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It has been a while since I ’ ve read an issue that was good pure fun the way Nightwing # 83 is. But accuracy be told, that is thanks to just one of the moments in this comic. With Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo coming about this volume of Nightwing as writer and artist, respectively, they have done some incredible feats as a creative team. Their introduction exit made it to a third base printing, and issues # 79 and # 81 went to a moment impression. The fresh creative team has produced a refresh era for Dick Grayson and fans, as he has made his return from Ric Grayson and has his memories back. SPOILERS AHEAD for Nightwing #83! Listen to the latest episode of our weekly comics podcast !

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In my public opinion, taking the entire narrative that Dick Grayson has been through and using it for quality alternatively of continuity is one of the strengths of Tom Taylor, and why this floor feels so impactful. not entirely has he considered the arc of the story — he has besides added to the bequest with Dick ’ s new sister, as revealed in the last issue. Don ’ metric ton forget the cute fresh accession of a rescue pawl, Haley ! I have been a Nightwing fan for some time, and this is a intrigue earned run average. The artwork inside by Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas is arresting, and perfective for catching the eye of a raw fan to get them hooked on this series. I will state again that Adriano Lucas ’ randomness colors are perfect for adding temperature to the pages and scenes. I love how the colors inside Melinda Zucco ’ second apartment are very cool, but the ignite from the away windows is hot. That works perfectly to showcase that Dick and Melinda have this covered, but at the same time, the danger outside is real and corrupt. When Dick makes his escape off the rooftops, it is incredible to see how his escrima sticks are incorporated into his acrobatic history. The way he takes over the helicopter is just a feed for the eyes .DC Comics

The best aspect of the issue has to be the guest appearances by kin. Some of them are minor bits, like the moments for Leslie Thompkins, the Titans, and Lucius Fox, but it drives how many people are there and believe in Dick Grayson. The guest appearance that gets the most coverage is Superman ’ s, and this has to be my favorite meet of theirs. The main reason for that is I know Tom Taylor is a huge fan of Superman, and it is such a rejoice to see him write these two classic characters together. Their discussion shows admiration and respect for each other. I know these two are normally better paired with Batman, but honestly, it is worth more attention when Dick and Clark team-up. Those two have a relationship with trust ; Bruce is more of a family person than he thought, but with Dick and Clark, they care about their family, making it meaningful. The conversation that Dick and Clark have is excellent as you can feel the deference the two have for each early, but it was besides big because they both call on each other. This new creative team ’ s foremost arch concludes, and it is a overhead stumble ! This is a great exercise of what DC ’ s Infinite Frontier should be about : embrace quality and history. Dick Grayson once again feels like an authoritative character, even when outside the costume. The love and gamble appear while entertaining all types of fans !DC Preview: Nightwing #83 ‘ Nightwing ‘ # 83 review : Leaping into the Light concludes Nightwing # 83 This newly creative team ‘s beginning bow concludes, and it is a crush hit ! This is a great exemplar of what DC ‘s Infinite Frontier should be about : embrace character and history. Dick Grayson once again feels like an important character, even when outside the costume. The sleep together and adventure appear while entertaining all types of fans !

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9.7 Tom Taylor is making Dick Grayson count ! The artwork team is creating poster-worthy panels The inaugural arch concludes, but the mystery of Heartless, the danger of Blockbuster, and the future of Bludhaven are going to make you come back for more A fun return that has a capital moment with Dick and Superman that you know is showered with love by Tom Taylor This is a bang-up case of what DC ‘s Infinite Frontier inaugural can do for character This is a creative team that actually cares about the character and that shows in their product ! 10 fantastic Buy now Comixology/Amazon Become a patron today to get exclusive perks, like access to our exclusive Discord community and our monthly comedian book club, ad-free browse on, a physical deal paperback sent to your house every month, and more !

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