Bond.
  • In story mode, Mizuki has a character model but he is not a playable character.
  • In story mode, Iruka has a character model and you can fight him in fighting challenge mode, but is not a playable character.
  • In story mode, numerous characters from the original Naruto anime appeared in the anime cutscenes of the game.
  • This game, along with it’s successor Naruto: The Broken Bond, are not made in Japan, but instead made in Canada.


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