How to Watch Naruto in Order: A Complete Viewing Guide

This is a basic steer to all of Naruto ‘s serial, movies, and OVAs, adenine well as the best decree to watch them. They ‘re all must-see for die-hard fans. cipher should always feel like saying “ there ‘s not adequate Naruto “ or that “ the series ended besides soon. ” Besides all of its filler, the serial has all sorts of movies, OVAs, and early material devoted to it. Counting Boruto, the series is ongoing even to this day. It ‘s a lot to get through, so hera ‘s a collection of titles and dates to help out, ampere well as a recommend watch orderliness .
A few things should be kept in thinker about everything gathered here. While not everything can fit cleanly onto the Naruto timeline, as much of it as possible will be included. thus, the recommended watch order for some of these items will be a mix of its chronological points in the Naruto history and official release date orders. For the sake of completeness, Boruto-related properties will besides be included. however, NARUTO Spin-Off : Rock Lee & His ninja Pals will be excluded as it in truth does n’t fit into the Naruto continuity at all. Video-game-related substantial will besides be kept at the bare minimum ; the goal is to categorize enliven works. Release dates will be given based on when a work debuted in Japan. With these rules in mind, this is the best method to watch all of Naruto .

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Naruto Series in Release Oder

Naruto Ramen Starting off simple, here ‘s every serial with Naruto in its mention. The original Naruto zanzibar copal aired from Oct. 3, 2002, to Feb. 8, 2007. It ran for a august sum of 220 episodes .
Following a fourth dimension omission, Part II of the narrative, Naruto : Shippūden, began. Its first episode aired on Feb. 15, 2007 ; this sounds like it started immediately after Naruto, but fans need to remember that there are at least two years worth of non-canon material between the two ( queerly enough, this is the accurate measure of time between Parts I and II ). The series ended on Mar. 23, 2017, with a deluxe sum of 500 episodes. This marks the end of Naruto ‘s adventures .
Naruto ‘s story is succeeded by his son in Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. The serial began on Apr 5, 2017 ; it has 242 episodes to its name and count. The series is ongoing, so it should be one of the last things watched .
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Naruto Movies in Release Order

One would think the Naruto movies could be divided up based on which series was airing at the time, but it gets complicated. thankfully, the first gear three Naruto movies are easy to keep track of. Naruto the Movie : Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow premiered on Aug. 21, 2004. Naruto the Movie : caption of the Stone of Gelel premiered on Aug. 6, 2005. Naruto the Movie : Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom premiered on Aug. 5, 2006. This swerve of raw Naruto movies premiering annually in the recently summer would carry over into the Shippūden movies .
These are all the movies that take place during the events of Shippūden. The first Naruto : Shippūden movie, plainly entitle Naruto Shippūden the Movie, premiered on Aug. 4, 2007. Naruto Shippūden the Movie : Bonds premiered on Aug. 2, 2008. Naruto Shippūden the Movie : The Will of Fire premiered on Aug. 1, 2009. Naruto Shippūden the Movie : The Lost Tower premiered on Jul. 31, 2010. Naruto the Movie : Blood Prison premiered on Jul. 30, 2011. road to Ninja : Naruto the Movie premiered on Jul. 28, 2012 .
The survive : Naruto the Movie is set during the Blank Period. It premiered in theaters on Dec 6, 2014. Unlike the early Naruto movies, this one was made to coincide with the events of the manga, which had merely finished wrapping up at the time .
The adjacent Naruto movie saw the debut of his son, Boruto, as the chief character. Boruto : Naruto the Movie premiered on Aug 7, 2015. Naruto : Shippūden was still airing at the time, though what would become the “ Sarada Uchiha Arc ” of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations had recently wrapped up .
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Naruto Specials in Release Order

naruto hs ova These are all of Naruto ‘s OVAs and specials from throughout the franchise. “ Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover ! ” premiered on Dec. 20, 2002. “ deputation : Protect the Waterfall village ! ” premiered on Dec 20, 2003. “ Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports festival ! ” premiered on Aug. 21, 2004. “ finally, a clash ! Jōnin volt. Genin ! ! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament meeting ! ! ” premiered on Dec. 22, 2005 ; the history was meant to be completed in the Naruto : Ultimate Ninja 3 game. “ Shippū ! Konoha Gakuen Den ! ” premiered onFeb. 6, 2008. Naruto : The Cross Roads premiered on Dec. 19, 2009. “ Naruto, the Genie, and the Three Wishes, Believe It ! ” premiered on July 31, 2010. “ Naruto X UT ” premiered on Jan. 1, 2011. “ Chūnin Exam on Fire ! Naruto volt. Konohamaru ! ” premiered on July 30, 2011. Naruto Shippūden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations OVA Madara vs. Hashirama premiered on Feb. 23, 2012 ; it was distributed as separate of the Naruto Shippūden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. “ cheery Side Battle ! ” was released on Sep. 11, 2014, along with Naruto Shippūden : Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. “ The Ninja Escapades ” premiered under the same conditions as “ Sunny Side Battle ! ” “ The Day Naruto Became Hokage ” premiered on July 6, 2016. Boruto OVA 1 premiered on July 27, 2017 ; it was distributed aboard Naruto Shippūden : Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy .
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The Complete Naruto in Chronological Order

