Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient

Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient

many fans and creators have bemoaned “ continuity ” as a nag shrew, a restrictive bogeyman keeping the best stories from being told. Nightwing # 88 proves good the contrary, knowing that even if it sang out of tune, no one would stand up and walk out on it .
Dick Grayson has more than a billion dollars, and he intends to use it to improve the city of Bludhaven. He ‘s not doing that by fielding up-to-date military-grade engineering against inadequate people in alleys ; no, he ‘s creating low-cost house for some of the city ‘s most vulnerable people. unfortunately for some, improvements in the lives of the disenfranchised will mean diminishments in the lives of those who prey upon them. So the local Wilson Fisk knockoff called Blockbuster has hired two of the least impressive costumed guns for hire and a small squadron of anonymous goons to — as the title says — “ get Grayson. ” Of course, when you do n’t even bother to hire person of the bore of Bloodsport, Grayson ‘s better angels will be able to look out for him by overmatching and overpowering anything done by the equivalent of a Dollar Tree version of Tobias Whale. This is actually a great thing because while you know Blockbuster will have to wildly level up to compete, that means the stories will likewise escalate into chartless territory .
Tom Taylor is like a Michael Phelps of scripting here, a flawless, effective pitch of balance floor elements and characterization with gasp-worthy page-turner moments. The crisp, beautiful, vibrant, and enthralling visuals from Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Andworld Design grab the reviewer by the collar and relentlessly pull them through this delightful tension.

It ‘s merely a few issues in for this political campaign, but ( crossover notwithstanding ), this is already turning into a definitive run for the erstwhile boy wonder. Strap in ; it ‘s one heck of a ride. RATING: BUY.

Nightwing #88
By Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo
The blue stripes are bet on ! Nightwing gets an update suit starting this emergence ! meanwhile, after the distressing events of rescuing Haley from getting dognapped by bad guys, Nightwing discovers there are room more hits on Dick Grayson than he realized, thanks to going public about his luck, and he needs to find a cagey manner to be Dick Grayson and Nightwing at the same clock. interim, Heartless tries to buy might off from Blockbuster in decree to take command of Bludhaven, and both of these big bads have Nightwing in their crosshairs .

Nightwing #88

Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient
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Hannibal Tabu




The Dollar Tree Tobias Whale makes havoc at a press event intended to make lives better. Luckily, Dick Grayson has a little help from his friends .

Editors Ben Abernathy, Jessica Chen, Jessica Berbey
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