DC Comics Weekly 52 Reading Order (& Aftermath!)

Following the conclusion of DC ’ s mega-event Infinite Crisis, the publisher attempted a truly bold, uncommon strategy over the course of the future year : a weekly amusing series known as 52 .
For those less conversant with print comedian turn schedules, the majority of amusing books are released one write out per calendar month, with the occasional twice per month secrete schedule for some of the most popular titles ( Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, etc ). once per workweek is considered ambitious because of the advanced plot and production required to churn out a choice history at that pace .
52 ( not to be confused with DC ’ s New 52, which would come late in 2011 ) managed to deliver an unqualified success behind the revolving creative brain trust of writers Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid, with aesthetic and story breakdowns from Keith Giffen. The series plays with the stallion DC Universe, covering a year ( March 2006 to May 2007 ) “ without ” the reproducible presence of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League .
rather, the 52 gang focuses on fringe players in the DCU, such as Booster Gold, Question, Black Adam, Adam Strange, and most importantly, Will Magnus and the Science Squad ( among many others ) !

All in all, 52 is a pretty remarkable accomplishment in 2000 ’ sulfur comics, and one of my favorite 100 comic script stories of all fourth dimension. Below you ’ ll find a guide to reading the preliminary, event series, and all-important aftermath comics in the DC universe !

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Batwoman in DC's 52 weekly comic book

Road to 52

52: The Companion
Collects : Animal Man 16 ; Detective Comics 350 ; Gotham Central 40 ; JSA 43-44 ; Metal Men 45 ; Mysterious Suspense 1 ; Rip Hunter : Time Master 6 ; Secret Origins 35 ; Strange Adventures 226 ; Superman : The Man Of Steel 97
The 52 Companion collection is deviate align of background stories featuring many of the main players who will appear throughout 52. It is not – as “ Companion ” collections therefore much are – a series of tie-ins or crossovers to the main 52 event .
As such, these background issues can be read prior to diving in to 52 proper .
Booster Gold uncovers mysteries during weekly 52 comic book series

DC Comics 52 – The Collected Graphic Novels

52 Volume 1
Collects : 52 # 1-26
52 Volume 2
Collects : 52 # 27-52
actually the only good reason to break up the consecutive 52 issues of the main event stems from the 4 World War III issues that follow 52 # 50. You can good plow on through the 52 issues as collected, but for the completists who want to see World War III gambling out, you should read the issues in the follow order :

  • 52 #1 to #50
  • World War III #1 to #4
  • 52 #51 to #52

DC: World War III
Collects : 52 : 50 ; World War III 1-4

The Question in training during DC's 52 weekly comic book series

52: The Aftermath

For those curious what comics to read after the 52 hebdomadally series, I present the most close relate follow-ups, most of which actually carried the “ From the pages of 52″ tease on their single issue covers .

Related Character Reading Orders:

Booster Gold
The interview
52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen
Collects : The Four Horsemen # 1 To # 6
Black Adam: The Dark Age
Collects : Black Adam : The Dark Age # 1 To # 6
Booster Gold: 52 Pick-Up
Collects : Booster Gold ( 2007 ) # 1 To # 6
The Question: Five Books of Blood
Collects : crime bible : The Five Lessons Of Blood # 1-5
Metal Men
Collects : metallic element Men ( 2007-2008 ) # 1 To # 8
Infinity Inc. VOL 01: Luthor’s Monsters
Collects : Infinity Inc # 1 To # 6
Infinity Inc. V. 2: The Bogeyman
Collects : Infinity Inc # 7 To # 12

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