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DC Comics has been teasing us that Nightwing # 87 was going to be a special publish we would all want to pick up. Was the publisher right, or did we fall for the oldest whoremaster in the script ? I have a few thoughts…

Nightwing #87 Review


Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colorist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Editor: Jessica Chen
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2021
Previously, in Nightwing: Dick Grayson is taking his fortune and using it to save Blüdhaven. merely, person is very tolerant to change.


If Tom Taylor were channeling a movie, Nightwing # 87 would decidedly be the open shoot of The Player ( 1992 ), or possibly even Rope ( 1984 ). A reach has been taken out on Dick Grayson – not Nightwing, and in the process, Dick ’ south dog, Haley, aka Bitewing, has been abducted. If we are continuing the movie metaphor we should credibly add John Wick ( 2017 ) to the list. If you are concerned about the destiny of the frump, you should be, as the villain ultimately pulls a National Lampoon magazine moment in an attack to get away .
While this fib is a giant pursuit sequence, Taylor spends a fair come of time sharing Dick ’ s inner monologue on how his luck can help the city, even if it can ’ metric ton serve those in contiguous want. Taylor ’ sulfur writing seems to reflect the clamber many have when it comes to giving .
“ Do I write a check to a local food kitchen so they can stock their pantry for the adjacent month, or do I buy a meal and give it to the person on the street corner so they can eat correct immediately ? ”
The answer is, “ yes ” to both, but Dick ’ randomness debate on which does the greater good in the long run is fascinating, and something I don ’ thymine think many readers consider when they read about the extreme point wealth of the Wayne kin .
much, times of great tension give us the moments necessity to reflect ; it gives us a opportunity to reaffirm our goals, and confirm our desires and commitments to others. I like that the events of Nightwing # 87 give Dick ( and Nightwing ) a a lot stronger conclude in his desire to save Blüdhaven, and its people ( and animals ). possibly, it besides serves as a notifier to the reviewer to besides have that same monologue .


Comics are a batch like film – every panel a new camera fish, the sphere between panels representing a cut. so when we read a comic, we are seeing a static representation of film ; brief moments of time captured by the artist and shared with the lector .
But, if we could take a footstep back ( or up ) to a higher dimension, we might be able to see all of time and outer space expose before us in a individual double, from the Big Bang to the Big Freeze all at once, all at the lapp prison term. Since we can ’ thymine footstep to a higher dimension, then what ? How do we show gesticulate, how do we capture the passage of prison term in a unmarried skeleton ? Marcel Duchamp presented one assume in his 1912 painting “ Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2. ” Inspired by a series of photographs taken by Eadweard Muybrige ( Woman Walking Downstairs, 1887 ), the image at first appears to be a fix of lines, and cubes – abstract ocular noise, until you realize you are seeing slices of time overlapping one another, giving us a glance possibly at the world from that higher dimension. While the image was initially rejected by art critics, Duchamp would belated go on to try and clarify his undertake to capture the relationship between motion and his bare model :
“ My bearing was a electrostatic representation of movement, a static composition of indications of diverse positions taken by a shape in movement—with no try to give film effects through paint. The decrease of a forefront in movement to a publicize line seemed to me defendable. ”
I think I agree with Duchamp ’ mho statement .
Let ’ s take Duchamp ’ sulfur concept a step further, and assume that capturing recognizable art is part of the goal in representing, say, Batman and Nightwing breaking into Maxwell Lord ’ sulfur hideout, and we end up with Nick Derington ’ s antic sequence from Batman : population # 5 ( 2019 ) .
again, we are presented with a individual static effigy, but because the slices of prison term being sampled are promote apart, the art is clear and distinct. We can can see the path the heroes take, and how they overcome obstacles. While there is not a distribute of sermon surrounding this individual page, the persona has spawned a total of variations and imitations, including a LEGO interpretation of the scene .
Nightwing # 87 appears to stand up and tell anyone in the room, “ Hold my beer, ” taking the concept and expanding it to an entire issue ; page after foliate a single panel, telling the history in one drive .
Bruno Redondo ’ randomness art is charming in so many ways in this issue. From the incredible cityscapes, to the minute details hidden on the walls of the city, Redondo is encouraging you to slow down and enjoy the journey in this massive single panel. I particularly enjoy the moment when the Mystery Mobile makes an appearance ( coincidentally at the lapp moment Bitewing is dognapped ), and the fact that so many cultures, ethnicities, and disenfranchised groups are presented here. It makes Blüdhaven feel like a real city ( but not THAT Metropolis ). The fact that thus much is presented on the page can actually be a bite torment at times, excessively. There is a spot of wall graphite that runs off the clear of the dialog box, and I kept wanting to swipe down on my digital reader to see what it said. With so much going on, a subscriber can get lost in admiring all the “ thrust ” that they might forget about the history. But, then again, that is why we reread and reexamine comics .
Nightwing 87 9
The colors by Adriano Lucas besides display the passage of clock time as readers move from left to right in the panel. What starts out as a recently good afternoon, turns to dusk by the end, and those paying careful attention will see the insidious shade of the sky and the environment reflect the dress of the sun. The purples and the oranges give a affectionate spirit to the story, while the gloomy of Nightwing ’ s suit contrasts well, and make the character stand out against a very busy environment .
The only issue I had with the coloring was when Oracle spoke. The park of her dialogue is easily lost against the unaccented park of the son balloon, which in turn is lost against the oranges of the flip. It makes reading her words a bit more difficult overall .


