Dylan O’Brien Was Not Okay With The Nightwing Rumors

While promoting Not Okay, Dylan O ’ Brien reveals how he in truth feels about those persistent Nightwing rumors. Fans have endlessly waited for O ’ Brien to play a superhero movie character. early in his career, during the search for a unseasoned actor to play the MCU ’ s Spider-Man, O ’ Brien ’ second diagnose frequently came up as a worthwhile campaigner. Since then, the Teen Wolf alum has been falsely rumored to play the Flash, but more than any other amusing book character, O ’ Brien is frequently cited by fans as the right performer to portray Nightwing in a live-action film .
Those calls hit a fever pitch earlier this year, leading O ’ Brien to repeat his stance on the superhero genre. He ’ sulfur long argued that, although he understands the appeal of the writing style, he would be much more content to have a relatively smaller visibility that would allow him to focus on the projects he ’ s most passionate about. In new remarks, O ’ Brien is opening up about how easily it has been for winnow castings to morph into endless rumors that need to be debunked .
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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to promote not Okay, which is presently streaming on Hulu, O ’ Brien discusses why the Nightwing rumors bothered him, and how that connects to his new movie. Written and directed by Quinn Shephard, with O ’ Brien in a support function as Colin, the dark comedy follows a photograph editor program ( played by Zoey Deutch ) who makes up a huge lie that spirals out of control. It ’ mho easy to see how that premise resonated with O ’ Brien, who is much the subject of on-line meditation that gets out of hand. He talks about how he feels vindicated now that enough time has passed to prove the Nightwing claims were false :

Dylan O’Brien : No, no, never, never [ any truth to the Nightwing rumors ]. I ‘m beaming that clock time has passed and people can see that I was telling the truth. There was then much doubt and guess and theories and all equitable from, I do n’t even know who in the first place put … I think that they just post s—t. They have no reservoir. It does n’t come from anything. It ‘s brainsick actually to see it catch fire. That ‘s not in truth fair, is it ? It is [ like the message of not Okay ]. Yeah. I mean, it was like an account that has a be. It ‘s slightly of a credible generator and they ‘re precisely making s—t up. That ’ sulfur matter to, is n’t it ?

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch in Not Okay

Despite not Okay’s stunning ending, the real kicker of the movie is that Danni ’ sulfur lies could have been well debunked. She tells a fib that seems perfect, leading closely everyone around her to buy into the falsehood even though inconsistencies were obvious from the identical beginning. The message of the film, among respective that it aims to get across, is that some stories feel besides adept to question. clearly, that is besides the encase with O ’ Brien making his superhero introduction, whether with Marvel or DC. But actually reading the actor ’ s own quotes, going as far back as 2014, demonstrate the fact that it ’ s not a career way he wants to pursue .
It speaks to how social media distorts reality. O ’ Brien has been consistent in his comments, but rumors like the Nightwing casting spread like wildfire and are besides often repeated faster than he ’ sulfur able to correct them. This is the story of Not Okay, which advocates, among other things, the importance of scrutinizing a person ’ mho words and digging into sources to find out whether they ’ re reputable. It ’ randomness worth keeping in mind the adjacent time O ’ Brien gets linked to a high-profile movie .
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