Nightwing: The 8 Most Iconic Comic Book Panels

In the mid-80s, Dick Grayson let go of his Robin persona and adopted the Nightwing identity. It would take about a ten before he received his foremost solo series, the eponymous Nightwing # 1, cementing the quality ‘s popularity and place among DC ‘s most valuable and beloved heroes .
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Dick has experienced many ups and downs throughout his solo career, absolutely captured in many unforgettable amusing reserve panels. Some of these illustrations are among the most iconic in all of DC, and they live rent-free in fans ‘ heads, thanks to the affect proficiency and the meaningful place they have in Dick ‘s history .

8 World’s Greatest Acrobat

Nightwing jumping around Bludhaven in DC Comics
Every fan knows Dick Grayson is the best acrobat in the DC Universe. Dick spent his childhood among Haly ‘s Circus ‘ Troupe, forming an dissemble with his parents known as ‘The Flying Graysons. ‘ It was among this lot that Dick learned many of the core values he ‘d keep into adulthood, to the point where these showmen and women rank among Nightwing ‘s best mentors in the comics .
Acrobatics is a crucial separate of Nightwing ‘s heroic identity, and this dialog box from Nightwing # 87 perfectly showcases it. The stallion write out is one continuous take, conveying the feel of dynamism that ‘s thus integral to Nightwing ‘s character. He is a hero that ‘s always on the move, leap and swing and leaping from improbable buildings, enjoying the thrill that would largely terrify others. Artist Bruno Redondo does a brilliant job capturing Nightwing ‘s fast-paced dash, unique among any of DC ‘s heroes .

7 Just A Man And His Dog

Nightwing is DC ‘s most wholesome superhero without a doubt. Despite the many injury in his life, Dick remains affirmative as always, a bright light among Gotham and Blüdhaven ‘s apparently endless darkness. Through and through, Dick ‘s shown that he ‘ll keep his faith, no matter how bleak things get .
As such, it makes perfect sense that such a wholesome character would receive a canine companion. Haley, besides known as Bitewing, is a three-legged pitbull puppy that Dick rescued after witnessing some teenagers torturing her for fun. The pup soon became Dick ‘s companion, and he even takes her on patrols ( as evidenced by this unbelievably odoriferous control panel from Nightwing # 78 ). Dick launches into conflict with Haley by his side, two partners cook to take on the adventure of a life. Tom King ‘s run is fleshing out Dick ‘s pacify slope, and there ‘s no better way to do so than with a puppy .

6 Tinker Grayson Soldier Spy

Dick Grayson doing the splitd and kicking two men on the face in Grayson
Grayson is DC ‘s take on the James Bond franchise. The 2014-2016 consecutive see Dick abandoning his Nightwing persona to become an agent 37 for the Spyral organization. The series received by and large positive reviews, with praise going to the successful mix of the spy writing style with DC ‘s brand of superheroism .
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In keeping with the serial ‘ timbre, Dick became a more ‘macho ‘ character. The surfeit of testosterone is apparent in closely every gore but jumps straight out of the page during the action sequences. Grayson is besides luminary for actually leaning into Dick ‘s sexy side. indeed, the series presents him as a politic, devastatingly charming, and big man of action, and nowhere is that clearer than on this panel from the series ‘ one-tenth issue. Dick, in a dinner jacket, does the splits and hits two men at once while delivering one of his signature quips. It ‘s the perfect representation of who Dick Grayson is and an ideal illustration to summarize Grayson ‘s stallion kernel .

5 The Greatest Force For Good

Nightwing reading Alfred's letter in DC Comics
The relationship between Alfred Pennyworth and Dick Grayson is besides particular to put into words. The loyal and loving butler practically raised Dick, creating a alliance that would leave a survive impingement on both men. Alfred ‘s death hit Dick particularly hard, but a seasonably letter would make it all better .
In Nightwing # 78, Barbara delivers a letter from Alfred to Dick, in which the butler declares his deathless religion for the former son wonder. “ I believe you can be one of the greatest forces for estimable this universe has always seen. ” In many ways, Alfred is the most important penis of the Bat-Family, so his opinion means the populace. Redondo absolutely illustrates Dick ‘s grief at the passing of his father and how reach he is to know that one of the best men he ever knew had such faith in him .

