The 5 Best Nightwing Comics (& 5 Worst)

Nightwing has had some in truth perplex comic storylines, but not all of his comedian plots sit well with fans. Making his first debut in 1940 Dick Grayson worked by Batman ‘s side for several years before adopting the superhero name Nightwing in 1984. Dick became the inaugural official DC Comics buddy and subsequently became one of the few to successfully transition into his own adult superhero identity. Dick went on to become a laminitis and leader of the Teen Titans .
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These feats are surely impressive, and Dick Grayson regularly tops lists of front-runner DC Comics characters. With a long history of heroics behind him, Nightwing has had some truly amazing comedian storylines. But not all of Nightwing ‘s comedian plots sit good with fans.


10 Best: The Great Leap Focuses On Nightwing’s Competence

Nightwing The Great Leap Cover “ Nightwing : The Great Leap ” was written by Peter Tomasi with art by Rags Morales and Don Kramer. As a writer on the entitle, Tomasi had the awkward job of cleaning up past stories that were n’t well-received while besides setting Dick up to be the following Batman .
To prove Dick Grayson is worthy to take Batman ‘s place, Tomasi highlights the character ‘s good and competence. Dick takes on fear toxin and defeats Two Face, while checking in with the many connections he has throughout the DCU. This Nightwing history reminds everyone that Dick is n’t good respected by the Bat Family, but by the DCU as a wholly .

9 Worst: Nightwing Annual #2 (1997) Shows Dick Cheating On Starfire

Nightwing Annual 2 cover with Batgirl and Robin The plot of Nightwing Annual # 2 — written by Marc Andreyko with art by Joe Bennett — focuses Nightwing and Oracle retelling their on-again, off-again kinship. much of the fib involves meaning retcons in orderliness to fit into either character ‘s previously established history .
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In one peculiarly obvious retcon, Dick Grayson visited Barbara after the events of The Killing Joke and the two of them spent the night together. This report took position directly before Dick was about to marry Starfire. The plot was designed to further cement the “ great love ” between Barbara and Dick, but it made Dick look severe and did n’t match with former canon .

8 Best: Grayson: Agents Of Spyral Gives Nightwing A New Start

Agents of Spyral cover In the Forever Evil storyline, Dick ‘s identity was revealed to the world, and he was apparently murdered on live television. After escaping, Dick went clandestine as character of the Spyral organization .
While the Grayson amusing was good in its entirely, the beginning four issues ( written by Tim Seeley and Tom King with art by Mikel Janín ) exposed Dick to an entirely new earth than the one he was familiar with. He was introduced to spies, new engineering, and feelings of isolation unlike he ‘d known earlier. Grayson ‘s reactions to these new situations illustrated why he tops thus many fans ‘ lists of favored heroes .

7 Worst: Brothers In Blood Is The Worst Nightwing Team-Up With Jason Todd

Jason Todd Tentacle Monster Dick Grayson was supposed to die at the end of Infinite Crisis. When he survived due to his sheer popularity, Bruce Jones was given the job of writing the storyline that became “ Brothers in Blood. ” The storyline pitted Dick against Jason Todd, who was going around New York pose Nightwing .
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Throughout the fib, Jason grew tentacles and Dick used racial slurs against Native Americans when Roy Harper showed up to offer aid. Jason Todd besides ate person during his time as a tentacle monster. intelligibly, nothing in this storyline was ever mentioned again .

6 Best: The Judas Contract Lets Nightwing’s Leadership Qualities Shine

Judas Contract Cover The New Teen Titans : The Judas Contract was responsible for durable storytelling changes at DC Comics, including the prominence of Deathstroke as a supervillain, serialized story-telling discharge, and shocking plot twists. But for the Nightwing fan, the Marv Wolfman and George Pérez narrative was important because it was Dick ‘s introduction in his new role.

As Dick Grayson takes on the function of Nightwing, he becomes an even more outstanding drawing card than he ‘d been as Robin. For fans who want to see Nightwing as the best drawing card the Titans have ever had, adolescent Titans : Judas Contract is a must-read .

5 Worst: Battle For The Cowl Shows The Entire Bat Family At Their Worst

Battle for the Cowl cover In 2009, DC published Batman : Battle for the Cowl, a narrative designed to wrap up threads from Final Crisis and Batman : R.I.P. Written and penciled by Tony Daniel in partnership with fabian Nicieza, the floor set out to answer the motion : which Bat Family extremity should take over for Bruce Wayne after his “ death ? ”
unfortunately, the answer to the interrogate was Dick Grayson. Dick spent years claiming the survive thing he wanted to do was become Batman, and he still ended up there. Battle for the Cowl included violent infighting with Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne, going so far as to stab each other .

4 Best: “Nightwing Must Die!” Was A Necessary Rebirth

Nightwing must die cover Following their attack to reboot characters with the New 52, DC decided to return their characters to their classical form. This production line of comics was titled Rebirth and included Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez ‘s “ Nightwing Must Die ! ”
“ Nightwing Must Die ! ” takes Dick away from superspy tales and focuses on his every-man adventures in Bludhaven. It besides gives him a newly romance with Shawn Tsang, a former enemy from his Robin days. The history stands out from other Nightwing stories due to its theme of redemption and adulthood relationship worries .

3 Worst: Knight Terrors Eliminated Dick Grayson From The Story

Knight Terrors cover Nightwing : Knight Terrors depicted a story where Dick was shot in the head and lost his memory. Written by Benjamin Percy, Scott Lobdell, and Fabian Nicieza with art from Garry Brown, Christopher Mooneyham, and Travis Moore, the floor gave Dick the new name “ Ric Grayson. ”
The floor failed to allow Dick ‘s actual best friends — wally West, Donna Troy, Roy Harper, and Koriand ‘ roentgen — to be there for him at his lowest moment. Despite having the greatest safety web in the DCU, “ Ric ” was routinely homeless and alone, making it clear the report had forgotten what made Nightwing such a well-loved character .

2 Best: A Knight In Bludhaven Gave Nightwing His City

Nightwing a Knight in Bludhaven Before Chuck Dixon ‘s pivotal Nightwing campaign began in 1996, Nightwing was restricted to appearing as drawing card in the Teen Titans or as a supporting character in Batman or Action Weekly comics. That changed with “ A Knight in Bludhaven, ” an eight-issue start to Nightwing ‘s first alone comic run .
In the report, Dick went to investigate a mangle in Bludhaven, a city even more corrupt than Gotham. While there, Dick realized the city needed protecting more than Gotham did, and he decided to make it his home. “ A Knight in Bludhaven ” completely redefined who Nightwing was going to be moving forward, and continued to define his character in modern comics .

1 Worst: Renegade Lost Sight Of What Makes Nightwing Enjoyable

Nightwing 114 Cover Fans have retentive enjoyed Nightwing because of his more blithe contributions to the Batman universe. Dick is traditionally known as person with connections throughout the DC Universe, and the best storylines for Nightwing take his universe-wide friendships into consideration .
These positive attributes were ignored during the 2005 “ Renegade ” story. Throughout Renegade ‘s plot, Nightwing took the name Renegade and pretended to be a villain. The history completely deconstructed Nightwing ‘s character to the bespeak where he was punching former teammate Roy Harper, alone to end with a bizarre marriage marriage proposal to Oracle that did n’t fit the rest of the narrative ‘s tone .

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