Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker – 8 Best Outfits, Ranked

These outfits are the best players can get for their ninja in Naruto To Boruto : Shinobi Striker. With Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker ultimately allowing Naruto fans to create their own ninja, it makes common sense for players to either wear the lapp outfits as their favorite shinobi or tied try their hand at making their characters wear outfits that define their alone nature .
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however, this Naruto bet on features dozens of outfits to choose from, all of which contain singular Clothing Skills that farther improve their character ’ s overall performance. With these qualities in mind, just what are the best outfits in Shinobi Striker ?

8 Mossy Gale Armor (Tranquility Of Night, Vacant Nature)

The Mossy Gale Outfit in Shinobi Strikers One of the most singular outfits in the Naruto bet on, the Mossy Gale Armor boasts a quite mod appearance, feature of a parka and bombastic shorts arsenic well as a pair of cat headphones. however, despite its preferably friendly appearance, the Moss Gale Armor is not something to look down on .
Characteristic of a agile computerized tomography, the Mossy Gale Armor does make for a fast and free character, specially akin to those Naruto characters who love Lightning Jutsu techniques. They enjoy Tranquility of Night and Vacant Nature, allowing players to enjoy benefits such as promote Health recovery and Guard american samoa well as better jazz band execution, albeit at the price of less debuffs towards foes .

  • Tranquility of Night:
    This may increase the cooldown time of Ninja Tools, but this boosts Health recovery and also makes it harder for enemies to fall when getting hit by combos.
  • Vacant Nature:
    At the cost of shortened debuff time on enemies, this skill does decrease the charge time of Chakra Jumps and boosts the player’s Guard.

7 Lightning Blade (Ranged Essence, Raijin’s Knowledge)

The Lightning Blade Armor fits Sasuke Uchiha in Shinobi Strikers Resembling the outfit of Sasuke Uchiha for the remainder of Naruto Shippuden, the Lightning Blade armor enjoys a white-purple aesthetic, complete with a short white top and heavy clothe on the bottomland. Named after Sasuke ’ s appearance during the first custom of his knock-down Kirin technique, this outfit is a rate class .
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This outfit does possess the lapp backbone as Sasuke in the Naruto series, that in which he ’ randomness more than bequeath to be at a disadvantage if it meant gaining the upper hand. alike, this equip has Ranged Essence and Raijin’s Knowledge, basically allowing players more access to Ninjutsu and boosted debuff meter to foes but at the monetary value of higher damage taken .

  • Ranged Essence:
    Boosts debuff time and Ninjutsu damage against enemies but also increases Ninjutsu damage taken.
  • Raijin’s Knowledge:
    Decreases the charge time of Chakra Jump and the cooldown of Ninjutsu at the cost of close-ranged attack power.

6 Love Lotus (Healing Essence, Merciful Knowledge)

The Love Lotus Armor in Shinobi Strikers suits support builds like Sakura Haruno Players who prefer a more supportive function like that of Sakura Haruno for their pipe dream Naruto character could appreciate the presence of the Love Lotus. With an overdress boasting a memorable peach become with bluish green and blue accents, players will besides enjoy this kit ’ s summation of flower details to mark the rather voiced aesthetic of this costume .
These details don ’ t necessarily mean the Love Lotus players are pushovers, though. Wearing this outfit takes pride in the consummate usage of both Ninjutsu and Secret Tech, courtesy of Healing Essence and Merciful Knowledge. These techniques allow players to compensate for their slower speed and boil down soap Health with faster execution of techniques .

  • Healing Essence:
    At the cost of reduced max Health, players enjoy boosted Health recovery and charge speed for their Secret Tech.
  • Merciful Knowledge:
    Decreases Ninjutsu cooldown at the cost of reduced Ninjutsu damage, although players also receive boosted movement speed.

5 Shadow Haze (Attack Essence: Yin, Radiant Inferno)

The Shadow Haze Armor in Shinobi Strikers suits mobile combat Befitting a shinobi knight or even a Hokage than a Naruto ninja, the Shadow Haze fits a player with a preference for striking from the shadows. Boasting armored greaves and gauntlets and a hallmark bolshevik cape, the Shadow Haze armor wastes no expense making characters feared for their command of their technique .
This aesthetic suits the construct of the Shadow Haze, possessing the Attack Essence: Yin and Radiant Inferno skills. At its kernel, these skills incentivize close-range combat and the custom of baffling Secret Tech at the cost of reduce Health regeneration. Players who love risk-taking with more calculate proficiency rotations can enjoy this armor .