4 Fly Me To The Circus

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon in Birds of Prey 08 Batgirl and Nightwing
district of columbia fans still ca n’t make up their minds about this dateless motion : who is Nightwing ‘s true sexual love, Starfire or Batgirl ? Both camps have enough of supporters, and both ships have received considerable comedian book coverage. Dick and Kori are the promenade King and Queen of the Teen Titans, and he and Barbara are the aureate son and daughter of the Bat-Family ; all in all, both ships are pretty even. however, Dick and Babs parcel one of the most adorable first dates in comic ledger history .
After her paralysis at the Joker ‘s hands, Barbara is intelligibly having trouble adjust. Ever the smoothie, Dick takes her “ flying. ” He arranges for the two to use the trapeze at the circus, therefore replicating the sensation Babs misses therefore much. It ‘s an unbelievably dessert moment and a landmark in their relationship. It ‘s besides the perfect representation of who Dick Grayson is : a thoughtful young serviceman who brings out the best in others .

3 Year One

Nightwing and Batgirl swinging around Gotham City at night
Year One stories are among the best in their respective quality ‘s history, and Nightwing is no exception. His class One follows him as he deals with being fired by Bruce. Disheartened, he seeks comfort from Clark and aids Deadman, becoming more confident in his abilities and finally following his own path to becoming Nightwing .
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Nightwing : year One besides serves as the definite origin history for his and Barbara ‘s romance. The plot presents them as childhood sweethearts who finally become crime-fighting partners and lovers. The panel that features them embracing as they swing around the city at night is one of the most iconic for both characters. It beautifully showcases their dynamic, proving they are natural-born heroes who actually find enjoyment in their crime-fighting shenanigans, unlike their highly traumatized mentor .

2 The One, The Only Dynamic Duo

Shirtless Dick Grayson talking to Batman
Nightwing learned enough of things from Batman, creating a profoundly deep alliance that forever changed their lives. Their kinship has evolved significantly throughout the years, but present, the comics are n’t afraid to declare them father and son .
This amusing book panel, from Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1, is a pretty concise summarization of their entire relationship. The exit focuses on who ‘ll be the best man at Bruce and Selina ‘s marry and features Nightwing and Superman taking Batman out for his bachelor party, which is already iconic enough. Hush ruins the party, and the wholly thing ends with an hurt Dick having a candid with Batman. even though Bruce picks Clark as his best man, it ‘s not something Dick frets about because he has faith and confidence in his adhesiveness with Bruce. Seeing them hanging out and flush cracking jokes is every fan ‘s pipe dream .

1 No Family Like A Bat-Family

Dick Grayson reminisces about his family
Dick loves every member of the Bat-Family, the kindest of them all and the one who ‘s always there when they need him. He ‘s Bruce ‘s favorite son, a mentor for Tim, a love brother for Damian, and a spouse in crime for Jason. He besides holds affectionate memories of his time at Haly ‘s circus and keeps his asleep parents and Alfred close to his heart .
Despite the tragedy of his animation, Dick is aware of how fortunate he is, and he never allows himself to forget it. Nightwing # 79 includes what is, possibly, the individual best panel in Nightwing ‘s history, a beautiful contemplation of his animation and everyone who ‘s a character of it. “ I ‘ve spent my integral liveliness working without a guard net because I ‘ve always had person to catch me if I fell. ” Seeing Dick ‘s travel is incredible enough, but the art and the write excel at portraying the emotion behind his words. At his core, Dick is a well world more than a big hero, and that ‘s what makes him such a champion in people ‘s hearts .
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