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InoNaru is the condition used to refer to the romantic kinship between Naruto Uzumaki and Ino Yamanaka .

Their kinship

Part I

Chūnin Exam Arc

In the get down of the Chunin Exams, Naruto describes Ino as another annoying Sasuke sports fan. During the preliminary matches, Ino was surprised when Naruto defeats Kiba and said, “ Who would have thought Naruto would win the match ? “. During Ino ‘s fight with Sakura in the prelimenary matches of the Chūnin Exam, Ino muttered on about how annoy Naruto was as she was in Sakura ‘s judgment. With the assistant of Naruto ‘s voice, Ino was thrown out of her opponent ‘s mind and the conflict subsequently ended up being a link. During Naruto ‘s fight with Neji, Ino tells Sakura to put aside her feelings of worry for Sasuke and to alternatively cheer Naruto on. After witnessing how Naruto beat up Neji, an impress even elated Ino tells Sakura that her team is pretty amazing .

Filler Episode : Ino Screams ! Chubby Paradise !

sunade assigned Ino and Naruto on a mission togheter, where Ino had to be the consistency double of a certain princess called Fuku. At first, Ino was very disappoint for getting teamed up with Naruto, but she subsequently conforms. On their way to the princess ‘ house, Ino tells Naruto that he always has a give for screwing things up but Naruto assures her that everything will be a objet d’art of cake. When they met the princess, they were both shocked because she was corpulence. Despite this, she hush beared a strike resemblence to Ino. Fuku tells them that until she can lose some weight, she ca n’t shown up like that in front of her fiance Chikara, consequently Ino will have to temporarily take her place. The late tried to behave and act like the princess in front of Fuku ‘s fiance, but she finds his aureate displays of affection intolerable. Naruto mocked him because of his looks, which resulted in Ino pinching him in order to shut up. Frustrated that the mission was progressing besides dull, Naruto decided to take her appearance and act like the princess in front of Chikara. When Ino discovered what Naruto was doing, she tied him up to a tree in ordain to prevent him jeopardizing the mission. however, Naruto escaped and tried to act like the princess but ended up divulging their plan rather. It was revealed that the prince indeed liked chubby women, therefore their mission was completed and they could return home to the greenwich village .

Part II

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Arc

not knowing who Sai was at that fourth dimension, Naruto begins to charge head on at him with his kunai, but Sai managed to dodge his atack. From outdistance, Choji and Shikamaru saw what ‘s happening and the later tried to help with his clone jutsu, but Sai jumps in to the air and disappears. Choji is called from behind by Ino. He tells her that a mysterious guy apeared, but she did not know what he was talking about. Ino saw Naruto from a distance and gleefully greets him from afar after she has n’t seen him for 3 years .

annoyance ‘s Assault Arc

After Naruto Returned to the Village. He was cheered by all the villagers. When, Everyone was celebrating the victory, Ino stated that she ‘could about fall for him ‘ to a confuse Shikamaru and Choji .

Paradise Life on Boat Arc

Naruto, Yamato, Guy and the respite stopped at an island to recover from ocean sickness. There, he unexpectedly meets up with Sakura, Ino and Chouji who were sent by Tsunade to gather herb for the approaching war. On a hill, Naruto and Ino were shown searching together for a rare medicative plant. He about gave up when he did n’t figured out which one he needs to harvest, but Ino offered him a sample distribution of the specific plant. She besides reminded him that after the war a lot of people will be injured so their research is absolutely neccesary .


  • She said that he had become very popular with ladies.
  • Ino stated that she could almost fall for Naruto (anime only)…

Among the Fans

NaruIno is n’t popular among fans, but it has some supporters as a crackpairing. They likely support it due to the like hotheadedness the two have, american samoa well as their exchangeable appearances. For exercise, both of them have blonde hair. Their equal couples are NaruHina, NaruSaku, SaiIno, and ShikaIno .


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