5 Ways Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man Run Was Great (& 5 Ways It Wasn’t)

Some love the steering Spencer took the series, while others feel many narrative choices were the improper ones for the character. When Dan Slott ended his monumental discharge on amazing Spider-Man with issue # 801, Nick Spencer took over. The serial relaunched its issue number but continued the floor where Slott ‘s run left off. Slott ‘s run featured some pretty epic poem, grand-scale stories like “ Spider-Island, ” “ Spider-verse, ” “ Ends of the Earth, ” and who could forget the unharmed “ superior ” Saga ?
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Spencer ‘s run seemed to put Spidey ‘s boots back on the background with stories that focused more on Peter. The first report arc, which saw Peter and Spider-Man schism into two different people offered a great psychological analysis of what makes the quality. however, the discharge and creative decisions that followed have divided fans. Some love the direction Spencer took the series, while others feel many narrative choices were the incorrectly ones for the character.


10 Great: The Menacing Kindred

Spider-Man Kindred At first glance, Kindred looks more like a Batman villain than a Spider-Man villain. He looks like he could give Scarecrow a run for his money, which he proves over the path of 75 issues as he torments Peter and his love ones, haunting their dreams and demonstrating huge power .
His first appearance at the conclusion of consequence # 1 during Mysterio ‘s test, illustrated by Humberto Ramos, is bizarre and chilling. His blueprint is frightening, with bandages over what could be a waste face below, a shattered trench coat, and centipedes and other insects mimicking his every motivate. By sheer introduction, ocular, and presence, Kindred is one of Spidey ‘s most awful foes to date .

9 Not Great: A Buildup That Dragged On Too Long

Kindred Spider-Man Marvel Comics While the insertion and subsequent appearances of Kindred solidified him as a terrify, extremely mighty villain, who was unlike anything readers had seen in Spider-Man comics, the buildup of anticipation as to who and what Kindred actually was just dragged on for far besides long. A mystery need time to grow and gain grip, of course. however, when Amazing Spider-Man # 25 was giant-sized, fans assumed they ‘d find out who Kindred was .
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When the uncover did n’t come, readers assumed they ‘d get that answer in issue # 50, then in bequest issue # 850. however, there was silent no concrete answer. Over 80 issues after Kindred ‘s reveal ( counting the link issues ), Kindred ‘s identity and motives were finally revealed. But by then, the allure of the character had slightly faded .

8 Great: Black Cat & Peter’s Resolution

Black Cat Infinite Score Leading up to Spencer ‘s run, Felicia Hardy had apparently returned to a liveliness of crime. After Peter ‘s manage with Mephisto and his request to Doctor Strange to make everyone forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Felicia and he lost their association. This had been something that irked fans for a while as it undid much of Black Cat ‘s growth .
In Amazing Spider-Man # 10, Spencer sat Spider-Man and Black Cat down and gave readers a conversation they ‘d been waiting to see. Felicia vented her frustration of not remembering who Spider-Man was, then Peter revealed his identity to her. It was a tint scene that rekindled a feel of association and friendship they ‘d been missing for a while .

7 Not Great: Lots Of Filler Arcs

Absolute Carnage Spider-Man Marvel Comics Spencer ‘s run felt a little bite like a 22 sequence network superhero television receiver display. There was the main villain who shined in their foreground episodes/issues. But it felt like the creative team had a certain preset number of issues to fill, sol Kindred ‘s mystery was dragged out .
In the meanwhile, floor arcs like the “ 2099 ” and “ absolute slaughter ” arc felt identical out of invest. The bible kept presenting then many promises of who Kindred was and what he wanted, while besides intentionally keeping anything Kindred related to the background. alternatively, it focused on stories completely unrelated to what was constantly built up as the main history of the run .

