Marvel Phase 4: recap, release dates, news, and more

Marvel Phase 4 is about over. We had previously expected it to stretch well into 2023 but, at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios ‘ president of the united states Kevin Feige announced Black Panther : Wakanda Forever will end the MCU ’ s stream Phase. From there, Marvel will move towards Phase 5, with an center towards Fantastic Four and the Avengers in Phase 6. Below, we run through what has been one of the MCU ’ s most divers and intrigue Phases so far with our guide to the history so far in Phase 4. then, we ’ ll present the remaining projects however to come, before casting an eye towards the future. Spoilers : get cook to be conquered by Kang .

Marvel Phase 4 recap: the story so far

Marvel Phase 4 is rumbling along at a pretty extraordinary accelerate. We ‘ve had a hale bunch of movies and Disney Plus shows – hera ‘s our brief recapitulate of the fib so far. WandaVision kickstarted Marvel Phase 4 in a particularly foreign style, with each sequence taking inspiration from a different earned run average of situation comedy. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany returned as Scarlet Witch and Vision, while Monica Rambeau ( Captain Marvel 2 ), Jimmy Woo ( Randall Park ), and Darcy ( Kat Dennings ) besides featured. The serial finished with Wanda in solitude and a White Vision somewhere in the populace. falcon and Winter Soldier saw Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes team up to deal with a new set of villains : the Flag-Smashers. Baron Zemo tagged along for the ride, though was later captured by Wakanda ‘s Dora Milaje, and Isaiah Bradley was introduced as a Super Soldier with a past marked by calamity and anguish. Oh, and there was a modern Captain America, played by Wyatt Russell, who had the shield taken from him by the true new Cap, Sam Wilson. loki opened up the multiverse with some time travel shenanigans involving Kang the Conqueror. The God of Mischief was captured by the Time Variance Authority after scampering off with the Tesseract ( as seen in Avengers : endgame ). He was then tasked with bring in a Loki ‘Variant ‘ – another adaptation of Loki from a branching timeline – who turned out to be a female Loki named Sylvie. The couple soon teamed up to take down the TVA and finally managed to find the world at the goal of clock – an ancient Variant of villain Kang the Conqueror, who has been keeping all of prison term in order. Sylvie kills him, breaking the ‘Sacred Timeline ‘ and causing a temporal earthquake through the multiverse. A moment season is on the means … still from Loki episode 6 ( double credit rating : Marvel Studios ) Taking home between Civil War and Infinity War, Black Widow dived into Natasha ‘s past and set up Yelena as a major force in the MCU moving fore. Kevin Feige has revealed that the entirely major Phase 4 pluck due to COVID delays was an Easter egg that was in the first place due to appear in Black Widow before Falcon and The Winter Soldier – that would be the appearance of Julia Louis-Dreyfus ‘ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who appeared in the Black Widow post-credits setting. Shang-Chi introduced Simu Liu ‘s hero into the MCU. He managed to control the Ten Rings, a mystic set of weapons held by his founder, Wenwu, and in the summons managed to take down Wunwu ‘s crime organization. What If … ? marked the MCU ‘s first animated series and was dedicated to exploring “ different versions ” of iconic MCU moments. The cast reads like a ‘who ‘s who ‘ of Marvel icons, including Samuel L. Jackson, Hayley Atwell, and more, and Jeffrey Wright joined the MCU as the Watcher. While the stories began as anthological, they finally come together for a very, identical cool episode. Eternals introduced a bunch of immortal beings who live among us on Earth. The roll is astonishing and includes Richard Madden as Ikaris, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Don Lee as the loom Gilgamesh, with Lia McHugh and The Walking Dead ‘s Lauren Ridloff rounding out the roll, playing Sprite and Makkari respectively. Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington will besides appear as the Black Knight. We ‘ll say nobelium more for now … Hawkeye sees the titular hero reluctantly take mega-fan Kate Bishop under his wing after she becomes shuffle up in New York ‘s underground after wearing the Ronin outfit. There are enough of playfulness cameo in this fun, gay Disney Plus series. Spider-Man : No Way Home dived right into the multiverse, with returning villains Doc Ock ( Alfred Molina ), Electro ( Jamie Foxx ), Sandman ( Thomas Haden Church ), Lizard ( Rhys Ifans ), and Green Goblin ( Willem Dafoe ) making reappearances ( along with certain other familiar faces … ), and ended with the entire world forgetting Tom Holland ‘s Peter Parker. Moon Knight introduced a newfangled character to the MCU as Oscar Isaac was cast as Steven Grant. Or is it Marc Spector ? The lead ‘s patched memory and multiple personalities formed the crux of the show ‘s mystery which saw him as the embodiment for the egyptian God Khonshu. vitamin a well as battling the picture ‘s villain, Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke ), Marc worked through his own trauma as his origins as Moon Knight were lento revealed over six episodes. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness picks up in the wake of Steven Strange ‘s forbidden multiverse spell in Spider-Man : No Way Home. The movie begins as he encounters a unseasoned girl called America Chavez ( Xochitl Gomez ) who has the ability to transport across the multiverse. Steven calls on Wanda Maximoff to help him ward off the mysterious creature on her tail. however, she has her own motives which cause havoc across the universe. Ms. Marvel tells the narrative of Kamala Khan ( Iman Vellani ), a Pakistani-American from Jersey City who is imbued with superpowers thanks to a bracelet passed down in her family. Kamala ‘s travel sees her become a superhero-in-training ( baptize ‘Night Light ) by onlookers, before heading to Karachi in Pakistan to find out more about the origins behind her powers. In avocation : a group who hail from another dimension called The Clandestines who want to use Ms. Marvel ‘s energy to get home, potentially destroying our satellite in the process. They finally destroyed themselves, with Ms. Marvel returning to Jersey to fight off Damage Control who were in pursuit of The Clandestines ‘ youngest penis, Kamran. With the day saved, Kamala relaxed in her room before her bangle started glowing. abruptly, she apparently swapped places with her paragon, Captain Marvel. What happens future ? We ‘ll find out in 2023 ‘s The Marvels. thor : Love and Thunder sees Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ) take up the Mighty Thor mantle and wield Mjolnir. She, Chris Hemsworth ‘s Thor, Tessa Thompson ‘s Valkyrie, and Taika Waititi ‘s Korg go up against Christian Bale ‘s terrifying Gorr the God Butcher, who intends to slaughter the MCU ‘s gods with his black Necrosword.