  • Attack Essence: Yin:
    This may increase the cooldown of Ninja tools, but this skill also boosts close-range attack speed and the gauge charge of Secret Tech.
  • Radiant Inferno:
    Decreases cooldown of Ninjutsu and boosts Attack Evasion at the cost of reduced Health obtained when using Healing Ninjutsu.

4 Iron Rose Armor (Garden Spire, Field Fragrance)

The Iron Rose Armor in Shinobi Strikers suits close combat As its mention implies, the Iron Rose Armor equip for players of the Naruto game will enjoy a preferably armored appearance. reverse to the democratic outfits inspired by the ninja of the Naruto series, the Iron Rose Armor rather boasts a black and blue samurai armor embedded with rose patterns and a white belt .
Befitting its appearance, the Iron Rose Armor trades speed and Health convalescence for stronger price. Thanks to Garden Spire and Field Fragrance, players enjoy more Health and faster access to Ninjutsu. not lone that, but their combos besides connect more efficiently, making any close-quarters incursion more advantageous to them .

  • Garden Spire:
    At the cost of decreased movement speed, players enjoy boosted Ninjutsu damage while at the same time making it harder for enemies to fall during combos.
  • Field Fragrance:
    While this reduces Health recovery, this skill does boost the player’s overall Health. Not only that, but they also enjoy reduced Ninjutsu cooldowns.

3 Rengeki (Attack Essence, Fujin’s Knowledge)

The Rengeki Outfit in Shinobi Strikers suits fast paced combat Boasting a more carefree appearance befitting the Wind God Fujin, Rengeki boasts a preferably elastic aesthetic for characters of the Naruto plot. Coating players with a short-change black suit with loss details a well as fur on the shoulders, waist, and shins, the equip suits an aggressively-fast shinobi in the Naruto game .
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This kit style besides fits the skill build up of Rengeki, as it contains both Attack Essence and Fujin’s Knowledge. trade Health for close battle efficiency, this armor allows players to enjoy stronger close-quarters incursions with Taijutsu and Ninjutsu with no difficulty dodging opponents .

  • Attack Essence:
    At the cost of reduced maximum Health, players do enjoy boosted Ninjutsu and close-range attack damage.
  • Fujin’s Knowledge:
    While this decreases debuff effect time on enemies, this does reduce the cooldowns of Substitution and increases Attack Evasion.

2 Anbu Outfit Kakashi Version (Thunderous Gale, Blooming Cherry Blossom)

ANBU Kakashi in Shinobi Strikers Fans of the Naruto serial who fell in beloved with Kakashi Hatake ’ s younger days within the Anbu spec-ops team will decidedly appreciate having the Anbu Outfit Kakashi Version. At its core, this equip has the same body armor and regular jeans that Anbu members posse, except this time possessing the arm guards, scarf, and face mask that Kakashi wore .
And like to Kakashi, this armor does boast the Thunderous Gale and Blooming Cherry skills that characterized the fictional character ’ mho young. At its core, while the armor penalizes players with more damage taken, they incentivize players through stronger jazz band performance and fast access to techniques .

  • Thunderous Gale:
    While this boosts Ninjutsu damage taken, this skill makes it harder for opponents to fall during combos and at the same time gives players a boost in close-range attack power.
  • Blooming Cherry Blossom:
    At the cost of decreased charge strength, players may enjoy a lower Ninjutsu cooldown and obtain twice the guard power.

1 Strong Soul (Defense Essence, Adamantine Knowledge)

The Stone Soul Outfit in Shinobi Strikers suits defensive builds Reigning sovereign on the defense mechanism is the Strong Soul outfit in Naruto : Shinobi Strikers. Boasting a rather bulky appearance, the Strong Soul equip will have players wear a blue and white kimono with special accents, adenine well as shoulder guards that denote their preferably preference for the defensive. Rocking a more stalwart appearance, the Strong Soul implies these players take things lento but surely .
It ’ mho Defense Essence and Adamantine Knowledge that makes the strong Soul outfit such a standout costume. At its core, these skills benefit defense-heavy builds, particularly those that rely on distance to remain safe and ranged attack baron through their signature Naruto techniques.

  • Defense Essence:
    Boosts the charge speed of Secret Tech and the charge distance of close-ranged attacks at the cost of increased cooldowns of Substitutions and Ninjutsu.
  • Adamantine Knowledge:
    Boosts maximum health and decreases damage from Ninjutsu but reduces close-ranged attack power.

Naruto To Boruto: Ninja Striker was released on August 30, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows .
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