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I Am Not StarfireI Am Not Starfire I Am not Starfire is written by Mariko Tamaki, puff and colored by Yoshi Yoshitani, lettered by Aditya Bidikar, and published by DC Comics. I Am not Starfire is separate of the DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults line. I Am not Starfire follows Mandy, your average crabbed antisocial high school student struggling to figure out her future. Except, she ’ s not that average. Her ma is the celebrated superhero Starfire. That ’ s right—the lapp Starfire that was the early princess of Tamaran and a penis of the Titans. Mandy considers being the daughter of Starfire to be an inauspicious context. People try and get close up to her fair to meet her ma. And people expect her to look and behave precisely like her mother. But Mandy isn ’ t anything like Starfire. At 16, about 17, she has so far to develop superpowers, and she dyes her orange hair black to try and diminish her resemblance to her mother. She ’ mho trying to have the most normal high school have she can, despite her unusual experiences. All Mandy wants is to make her beget understand that she ’ s not going to college, coating high school, and move to Paris. And make it through a school project with her crush Claire. Hopefully becoming more than friends with Claire in the process. however, a dangerous figure from her mother ’ s past shows up, threatening to upend everything Mandy cares about. Tamaki writes a compel and emotional fib in I Am not Starfire. Like about everyone in their late teens, Mandy is trying to figure out who she is and where she fits in the universe. This is a great baseline to build the superhero character of the fib because readers can relate to it. deep adolescence is a disruptive prison term, evening without a superpowered, ace celebrated rear. And build off of this, Tamaki does. Mandy ’ s moments of normality are frequently undercut by person asking her about what villains or monsters her mother is fighting now or the Titans showing up at her house. There ’ sulfur a great balance between the truly convention and the “ convention for a universe where superheroes exist. ” In I Am not Starfire, Tamaki writes Mandy as relatable and charitable. It ’ south easy to understand her frustration with her mother and resentment at everyone comparing them, expecting them to be the like. Mandy wants to be loved and appreciated for who she is, not who she ’ sulfur related to or who people think she should be. Something that most can relate to. The way Yoshitani ’ s art flows across the pages of I Am not Starfire feels therefore natural. And Yoshitani besides makes great use of the space on the integral page. Characters aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always contained to one dialog box ; they overlap with early panels. not in a way that feels overwhelming but in a way that pulls the reviewer ’ sulfur center along with the art. There are besides moments where characters or speech bubbles move spillover from the panels into the gutter. Each page has a different and creative layout, making I Am not Starfire a real number ocular treat. In addition to the jury layout and art flow, the character designs Yoshitani creates absolutely burst I Am not Starfire. Mandy can try to distinguish herself from her mother a much as potential, but they are clearly related. Despite Mandy ’ s bleached blacken hair and peasant style, a huge contrast to Starfire ’ randomness bright orange haircloth and preference for clothing that exposes adenine much of her body as possible to the sunlight she gains her office from, Mandy is distinctly her mother ’ south daughter. They have similar facial features, and their expressions and soundbox lyric frequently mirror each early. I Am not Starfire has a large kind of character diversity, not only personality-wise but appearance-wise. There ’ s a wide kind of skin tones, hairstyles, and torso types. Mandy is plus-sized. very obviously so. thankfully, her size international relations and security network ’ t very a diagram point in I Am not Starfire. Yes, there are a few uncivil comments from classmates about her size, but the comments set the tone for Mandy ’ s experience at school. There are some bullies, high school sucks, and Mandy can ’ t expect to leave. But she doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate palpate ashamed of her soundbox or desire to change it. And while Starfire does make a few comments about what Mandy is eating and Mandy mentions that her ma doesn ’ thymine like her appearance, this doesn ’ thyroxine become a central theme to the history. Mandy doesn ’ thymine undergo a weight loss collage or feel like she has to. Mandy is happy with her body. Yoshitani ’ sulfur colors in I Am not Starfire are besides stunning. Often bold and acute, they set the setting. And provide contrast between Mandy and her mother. Starfire loves warmly colors. She dresses in them, decorates with them. meanwhile, Mandy prefers cool tones, dark colors that set her aside from her mother. Bidikar ’ s lettering in I Am not Starfire is hearty. As previously mentioned, the language bubbles and boxes are not always confined to a panel. They can cross over into the gutter or surrounding panels. It ’ s a testament to Bidikar ’ second skill as a letterer that this helps them flow with the art and the military action, allowing the reader to well know how to follow the dialogue. even if readers aren ’ t normally huge fans of superhero stories, I Am not Starfire is well worth checking out. I Am not Starfire is more than equitable a superhero reserve ; it ’ s a coming-of-age narrative with a superhero construction. And the relatable, emotional report combined with the gorgeous art makes this book a must-read. I Am not Starfire is available now wherever comics are sold and online through Bookshop.org using our consort connect.

I Am Not Starfire

5 TL;DR even if readers aren ’ triiodothyronine normally huge fans of superhero stories, I Am not Starfire is well deserving checking out. I Am not Starfire is more than just a superhero record ; it ’ s a coming-of-age fib with a superhero turn. And the relatable, emotional history combined with the gorgeous artwork makes this book a must-read .gvkgvk


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