Nightwing’s Vampire King Redesign Is His Darkest Ever in Official DC Art

Artist John Giang shares a look at Nightwing in a variant cover for DC volt Vampires # 10. The Vampire King Nightwing appears horrifying in this phase. James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt haven ’ t shied away from mixing up the dynamics of the moral force duet in DC vs Vampires, and this official artwork from John Giang presents the darkest spirit for Nightwing, however. primitively in bright red and green tights, to the black and blues, Nightwing serves Bludhaven and Gotham as a bright counterpart to Batman ’ mho black and grey brood. That ’ s all changes with a new official cover artwork for DC vanadium Vampires # 10. Nightwing, the new King of the Vampires, is displayed as the brutal monster he has become .
In DC vs. Vampires # 6, readers are presented with the shocking revelation that Nightwing is the leader of the vampires. Throughout the storyline, Dick ruthlessly leads his assail against the survive heroes, claiming early casualties such as Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and even Batman, himself. just as Batman is about to discover the truth about a double-crosser in the Bat-Family, Nightwing punches through Batman ‘s chest, ripping his heart out .

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This artwork from John Giang, continues the tradition of form covers in the series, depicting characters who normally are heroes, and transforming them into bloodthirsty vampires. DC vs. Vampires # 6 features a similar random variable shroud, depicting Nightwing as a dismay vampire flying amongst the bats. This new artwork takes the concept a mistreat foster, building upon the ferocity that Nightwing brings to the history. In this cover, he stands potently amongst the bats, baring blood-dripping teeth, and clutching a homo heart, calling back to the beastly mangle of Batman .

DC vs Vampires #10 variant cover with Nightwing.

It seems that DC is doubling down on the flagitious nature of this interpretation of Dick Grayson. then far through the series, fan-favorite heroes like Green Lantern have shifted to a more insidious persona as a member of the vampire united states army. When Nightwing was revealed to be the drawing card of the vampire army, it marked a deepen in the condition quo of Dick Grayson ’ s portrait. typically a beacon of good, and even referred to as the “ choose one, ” the decisiveness to make Nightwing the vampire king is a bracing switch of pace, adenine well as a venture into unknown district .
traditionally, Nightwing ’ mho covers are wax of hope and inspiration. recently in the Nightwing series from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, all the covers are full of a smiling Nightwing with bright colors. Tynion and Rosenberg ‘s series with Giang ‘s artwork switches up this double of Nightwing to double down on the lurid, awful events of DC vs. Vampires. This new official artwork from Giang absolutely captures the repugnance of vampire king Nightwing .
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DC vs Vampires #10  will be released by DC Comics on October 25th, 2022 .
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