Naruto in Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Watching the zanzibar copal in chronological club is difficult, to say the least. For one thing, the movies and OVAs do n’t argumentation up properly with the events of the manga. sometimes, they happen at nonexistent junctions between bow. sometimes, a Shippūden OVA will flashback to the glory days of the original Naruto zanzibar copal ; in other words, despite being from Shippūden, the OVA is well watched as a function of Naruto. This is all to say nothing for how much of this is non-canon material. Regardless, here ‘s a general estimate of when to watch all of the inspire exploits of Naruto and company .

Naruto Potential Prequel Material

Team Minato The Madara vs. Hashirama OVA could arguably be watched first. Since it takes seat well before Episode 1 of Naruto, it should be treated as a prequel. Or it can be watched after Naruto : Shippūden Episode 369. similarly, “ Ninja Escapades ” can either be watched after Madara vs. Hashirama or after Episode 363 of Shippūden. The time at which this prequel fabric is watched is up to the discretion of the viewer .
Following this should be the Kakashi Gaiden Arc. This encompasses Episodes 119 and 120 of Naruto : Shippūden. This can besides be watched at the very end of Part I, which is where it was shown in the manga .
Kakashi ‘s fib is further expanded upon in Kakashi ‘s Anbu Arc : The Shinobi That Lives In The Darkness ( Episodes 349-361 ). As the name suggests, it covers Kakashi ‘s time as a extremity of the Anbu Black Ops. It besides gives some insight into the stories of Itachi Uchiha and the boy who would go on to be known as Yamato. The events of Itachi Shinden Book : light And Darkness ( Naruto : Shippūden Episodes 452-458 ) can besides be watched around this time .
The Childhood Arc of Naruto : Shippūden ( Episodes 480-483 ) are besides here for obvious reasons. They tell the stories of assorted characters from the Hidden Leaf Village from their early days .
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Naruto Part I

The Real Reason Naruto's Shinobi Ended Up Wearing Headbands The ideal starting point for the franchise would be Episode 1 of the original Naruto anime. This episode up to Episode 19 covers the Prologue — Land of Waves Arc. Following this, “ Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover ! ” and Naruto : The Cross Roads can be watched .
A few more report bow authorize before any more extra message can be watched. First is the Chūnin Exams Arc ( Episodes 20-67 ). adjacent is the Konoha Crush Arc ( Episodes 68-80 ). finally, there ‘s the Search for Tsunade Arc ( Episodes 81-100 ) .
After reaching Episode 100, one can watch a few more OVAs and a movie. “ deputation : Protect the Waterfall village ! ” is the foremost OVA. “ Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports festival ! ” comes adjacent. last, there ‘s the “ Naruto, the Genie, and the Three Wishes, Believe It ! ” OVA ; technically, this one was coupled with Naruto Shippūden the Movie : The Lost Tower, but that ‘s manner in the future. alternatively, one should continue on to Naruto the Movie : Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow .
once all of this is done, one should proceed on to Episodes 101-160. Naruto the Movie : caption of the Stone of Gelel premiered some time between these episodes, but for how events play out in the anime at this compass point, it ‘s best to save the movie until after Episode 160. Likewise, Naruto the Movie : Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom should be watched after Episode 196 as it premiered right in the center of the Third Great Beast Arc ( Episodes 195-196 ). After this, one can watch until the end of Naruto ( Episode 220 ) without stopping .
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Naruto Part II

