Yelena As The New MCU Black Widow? Hawkeye Makes It Her Perfect Future

Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for Hawkeye.
Hawkeye has placed Yelena Belova ( Florence Pugh ) in the perfect position to become the new Black Widow in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the release of Natasha Romanoff ’ south ( Scarlett Johansson ) Black Widow, Marvel president of the united states Kevin Feige has notably said that Yelena will not become the following Black Widow. Rather, Feige explained that Yelena will be carrying on her sister Natasha ’ s bequest – but in her own way, as her own quality. That being said, as the book The Story of Marvel Studios : The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals, Feige ’ s plans for the MCU are highly elastic, and none of Marvel ’ s current plans are set in rock. This means that there ’ s a very actual possibility that Yelena could take on the Black Widow mantle at some point within MCU Phase 4 .
In Hawkeye, Eleanor Bishop ( Vera Farmiga ) hires the Black Widow assassin and former Red Room operative Yelena to kill Clint Barton ( Jeremy Renner ). Yelena accepts the appointment because she believed that Clint killed Natasha, a theory that ’ second supported by Clint ’ s homicidal actions as the vigilante Ronin. however, as Yelena was about to finish the job, Clint used Natasha ’ randomness secret whistle – known only to those whom she trusted dearly – to convince Yelena of the truth about how Black Widow sacrificed herself in Avengers : endgame, leading her to spare Clint ’ s life.

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Hawkeye ’ s finale not merely gave Yelena a clean mental picture of what it means to be an Avenger, it might ’ ve besides inspired her to continue Natasha ’ s desperate bequest as the Black Widow. Despite what Kevin Feige has said, Yelena taking on Natasha ’ s style in her award – and stand for the same things Natasha did during her fourth dimension as an Avenger – would be perfect for both Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the MCU. Apart from giving the MCU a new Black Widow who ’ south worthy of the title, this is besides congruent with Yelena ’ s sternly good moral compass – as revealed by her quests to free other Red Room assassins and to kill an Avenger in pastime of justice for Natasha ’ s death. furthermore, it would be a great tribute to the Marvel amusing books, in which Yelena became the new Black Widow after Natasha. And as Feige has famously retconned his own MCU plans in order to make ways for better ideas to blossom, the Marvel president ’ s announcement about Yelena not becoming the next Black Widow could merely be a way of throwing off long-time Marvel fans who know excessively much about Yelena ’ s comedian book history.

Clint looks at Avengers plaque in Hawkeye In fact, Feige ’ s reveal about Yelena carrying on Natasha ’ s bequest – but in her own way – could good mean that she won ’ thyroxine be an Avenger. Rather, Yelena ’ mho translation of Black Widow could be more of an independent champion, assisting the raw Avengers in their future battles, but never becoming an official member of the team. This is promote evidenced by the conversation in Hawkeye between Kate Bishop ( Hailee Steinfeld ) and Yelena, in which the latter discusses how the Avengers are glorified villains who shouldn ’ metric ton be nontaxable from justice. Although Yelena now knows that Clint didn ’ thyroxine kill Natasha, Yelena ’ south points about the dangers of superhero worship remain valid, which means that she might not choose to become an avenger when she last dons the Black Widow curtain .

Hawkeye has indeed set up the perfect foundations for Yelena to become the next Black Widow. It would surely be reproducible with what the fans want for Yelena ’ sulfur future. More importantly, Feige knows that it ’ s the perfect following step for far developing Yelena ’ s fictional character in the MCU .
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