Marvel Unveils New Captain America Crossover Event, Cold War

A new Cold War is coming to the Marvel Universe with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson ‘s respective Captain America series colliding in an epic crossing over event. Coming in 2023, Marvel Comics ‘ 2 Captain America stories will come together with major elements of Steve and Sam ‘s current investigations being revealed. not alone will the origins of Steve ‘s shield be revealed, but it besides looks as though Sam ‘s vibranium conspiracy will come to a head equally well .
presently in Captain America : lookout of Liberty, Steve Rogers has been looking into a secret group known as the Outer Circle, a conspiracy of five individuals who each control a major contribution of society from the shadows. Using the iconography of Captain America ‘s shield as their board to move their secret pawns across the earth, Marvel ‘s Super-Soldier is more determine than always to learn the unavowed symbolism behind his shield. interim, Captain America : symbol of Truth has seen Sam Wilson looking into a massive conspiracy involving stolen vibranium from Wakanda ( which may besides tie into the origins of the Super-Soldier Serum ). Playing a dangerous plot with the White Wolf and Crossbones, Sam is presently attempting to infiltrate Wakanda in secret before more vibranium falls into the amiss hands .
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While Steve and Sam shared an initial # 0 consequence, the newly announced Cold War event from Marvel Comics will be the beginning official crossing over between the two Captain America series. Marvel ‘s crush free besides teases that the full secrets of Steve ‘s shield will be revealed along with the return of Nomad ( though not specifying which one ). While the event is placid a ways off with a bounce 2023 free window, the new Marvel announcement reveals new promotional artwork for the event from Paco Medina which will serve as connecting form covers for both serial ‘ October issues. The inaugural one-half will be a form for Sentinel of Liberty # 5 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Carmen Carnero with the second for symbol of Truth # 6 from Tochi Onyebuchi and Ig Guara. here ‘s the modern promo artwork vitamin a well as the synopses for both approaching issues :


  • Connecting Variant Cover by PACO MEDINA
  • On Sale 10/5
  • The Outer Circle’s most recent defector leads Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to the Outer Circle’s headquarters – and to the answers Steve seeks about the origins of his shield. But Bucky already has his answers and is looking for solutions. Will decades of friendship be enough to outmaneuver an enemy who calls himself the Revolution?The world of Captain America is rocked in this can’t-miss issue that will have ramifications for years to come!

  • Written by TOCHI ONYEBUCHI
  • Art by IG GUARA
  • Connecting Variant Cover by PACO MEDINA
  • On Sale 10/19
  • Still reeling from his conflict with Wakanda, Sam Wilson is called to the international stage once again to protect a visiting politician from the African nation of Mohannda. But the White Wolf has already put the second stage of his plan into motion, with dire consequences for both Sam’s closest friends…and Mohannda. Old allies return and new enemies rise in this thrilling new chapter of CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH!

Despite having his second turned in the new artwork, it does seem as though the returning Nomad will likely be Ian Rogers, Captain America ‘s adopted son from Dimension Z who ‘s in truth the biological son of Arnim Zola. While Ian has n’t been seen in the Marvel Universe for quite some meter, this new Captain America crossover voter feels like the perfect time to bring him back into the fold. Likewise, Bucky Barnes and Joaquín Torres ‘ Falcon are seen flanking both Captains, a solid coquette that the at hand threats coming their way will have Steve and Sam needing plenty of backup from their most hope allies .
Although Cold War wo n’t be until 2023, it ‘s exciting that Marvel is taking full advantage of having 2 coincident Captain America in publication. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson surely have their strengths and weaknesses as Captains that are worth exploring in their own respective series. however, 2 versions of Captain America are better than one and the probability for a team-up should never be ignored. The new variant covers for Cold War are set to release this October .
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