6 Great: Spencer Was Joined By Amazing Artists

Spider-Man battles Kindred The Amazing Spider-Man amusing book has been blessed with outstanding artist after artist. One of the reasons many of Slott ‘s history discharge are so memorable is that they looked so beautiful. Ryan Ottley joined the Spidey crew for the first clock time and brought harebrained levels of detail from his invincible series to Spider-Man. Humberto Ramos frequently returned to the series, and his exaggerated sitting and posturing felt bespoke for the Wall-Crawler .
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Another newcomer to the series was Patrick Gleason. Best acknowledge for his work on green Lantern and Superman, Gleason delivered some of the best-looking issues during the “ 2099 ” and “ concluding Remains ” arch. His Spider-Man become was bold and his Kindred design was frightening.

5 Not Great: Peter Was Rarely The Star Of His Own Book

Peter Parker swings with Spider-Man Spider-Man ‘s supporting cast is integral to the character ‘s longevity as Peter himself. Every person in Peter ‘s liveliness shapes who he and Spider-Man are and why they do what they do. Spencer ‘s run featured a big supporting cast like Boomerang, Randy Robertson, and Gog. ( Yes, Gog ) .
On the one hand, it was nice to see these characters from meter to fourth dimension, but on the other, they much upstaged Peter in his own book. Entire issues would be dedicated to a specific character that was n’t Peter. This could be forgiven if not for the fact that Peter ‘s own internal monologues were rarely presented. This run focused then much on spectacle that Peter ‘s thoughts and daily life were rarely explored .

4 Great: The Lovable Boomerang

boomerang lives with spiderman Fred Myers ( aka Boomerang ) joined the Amazing Spider-Man book as a recurring cast member, joining Spider-Man on his adventures and Peter Parker as his new, annoying roommate. Boomerang brought much-needed levity to the series, specially while most of the Kindred-centric issues were very dour .
Boomerang ‘s fictional character arc actually began in the series The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, besides written by Nick Spencer. That book saw Boomerang leading a not-so-Sinister Six. Boomerang ‘s bow, over the course of both Superior Foes and Amazing Spider-Man, is well executed and quite endearing. Spider-Man slowly teaches Boomerang how to be a hero .

3 Not Great: Not Enough Mary Jane

Mary Jane returns home Nick Spencer ‘s run opens with Peter ( in his black suit ) and Mary Jane atop the Empire State Building. It ‘s a court to their wedding issue in Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 21. While it turns out to be a dream, it promises big things for the run to come, reinforced by Kindred ‘s fantastic entrance at the goal of the premier exit .
The problem is that the run features identical short of MJ. She ‘s absent from the Amazing title as she stars in her own, ephemeral series Amazing Mary Jane. All signs were pointing toward some kind of resolving power to the “ One More Day/Brand New Day ” report arc. And while MJ does return in the climax of Kindred ‘s attack, her presence was sorely missed in the 50 issues leading up to it .

2 Great: Retconned An Infamous Story Arc

Amazing Spider-Man Sins Past Retcon 1 Fans do n’t want to talk about Sins Past. And if they do want to talk about it, it ‘s normally to reiterate the damage that fib does to Spider-man ‘s supporting shed. The story was equitable unnecessary and messy. Spider-Man learns of two children of Gwen Stacy ‘s, biologically aged up to adults. They seek out Peter for revenge, believing him to be their beget .
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The dismay truth is that their beget is actually Norman Osborn, meaning before Gwen ‘s death, she and Norman had an affair. The story good felt faulty. As if Peter needed more reasons to hate Norman. In Nick Spencer ‘s range, the whole matter was revealed to be nothing more than an illusion concocted by Mysterio .

1 Not Great: The Payoff Was Overly Confusing

Spider-Man Kindred Sins Past 3 For 70 issues, Kindred ‘s identity and motives were teased. Readers received the odd small clue here and there but were largely left to come to their own conclusions about who Kindred was and how he existed. When the final few issues of Nick Spencer ‘s hunt hit the comedian stands, many fans were left confused.

Kindred ‘s whole backstory is quite a mess, leading to many Twitter and Reddit threads explaining the timeline of events that involves “ Sins Past, ” “ Brand New Day, ” “ Legacy of Evil, ” and tied more spiritual world Mephisto meddle behind the scenes. The Kindred mystery was a long one that ultimately ended in an disappointing conclusion .
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