Neal Adams loves drawing sketches for his fans before, during and after the respective conventions he is attending this year. He wants to make certain that there is always a way for a winnow to get a especial draw, sketch or key signature. To that end, Neal is trying to enhance the have .
Each person is different, as Neal has discovered drawing sketches at conventions. “ No two people are alike ”, which is what the concept behind this experience is all about. Neal would like to satisfy the fan in all of you .
One room to get the Neal Adams Experience is to Email JASON ADAMS at spyda @ Jason can set you up with ANY COMMISSION you could possibly want. He has access to all of Neal ’ south work and can get reference for any character you could imagine. You can get head sketches on books, personalized sketches, human body drawings, multiple digit drawings and about anything you can imagine.

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Or merely go to the Neal Adams Store here and pick something super-cool from your darling comic record .
Neal Adams - Batman Bust - Inked

If you ’ rhenium serious about getting a especial fictional character pull back, one of the best ways to handle this is through a pre-order that allows you to pick up the describe in person while you ’ re at a convention or it can be shipped to you. An add and special advantage to Neal and YOU is that Neal can research and pencil the characters beforehand, ink and then polish the draw in ink right before your eyes ( if that is what you ’ d like ). We all agree there is something special about seeing your darling artist work in front of you on YOUR special patch and then finish it with a signature or a commitment. Imagine doing this for your special person and picking it up a dramatic piece of art WITH them at the Neal Adams ’ booth. possibly you ’ ve seen something on this web site in the memory ( chink on shop to be taken to the store itself ). You can Email JASON ADAMS at spyda @ and make sure that your special piece is waiting for you at the conventionality .

here ’ s an example – Just this year, a sports fan of Deadman wanted a particular commission. A full-figure of Madame Pegeen. That ’ sulfur right, Madame Pegeen. ( WHO ? ! ) good, for those of you who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know Madame Pegeen, she was a con artist, fortune-teller that appeared in a Deadman report back in the day. Neal rose cursorily to the occasion, called his knowing staff back in New York and within a sidereal day created a one-of a kind drawing for a hard-core Deadman fan.The fan loved the piece so much he asked Neal to color it and made it even that more perfect .
Neal Adams - new madam pegeen

All of your favored characters will be available and many of them can be seen in the Neal Adams ’ storehouse page right on this locate. But remember, if you don ’ t see what you want, you can constantly Email JASON ADAMS at spyda @ or ask at the booth for something unique or particular .
If you wait until the convention and, because conventions are normally quite interfering, Neal can not promise he ’ ll finish the drawing during his time at the convention. But your name and address will be taken down and the assemble will be mailed to you a soon as it ’ s done. This normally happens within the first week after any express. Neal makes every effort to complete the commission drawings during the prove, but sometimes a good conversation is just besides intemperate to pass up .

Neal understands that while everyone wants all the Avengers fighting all the X-Men, sometimes it ’ mho precisely a small more than your budget. For a much lower price, Neal can draw ( in silver or bootleg penitentiary ) the head of your favored hero on one of the many books or prints available at the booth. This makes an excellent gift for person or precisely a particular, personal version of a Neal Adams hardback solicitation .
The large number of comics Neal has written and drawn over the years is preferably huge ( Brobdingnagia, for the uninitiate, is the sphere of Gulliver ’ randomness Travels where everything is big rather than modest ) …but never fear since Neal makes it his business to even sign STACKS of comics at his even touch rate. So, for a nominal fee, Neal will sign your favorite comics on the cover or the home .

We ’ ve allowed people, on juncture, to send their books in to be signed. Because it is a business, and Neal is very interfering, and because he has to pay his employees to receive, un-package, get him to sign the items, re-package and ship the items, we have a flat $ 120 handling tip added to the $ 50 signing fee for each detail, plus render ship. The handling fee is the lapp wether you send 1 script or 100.

Email JASON ADAMS  at  at spyda @ for details
As always, any subject of conversation is FREE. That ’ mho right, Folks…Neal LOVES to talk about comics, movies, art, and merely about anything. ( a long as the credit line international relations and security network ’ t besides farseeing or there ’ s an dysphoric child waiting for Dad or Mom to be done so he can get some ice rink cream…and flush then, Neal will do his very best to entertain everybody. Continuity is VERY kid friendly. ) Yes, you can even talk about Neal ’ s skill project, but come prepare and do your homework. here ’ s a connection to the elementary stuff good here on this site – Oh Kay, Kiddies. It ’ s even got cartoons in it .

Neal Adams has done several EXACT brood recreations from his most iconic amusing covers and sold them to enormously happy fans ! If you love comics, Neal Adams, or simply moments of comic history, this is the opportunity for you. Neal will recreate ANY cover that he ’ south draw and you love, line for line and not alter a single matter. This is a find to get a piece of history to hang on your wall…an original nibble of Neal Adams art that precisely replicates an excite consequence of comedian history. Neal will recreate the cover that YOU love and have it ready for you at any convention you and Neal attend together. Email JASON ADAMS at spyda @ for prices. Check out the overlay below for the attention to detail and the sincerity associated with these covers. not just the artwork, but the logo and captions equally well. These covers will be arsenic close to the master as humanly possible. Don ’ triiodothyronine miss out on this once in a life opportunity .
Neal Adams - Batman 251 cover - Joker 5 way revenge
For the very serious fan, this is the ultimate prize ! Two cover images from Batman that Neal decided were not telling the interior story equally well as he wanted. Neal himself rejected these two images, but they are iconic and bright to any serious collector. For the regular fan – these are fair a treat to look at, but if you would like to be a depart of Neal Adams Batman history, these are the pieces to consider .
bat odd1 bat odd2

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