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Tanjiro is the elder brother of Nezuko and her only stay family member alive after her family was killed. As such, Nezuko, who is normally calm air and mannerly, will become angered and attack any Demon who harms Tanjiro. [ 1 ] Being the sole surviving members of a poor family, the siblings are identical cheeseparing, trusting and loving of one another. He is probable the only one capable of actively calming Nezuko down by calling her name or tattle to her their mother ‘s lullaby. After Muzan turns Tanjiro into a Demon, Nezuko is the alone person who he does not try to kill or purposefully damage, evening after she clings to him and blocks one of his attacks. This might be potential due to Muzan only asking him to destroy the Demon Slayer Corps .
Upon seeing her for the first time, Zenitsu falls in love with Nezuko at foremost sight. She apparently views Zenitsu as a “ wyrd dandelion ” [ 2 ] and did not initially seem to reciprocate his feelings. Although the two are rarely seen interacting together, Zenitsu treats her with affection and worry. Despite his cowardly nature, Zenitsu musters the courage to ascend to Mount Natagumo upon realizing that Tanjiro ( and by proxy Nezuko ) were in the district of the Spider Family, intending to protect Nezuko. [ 3 ] During their recovery aim, Zenitsu would sit beside her box and tell her stories about Tanjiro and their rehabilitation train. Nezuko would often respond by moving and scratching her box, suggesting that she enjoyed listening to Zenitsu ‘s stories. [ 4 ]

As Nezuko returns to humanness, she starts to remember her time as a Demon and in particular a memory of Zenitsu gifting her flowers, hinting she does see him in a good easy. [ 5 ] Although initially she was skittish by him declaring her as his wife, the two along with Inosuke and Tanjiro would come to live together and in due time the two of them would marry each other and form a family that would yield great-grandchildren in the present day .
When Giyu tells his master Sakonji about Tanjiro and his demonize sister along with his belief that the two were different, Sakonji takes in Tanjiro as a disciple while allowing Nezuko to rest in his house. Thought the two do not have besides a lot interaction, the two seem to care for each early. To ensure Nezuko would not succumb to her Demon instincts, he did a ( rare case of benevolent ) brainwashing to convince her that humans were a part of her family and must be protected. When Tanjiro survives the test to become a Demon Slayer and returns, he receives a embrace from both Nezuko and Sakonji. Later, Sakonji sends a letter to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the drawing card of the Demon Slayer Corps, citing that if Nezuko ever did succumb to her Demon instincts, he would commit suicide for her actions, demonstraing great care for her wellbeing and trust in both her and Tanjiro. After Nezuko takes Tamayo ‘s drug to transform spinal column into a homo, Sakonji is the one by her bedside to watch over her. After meeting Sakonji as a human again, they embrace each other in a warm hug .
When Giyu responds to the murder of the Kamado family, he tries to kill Nezuko since she had recently transformed into a Demon. He captures her and about kills her tied when Tanjiro begs him to spare her, believing Nezuko to be a threat to humanness as all Demons were. however, he is surprised when she chooses not to eat her brother but rather protect them alternatively. Despite his disgust towards Demons, Giyu decides to give her and Tanjiro a prospect and sends them to his victor Sakonji for train. While Giyu and Nezuko do not have much further interaction, they parcel a similar bind with Tanjiro. In summation, Giyu protects Nezuko from being slain by colleague Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho and has promised to take responsibility for not slaying Nezuko given his status as Hashira and, should she finally decide to succumb to her Demon instincts and murder person, he would commit suicide, demonstrating his great religion and manage for her .
At first, Nezuko is threatened by Yushiro ‘s presence as she senses that he is a Demon ; however after she realizes he shows no ill intent or damage towards her or Tanjiro, she no longer perceives him as a threat and stops being leery around him. Yushiro initially sees her as “ unsightly, ” ascribable to his personal belief that all Demons are disgusting and grotesque with the sole exception being Tamayo, his chief and the object of his deathless love. however, after they fight side-by-side during the attack on their hidden clinic by Yahaba and Susamaru, he revises his opinion of her, calling her beautiful. Nezuko similarly sees Yushiro as one of her younger siblings and begins patting his head, much to his alarm .
Nezuko is seen to be at ease around Tamayo, acting more childish than she would normally. She sees Tamayo the lapp way she views all humans : a region of her syndicate, specifically an individual similar to her mother. This endears her to Tamayo, as she is touched by the fact that Nezuko views her as a normal person, despite her status as a Demon and her by sins .
In their initial meet, Sanemi held a deeply hate towards Nezuko due to her nature as a devil. He taunted Tanjiro by stabbing Nezuko multiple times from within the box with his nichirin sword with intentions of trying to prove to Kagaya Ubuyashiki that all demons eat humans, therefore trying to indicate that Nezuko was a threat. He attempted to tempt Nezuko into attacking him by wounding his arm, seeming to believe that she would do indeed since he possessed particular marechi blood that managed to flush hindered Upper Moon One during their intense conflict into the near future. unexpectedly, Nezuko turns her head off refusing to devour him even when he possesses marechi, the lineage type that gave the equivalent intensity from eating a hundred humans. Nezuko is irritated, which is indicated by her huffy expression that she displays towards Sanemi when she retrieved into her box. During Nezuko ‘s transformation back into a homo, she remembers the moment where Sanemi was trying to get her to devour him by flaunting his injure arm. After the conflict against Muzan Kibutsuji, Nezuko now a human, somehow runs into an awkward encounter with Sanemi again. Asking if his wounds were oklahoma, he bluffly replies that his wounds are very well. He then apologizes to Nezuko about everything he had done to her in the past and that he was asleep the entire time after the defeat of Muzan. To lessen the tension, Nezuko tells Sanemi that she was asleep for two whole years and implied that she loves sleeping which concisely reminded Sanemi of his younger brother, Genya. He gives her a headpat and smiles at her before parting ways, leaving her flustered with embarrassment.

