Why The Riddler Looks So Different In The Batman

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for The Batman.
The Riddler is the independent villain in The Batman, and Paul Dano ‘s Riddler looks very different from past versions of the quality. Batman has had an interest history on the large screen, as having different directors in charge has given him different styles and tones, and not all of them have been well-received by people. The Caped Crusader has had his ups and downs in the film diligence, such as with Christopher Nolan ’ s Dark Knight trilogy ( a very high point ) and Joel ’ s Schumacher ’ s Batman & Robin ( wide regarded as his lowest point ). here ‘s everything about The Riddler The Batman changed .
Batman joined the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice, played by Ben Affleck. But after the underperformance of Justice League, Warner Bros. changed its plans for its future DC contented. The positively reviewed The Batman, then, was given a newfangled find in a worldly concern break from the DCEU and therefore with a different Bruce Wayne, a different tone, and a wholly different storyline. Directed by Matt Reeves and plainly titled The Batman, the movie sees the debut of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, who ’ s still in his early years as a detective and vigilante.

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There are several things about The Riddler The Batman changed. very short is known about The Batman ’ s Riddler in terms of backstory, early than what ‘s revealed in Dano ‘s expositional dialogue. His motivations and plans are focused on the wrongs committed by the syndicate and their embezzle of the Wayne ‘s Renewal fund, which ends up leaving him an orphan populate in sordidness, while Bruce Wayne experiences a identical different and affluent upbringing, despite his orphan condition. The Batman ‘s Riddler finally shows his side when he ‘s caught in the diner after he takes down Falcone, but his foreign masquerade is the very character ‘s expression, and he looks nothing like previous versions of the Riddler. The real cause behind the new Riddler costume has a batch to do with Dano ‘s characterization of the villain and the tone of Matt Reeves ‘ The Batman .

Why The Riddler In The Batman Looks Different

Dano ‘s Riddler costume is amply covering his face, with a mask that looks handmade and only with holes for the scent and eyes, which some fans have pointed out seems to be inspired by the Zodiac Killer. The Riddler is besides wearing reasonably convention clothes, most of them either black or green, leaving aside his key signature search from the comics with a vibrant green suit, sometimes covered in doubt marks. The celebrated interrogate mark symbols have been replaced by a alone symbol frequently used to mark his crimes in Gotham and used as a signature of sorts. The Batman ‘s Riddler signature still features a wonder commemorate, but it ‘s much more muffle and looks to be painted on his jacket .
Giving Dano ‘s Riddler a wholly unlike spirit not merely updates the character but besides sets him apart from previous adaptations, particularly that from Batman Forever. Joel Schumacher ’ s beginning Batman movie featured Edward Nygma/The Riddler, played by Jim Carrey, who had a camp and forced style that wasn ’ triiodothyronine well-received. Jim Carrey ’ s Riddler look was more like in the comics, with a green costume with wonder marks all over it and a fleeceable masquerade, and his performance was extraordinary ( which, ultimately, fit the overall tone of the movie ). Dano ’ s Riddler looks the complete opposite : a set dark both in appearance and in his ways, more brutal, violent, and besides cryptic, and all this besides feels like an effort to banish memories of past adaptations of the character. While this is not the alone change to The Riddler The Batman made, it ‘s surely one of the best ones .

How A Different Riddler Look Improves The Batman

The Batman ’ mho Riddler has a backstory that decidedly fits his new look. Though he looks nothing like what the hearing would expect from the character, that seems to be the charge. While the Zodiac Killer is a definitive inspiration behind The Riddler ‘s costume and ciphers, his saw-like traps are wholly his own. As well, some of his characterizations seem to model The Unibomber, aka Ted Kaczynski. The Batman ’ s Riddler is shown as the big trope to fear in this interpretation of Gotham City, and his riddles, plans, codes, traps, and more were not easy to decipher, not even for Batman himself. Paul Dano ‘s Riddler is a lot more sinister and psychopathic than Jim Carrey ‘s camp version of the character, and his zodiac Killer-like costume is a perfect reflection of this fresh version. All in all, the Riddler ‘s new look completely suits Paul Dano ‘s interpretation of the character, adding a arrant measure of mystery and panic all wrapped into one psychotic software .
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The Riddler’s Costume Isn’t The Only Important Change Made In The Batman

Paul Dano as Riddler in The Batman

One of the other altered characteristics was that The Batman changed The Riddler’s real name, which, along with the costume, transformed The Riddler into something altogether alone. In both the comics and his earlier onscreen adaptations, The Riddler ‘s diagnose was Edward Nygma, aka E. Nygma. The Riddler The Batman portrayed, however, used his master surname, making him Edward Nashton. indeed, why did the movie choose to go with Nashton over Nygma ? A punny mention like E. Nygma would plainly have been out of place in Matt Reeves ‘ farinaceous interpretation of the Caped Crusader ‘s floor. Reeves took on a very different tone compared to previous Batman movies, making Gotham city into a very real ( and highly dangerous ) topographic point. All of the characters, including the Penguin and Catwoman, were given down-to-earth and more ground appearances than, say, Tim Burton ‘s cartoony adaptation of Batman .
It ‘s besides worth noting that in one translation of the comics, The Riddler actually changed his last name from Nashton to Nygma to actually jazz up his supervillain identity. Nashton, however, wanted Bruce Wayne to know his real name and the report of how he suffered in one of Gotham ‘s orphanages. Seeing as The Riddler in The Batman is a crisscross between the Zodiac killer and the Unabomber, the mention “ E. Nygma ” only scrubs out the risk and ( pretty well-grounded ) motive of the character. merely as the costume deepen was necessary for The Batman, sol was the appoint transfer, and both changes are competently supported by Paul Dano ‘s unhinge and capture operation .
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