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Beyond Netero
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Temp Hunter [ 1 ]

Member of Beyond ‘s Dark Continent Expedition Team




prototype Gallery Usamen ( ウサメーン, Usamēn ) is a Temp Hunter [ 1 ] and one of the Dark Continent Expedition Team members affiliated with Beyond Netero. [ 2 ]


Usamen has a outstanding underbite, irregular eyes, crack kuki, and a japanese sushi chef headband. His cleft chin [ 2 ] was replaced with a more feather call on the carpet in late chapters. [ 3 ] Usamen besides wears a assemble of framework or proscenium, hanging from his hip, that features the kanji 鮮 ( which generally means “ fresh ” ) .


Dark Continent Expedition discharge

Usamen debuts as one of the the ten people affiliated with Beyond Netero to join him on the adventure to the Dark Continent. [ 2 ] When Ging talks with Pariston, Usamen quickly moves to accost him, but is effortlessly lifted by Ging and subjected to respective punches. Though all of those were feints, Usamen thought he had actually been hit by those punches until he realized otherwise. [ 3 ] Being confronted by Mascher and Marione, Ging then offers to pay double of what Beyond has offered them all in order to become the 2nd in command. Usamen accepts Ging as 2nd in dominate, but will refuse to follow any of his commands and refuses to accept any of his money. [ 4 ] The Dark Continent Expedition Team has divided into 2 groups, one that will accept Ging ‘s money and the others that wo n’t, which Usamen was a part of. Ging, however, baffles them all with his deduction that they ‘re all specialists in assorted fields with skills necessary for them to get to and survive within the Dark Continent. [ 1 ] late, Ging demonstrates his abilities in the bet on of Pip-Play. Usamen, a self-proclaimed master of Pip-Play, looked as though he was about to faint from being ineffective to measure up. Ging admits that the game has no practical use, but Usamen lividly states that ‘s what makes Pip-Play so perplex. After Muherr and his men return from the Hunter Exam and try and pick a contend with Ging, Usamen surprisingly defends Ging, by trying to reason with Muherr and his men. [ 5 ]

Abilities & Powers

Usamen ‘s specific Nen abilities are not revealed, though Ging deduces that he is a specialist in some field ; his abilities, or at least one of them, must have been scouted to be able to deal with the dangers of the Dark Continent .


Usamen is a self-proclaimed master in the game of Pip-Play, in which a actor moves around his aura to do tricks, though that plot has nothing to do with one ‘s actual abilities, being no different than spinning a write on one ‘s fingers. however, he was still no pit for Ging ‘s abilities. [ 5 ] Since creating shapes with one ‘s aura is considered a Transmutation ability, Usamen might be skilled in this field .


  • Dark Continent Expedition arc:
    • Usamen vs. Ging Freecss[3]


  • Keeping in mind Usamen’s visual theme, the kanji on his cloth/apron, 鮮 (“fresh”), despite the many uses and meanings, in this case is related to “fish”; as in its usage in expressions like: 鮮魚 (“fresh fish”) and 鮮魚店 (“fish dealer”/”fresh fish retailer”/”fishmonger”).

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic يوسامين


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