Crisis on Infinite Earths 7 Is Nightwing # 87 a doodad ? decidedly. Is it artwork ? I think so. We look at the cover to Crisis on Infinite Earths # 7, and wonder at the fantastic speculate George Perez did in capturing the pain and suffering Superman must be feeling at that moment in time. There is no question the shroud is art. It moves us. It is besides Michelangelo ’ south Pieta, precisely in a different average. Nightwing # 87 takes an idea presented initially in one form, adapted to another, and then expands upon it, making a definite statement that comics do not have to be constrained by the storytelling conventions we have come to associate with newspaper strips and narrative movie .
Except, it fails in the performance .
Reading Nightwing # 87 in a digital shape is fine ; you get to see the narrative play out, it makes sense, but what is missing is the expansive scale of the art ; the inning of my pad literally boxing me, and the recitation experience in. Likewise, those purchasing the physical comedian, will need to turn page after page to experience the narrative. On the interchange side, not having the issue folded in a giant polyptych ensures that the history is presented in a way that creates pace, and builds drama to the very concluding moment. At one point, I literally uttered the word, “ Whoa ” when the military action abruptly changed, while placid remaining part of a unmarried panel .
then, while I applaud the method in which the narrative is being told by Tom Taylor, to amply experience the order of magnitude of Bruno Redondo ’ mho art, you truly need to buy three copies of the amusing : one to keep hidden away in the hopes that one day you will be able to pay off your debt, and two to disassemble. That ’ randomness right, beloved Spoilerite, buy two comics, cut them up, stick them together, and hang the result double on your wall ! We ’ ve been told Nightwing # 87 is two Jess ’ randomness in distance, which is good about 147 inches ( the same stature as Duchamp ’ s “ Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2, ” by the direction ). So either you destroy two comics in an attack to experience art as intended, or DC Comics looks at this as an opportunity to sell gamey end prints of the publish ( suitable for framing ) .

Nightwing # 87 is one of those rare moments where creators are allowed to try something radical, and to an extent, it works. Beyond the device, the issue does tell a think provoking floor. The art is fantastic. Pick up the exit, for no early cause than to see Nightwing and Batgirl team to save their cad. Nightwing # 87 earns 4.5 out of 5 Stars overall .

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Nightwing #87




Great Concept !
ultimately a narrative on what matters most to the hero, utilizing the medium in a way we do n’t get to see often enough. Buy three copies !

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