After watching all of the original Naruto, one can feel release to start watching Naruto : Shippūden from Episode 1. The Kazekage Rescue Mission Arc ( Episodes 1-32 ) can largely be watched without incident. One could watch “ Shippū ! Konoha Gakuen Den ! ” between Episodes 19 and 30 as it ‘s based on the second ending of the anime ( Michi ~ to you all ), which plays over these episodes. Naruto Shippūden the Movie besides aired while this arc was going on, so it should be watched future .
After the movie, one should move on to the Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Arc ( Episodes 33-53 ). From here, Naruto Shippūden the Movie : Bonds can be watched. Following the movie is the Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc ( Episodes 54-71 ), then the Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc ( Episodes 72-88 ). After this, Naruto Shippūden the Movie : The Will of Fire can be watched. technically, Bonds premiered closer to the Guardian Ninja Arc, while The Will of Fire premiered between the Kakashi Gaiden Arc ( Episodes 119-120 ) and the Tales of Jiraiya the Gallant Arc ( Episodes 127-133 ). however, the events of these two movies align better with the recommend episodes .
Following The Will of Fire, one should be able to get through Episodes 89-151 without incidental. however, the following movie in the batting order, The Lost Tower, obviously takes space sometime in the middle of the Pain ‘s Assault Arc ( Episodes 152-169 and 172-175 ). This is tough to fit into the timeline since it obviously happens between Naruto eruditeness of Jiraiya ‘s death and Pain destroying the Leaf Village ; however, there ‘s no canonic downtime between these two events. One can watch The Lost Tower at this point, but they ‘ll have to keep this potential inconsistency in mind. This drift of Naruto movies having trouble fitting on the timeline wo n’t be going aside any time soon .
associate : How Naruto ’ south Backstory Is Similar to Orient Protagonist Musashi ‘s Blood Prison is, by far, the most torment movie to try and place. This movie features the Leaf Village before it was destroyed. however, it besides has Naruto, the Raikage, and Killer Bee all seem to know each early, which would n’t happen until at least Episode 243. It ca n’t even be seen as something that happened during Naruto ‘s train on Mt. Myoboku as he ‘s already mastered Sage Jutsu. The best compromise would be to watch this movie after Episode 175 and chalk up any chronological inconsistencies as minor oversights on the contribution of the writer ( s ) ; for what it ‘s worth, none of them have any profound effects on the history .
The Past Arc : The Locus of Konoha ( Episodes 176-196 ) deals with events from the original Naruto anime. however, they ‘re all framed as flashbacks from characters in the portray day. They besides cover respective points in time. With that in mind, it ‘s best to watch them starting after Episode 175 .
Following this arc is the basketball team Kage Summit Arc ( Episodes 197-214 ) and the Fourth Shinobi World War : Countdown Arc ( Episodes 215-222 ). Somewhere between Episodes 216 and 220, one could potentially include Naruto X UT as an option to how the confrontation between Sasuke and Naruto played out. With that said, it should be watched after the arch. other OVAs that could fit into this discharge include “ Chūnin Exam on Fire ! Naruto volt. Konohamaru ! ” and “ Sunny Side Battle ! ” besides, a poster for Blood Prison can be seen in the background for Episode 222, making this another possible indicate to get started on that movie .
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From here, one can watch all the way up to Episode 289 without any sidesteps. Episode 290-295 is the Power Arc. This arc most probable besides takes place during the time time period of the Fourth Shinobi World War : Countdown Arc. Besides this, Episodes 223-311 can be watched straight through. Since Episode 311 is a prologue to Road to Ninja, this would be a good prison term to watch that movie, besides. From there, Episode 349 is a square path .
If one has watched the Kakashi ‘s Anbu Arc, then one can skip ahead to Episode 362. If one did n’t watch “ Ninja Escapades ” before Naruto episode 1, they could do therefore after Episode 363, then watch on until Episode 369. After this point, the Madara vs. Hashirama OVA can be watched if it has n’t been already .
Going back to the main story leads to the Birth of the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Arc ( Episodes 378—388, 391—393, 414—421, and 424—431 ), followed by the Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook : The Tale of Naruto The Hero Arc ( Episodes 432-450 ) and the Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Arc ( Episodes 451—455, 458—468, and 470—479 ) .
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Naruto Blank Period

Shikamaru Leads The Hanabi Rescue Mission In The Last Naruto The Movie The Blank Period marks the time between Chapters 699 and 700. In the anime, it ‘s represented by the characters growing a few years older. It starts with Episode 483 and goes to the end of the series from there. The last : Naruto the Movie actually aired during the Birth Of The Ten-Tails ‘ Jinchuriki Arc, but it ‘s best saved until Episode 493. This would place it justly before Konoha Hiden : The Perfect Day For A Wedding ( Episodes 494-500 ), the last bow of Naruto : Shippūden. This marks the official end of Naruto and the get down of Boruto .


Boruto and his friends and family chronologically, the beginning piece of Boruto media to watch is “ The Day Naruto Became Hokage. ” Following that is the first base sequence of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. At Episode 51, the first and lone Boruto OVA can be watched. After Episode 52, the timeline branches between Boruto : Naruto the Movie and the anime. From here, one can watch Boruto up to its latest episode. With this, one can officially congratulate themselves ; they ‘re officially all caught up on Naruto.

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