( trope credit rating : Marvel Studios ) Marvel Phase 4 free dates for both the MCU movies and Disney Plus television receiver shows were initially announced at San Diego Comic-Con ( SDCC ) 2019. however, due to the pandemic and other factors, these dates have shifted about quite a bit. here is the latest update on the remaining two Marvel Phase 4 passing dates. Everything else, as you ‘ll see below, has shifted to Phase 5 and 6 .

  • I Am Groot (August 10, 2022)
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (August 17, 2022)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11, 2022)
  • Werewolf By Night (TBC)

At SDCC, Kevin Feige announced that Phases 4, 5, and 6 would form partially of The Multiverse Saga. Phase 5 begins with Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantumania adjacent February, while fantastic 4 kicks off Phase 6 in November 2024 .

I Am Groot

( image credit : Disney Plus ) I Am Groot release date: August 10, 2022 A minor series in the MCU, I Am Groot is a collection of five animated shorts about our favorite defender of the Galaxy. The series last precisely under 20 minutes, and James Gunn has said it ‘s not canon to the independent saga. so simply sit back and enjoy some fun Baby Groot adventures .

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

( trope accredit : Marvel/Disney ) She-Hulk release date: August 17, 2022 Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters in this nine-part series that ‘s a Fleabag-inspired comedy. Walters will defend versatile heroes and fight villains in the court including Tim Roth as the Abomination, Jameela Jamil ‘s Titania, and Benedict Wong ‘s Wong. The latest She-Hulk dawdler from SDCC besides teased the arrival of Charlie Cox ‘s Daredevil, while Mark Ruffalo ‘s Hulk will have a key separate to play. “ I ‘m Jennifer Walters, I ‘m a normal lawyer. Well, not that normal, ” Jennifer says in a voiceover in the beginning footage from the series. There ‘s besides that iconic “ do n’t make me angry ” trace, because of naturally she has to say it .

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

( effigy credit : Disney/Marvel ) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever release date: November 11, 2022 The Black Panther sequel has had to make several adjustments after the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman who played T’Challa. Ryan Coogler reportedly re-shaped the sequel after Boseman ‘s passing, according to star Lupita Nyong ‘ oxygen. “ We have a leader in Ryan, who feels very much like we do, who feels the passing in a very, very substantial way as well, ” she said. The sequel will be “ respectful of the loss we ‘ve all experienced. ” There ‘s no news so far on who will take up the Black Panther mantle ( although rumors are swirling that it will be T’Challa ‘s younger sister, Shuri ), but the new Wakanda Forever dawdler has had everyone trying to guess who will be the raw Black Panther. Black Panther : Wakanda Forever will besides feature the MCU introduction of Dominique Thorne ‘s Riri Williams ( AKA Ironheart ) .

Werewolf By Night

( image credit : Marvel Comics )

Werewolf By Night release date: TBC ( purportedly October 2022 ) During Feige ‘s coup d’etat of Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, there was one samara Phase 4 free missing : werewolf By Night. The Halloween special has been filmed, with composer Michael Giacchino, who scored Doctor Strange 2, having directed the Disney Plus special. Old ‘s Gael García Bernal plays the lead character, though it ‘s unclear who he will star as – presumably the shapeshifting bomber Werewolf By Night who turns into, ehem, a werewolf at nox. Reports have signalled that this will be titled something different, though that remains to be seen. All eyes on Disney ‘s D23 league, when the mini-movie is expected to be announced .

Beyond Phase 4

There ‘s a distribute to come from the MCU beyond Marvel Phase 4. We know that Phase 5 will kickstart with Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantumania and conclude with Thunderbolts, while Phase 6 will start with Fantastic Four and end with Avengers : privy Wars. For more on all those, read our guide to all the approaching Marvel movies and shows heading your way soon .

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