Upon beginning meet her, Shinobu tries to kill Nezuko due to her Demon condition, but is quickly shielded by Tanjiro and protected by Giyu. however, during Nezuko and Tanjiro ‘s test at the Hashira merging, Shinobu feels deplorable for the siblings when they are questioned, late showing business for the two, even allowing them to stay at her sign of the zodiac and lie. While Shinobu distillery holds a deep hate for Demons as a wholly, it does n’t seem to extend to Nezuko, partially because she sympathizes with Tanjiro and his kind nature being similar to her baby ‘s. When Nezuko was transforming second into a human, she reflected on a memory of when Shinobu allowed Nezuko to look at her favored goldfish. [ 6 ] While they have fiddling to no interaction in the series, Nezuko cares adequate for Kanao that she was distraught when Tanjiro ( now a Demon influenced by Muzan ) injured Kanao and referred to her as Kanao chan, implying there is some closeness between them. After Tanjiro marries Kanao, they become sister-in-law .
Nezuko first gear meets Mitsuri at the hide Swordsmith Village. They enjoy each others ‘ party and have a relationship that can be seen as akin to sisters. additionally, Nezuko enjoys getting Tanjiro to style her hair like the Love Hashira ‘s. [ 7 ]

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Nezuko meets Tengen at the Entertainment District. At beginning Tengen did n’t accept Nezuko from being a demon and wanted to kill her along with Tanjiro from breaking the corps rules. When Nezuko used her Blood Demon Art to burn Gyutaro ‘s poison out of his body, Tengen expressed gratitude towards Nezuko for saving his life with his wives showing signs of gratitude as well. After the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Tengen and his wives visited Nezuko who is human again, and Tanjiro while besides giving an invite to visit them someday. Nezuko expressed joy when Tengen lifted her up onto his shoulder.


  • Sumire and the second child of Sumiyoshi and Suyako are not included since the story does not indicate which child carries on the lineage.



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