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I have to comment on this most beautiful packaging the album is displayed in. The traverse has a dainty texture to it while the deed is glossy in contrast. Too bad most of the text is japanese, although the songs names are by and large clear in English. The records themselves look very clean and feel well protected in their sturdy foldout jacket.
The sound itself I have to say its quite fantastic. This is a well mastered and pressed release which has indulged me with instruments and sounds I had previously not even noticed. possibly because I never watched a high quality interpretation of the series, but I digress. The musicality and atmosphere comes across so well that you finally realize that this had real musicians recorded on stage and not just synthesizers in a studio and many times it feels like youre there, hearing their operation.
As a whole its one of the crowns in my collection and not good for its rarity. This in truth is worth the money as a collector, winnow of the series and music lover in general.

When I said I would compare the 2021 Eva Finally against my 2015 Series soundtrack one of the only tracks they share, I was classify of misguided. Its the same birdcall, but slenderly different. The 2021 release does not feature the guitar alone at all, its precisely missing queerly enough but adds some back vocals absent on the 2015. Besides this they are the lapp track as I can tell, but oh boy are they unalike sounding.
The 2015 is distinctly louder and if you wouldnt degree these fairly there would be no contest. But even after some normalizing its still clear to me that I by and large prefer the 2015 Chris Bellman cut. Yes, it is less active but compaction is not always a bad instrument, and the people at Grundman Mastering know how to use it correctly. many aspects are more appreciable and highlighted on the older turn, bass is tighter, the lead vocals come to biography and some background performances are more distinct.
The parts where I felt the newer unblock might win out are aspects such as those add back vocals which create a dainty air, the choir segment in the center, where those dynamics, reverb and an extra bedspread in the stereo feels more impactful.
Overall the new cut is more reverb drenched and slenderly low end EQd which loses some of that in the room presence which Bellman brought.
With these about apparent like different mixes raw its hard to be fair in a comparison, however I feel more lies in the 2015s favor, and with the omission of the guitar alone, I can not declare it the achiever for me.

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