Every DC Animated Movie Released In 2021, Ranked

2021 was a beneficial year for all superhero fans, since multiple movies premiered. Marvel introduced modern heroes with Shang-Chi and Eternals, and brought back old fan-favorites in Black Widow and Spider-Man. The DCEU hit the bullseye with The Suicide Squad, and the fans got the long-awaited Zack Snyder dilute of the Justice League. however, the animated DC movies are just as matter to, if not more, and they should n’t be underestimated.RELATED : Worst DC Moments Of 2021 These movies work with beloved heroes, and are n’t afraid to put them in situations and plots that would be impossible to portray in live-action movies. In 2021, four DC animated movies ( divided into five parts ) premiered. While all of them have firm reviews, there can only be one net achiever when it comes to the movies ‘ rankings .

4 Batman: Soul Of The Dragon

Batman Soul Of The Dragon richard dragon Some animated experiments that bring well-established superheroes into a different place or time get a high military rank, but Batman : soul of the Dragon scored an average one, with 6.1 on Metacritic. The story takes place in the 1970s and does n’t draw inspiration from any existing amusing bible, making it an original even for comic script readers .
In the movie, Batman searches for his old teacher who taught him soldierly arts. But he ‘s not the merely one who ‘s after the missing man. The movie pays court to the writing style of martial arts movies popularized by Bruce Lee in the 1970s. As a result, the natural process scenes are visually beautiful and pleasant to watch.

however, some fans might object to the fact that the history is more distant from everything in Batman ‘s global. In the end, the movie could have worked without the cap reformer .

3 Injustice

Catwoman and Batman in Injustice Unlike the live-action movies, which take fewer experimental risks, animated movies are free to adapt some of the less mainstream amusing reserve stories. It means they can introduce versions of the heroes that defy their common portrayal, normally because they appear in an alternate population. That included movies such as Superman : red Son ( 2020 ) and Batman : Gotham by Gaslight ( 2018 ) .
Injustice is another alternate history that might not have ranked a gamey as other 2021 DC animated movies, but is still worth watching. It draws inspiration from the 2013 game, equally well as a prequel comedian book series. In this movie, the Joker proves once again why he ‘s thus dangerous. He manages to manipulate Superman into killing his fraught wife Lois Lane. As a leave, Superman snaps and decides he ‘s going to stop all crime, no topic what he has to do to achieve his finish. It ‘s then up to Batman and other heroes to stop Superman from controlling the planet. The film besides includes park Lantern, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and others, making it an ideal story for fans of team movies .
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The movie shows that sometimes it ‘s possible even for the most pure-hearted superheroes to become a dark version of themselves, if the loss they suffer is enough. The Joker has spent years trying to bring Batman to his flush, and Injustice is a compel portrayal of what would happen if the Joker decided to bring down Superman rather … and succeeded.

2 Justice Society: World War II

Justice Society World War II heroes Justice Society : World War II is another film that creates its own global. As the title suggests, the floor focuses on the superhero team Justice Society, led by Wonder Woman. During a unmanageable mission, the team gets unexpected help when Barry Allen, aka the Flash, travels binding in fourth dimension ( or so it seems ) and joins them .
Fans of the well-established DC superheroes will get a gamble to compare how these versions of themselves differ from the common ones. The movie besides works well as an introduction to the Justice Society for those who are n’t familiar with it. Though it ‘s darker than some other animated superhero movies, it still works with periodic wit, particularly when it comes to the Flash ‘s comments and the relationship between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor .
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still, the narrative takes locate during World War II, which means the stakes are high. As a result, viewers are always tidal bore to know what will happen next to the heroes, and whether they will all make it or not. Barry Allen is besides a highly harmonic hero, proving that he should appear in leading roles in DC animated movies more much .

1 Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman The Long Halloween, Part One (2021) Some of the best DC animated movies focused on Batman and his iconic stories. But not all of them bring forward one necessity expression of Batman ‘s personality that makes the hero who he is : his intelligence and detective skills. Batman is n’t only about beating his opponents. More often than not, he uses his brain to outsmart them or figure out their future step, proving why he deserves the nickname of The World ‘s Greatest Detective. In Batman : The Long Halloween which has been separated into two feature films, Batman faces so far another mystery and a deadly opposition .
The movie starts with murder during Halloween. other murders follow during early major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, et cetera. Batman spends more and more clock trying to solve the murders, but this crime spree might prove excessively much tied for him if he ‘s not careful enough.

The movie has an excellent voice cast and brings back many iconic Batman characters, such as Catwoman ( voiced by the former Naya Rivera ), the Joker ( Troy Baker ), and Barbara Gordon ( Amy Landecker ). While the story will be most captivating for those who did n’t read the comics, it ‘s silent a highly enjoyable movie careless. Despite being a bipartite, the history keeps a fast yard from start to finish. It combines action, drama, and occasional humor. Unsurprisingly, the animation is beautiful, and watching Gotham switch over the course of one year and during versatile holidays is a please bonus .
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