Attack on Titan: 10 Best Scenes with ODM Gear

Throughout Attack on Titan, characters are able to maneuver and fight titans in spectacularly animated scenes using ODM gear. Warning: Spoilers for Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 are discussed in this article. 
With the conclusion of the second part of the final season of Attack on Titan, and the announcement of a third base separate, AOT has proven to be one of the most popular zanzibar copal to date. Fans are tidal bore to see the conclusion of the manga by Hajime Isayama animated following class. Throughout the floor, in order to move around quickly, and fire titans, of class, characters must use what they call omni-directional mobility gear .

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ODM gear has played a full of life separate in the progression of the characters ‘ travel, including even a history arc following Eren ‘s train with the equipment. In Attack on Titan, scenes featuring the use of ODM gear have been appreciated by viewers throughout the seasons, regardless of if they were animated by WIT or MAPPA studios .

The Scouts Begin Training

Eren learning how to use his ODM gear in Attack on Titan Taking target within the first few episodes of the entire series, the main characters begin their military trail as a region of the Scout Regiment. Eren, the main character, has a unmanageable clock finding his balance with the ODM gear, which is late revealed to have been tampered with .
however, following his successful educate with the equipment, a coach collage ensues with a bite of bright music, demonstrating the dedication of the new recruits. Using the ODM gearing, Eren zooms and flips through a forest of dense trees, in a spectacularly animated fit that fans recognize as an endearing introduction to the floor .

The Scouts First Mission

Eren and the Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan however, the hope and motivation that the Scouts experience during their first initiation to train are put to the test. During the “ Struggle for Trost ” arch, the district of Trost is overrun with titans after the Colossal Titan reappears .
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The newfangled cadets feel ill-prepared, having only precisely graduated, but they are promptly to spring into action, and some characters fare better than others. unfortunately, respective titans eat and kill a few of the bracing cadets. In order to increase their chances of survival, Eren, Annie, and the other cadets use the ODM gear to find their aim titans, demonstrating their newfangled abilities and flying throughout the district .

Mikasa And Eren In Trost, Eren Transforms

Eren flying through Trost in Attack on Titan It is no secret that Mikasa and Eren have an undeniable connection. After Eren learns of his titan-shifting abilities, the deputation to retake Trost becomes a priority, and he becomes a identify actor .
In a fantastic scene, viewers see Eren and Mikasa fly through Trost using ODM gear, tied clasping hands in order to maneuver and aid each other ‘s goals. once Eren has reached his destination, he uses the gear to elegantly spring into action, biting his hand and transform into the Attack Titan .

Mikasa vs. The Armored And Colossal Titans

Mikasa vs. the Armored Titan in Attack on Titan Following the dramatic reveal of the “ traitors ” Reiner and Bertholdt, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan in a ramp and is ready to fight Reiner, who is the Armored Titan. however, Bertholdt besides transforms into the Colossal as Eren begins to have a unmanageable time fighting the Armored .
With Eren ‘s capture at hand, Mikasa jumps into military action. many of her comrades are injured and in jolt, and she would never let anything happen to Eren on her watch. She uses the ODM gear, and her Ackerman forte, in order to fight against the two titans. Fans remain in awe of her abilities and the scenes that are produced with her character as a concentrate .

Levi vs. Kenny

Kenny in Attack on Titan In possibly the fan-favorite scene with ODM gear, Levi faces off against Kenny in a heated moment between the two characters. Kenny is introduced as a potential antagonist against the Scouts and their mission to protect Eren.

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Levi, having been raised by Kenny, is quick to confront the bad rake between them. He impressively flies through the streets, in between buildings, dodging any obstacles using his ODM gear. Fans have repeatedly made the scene a swerve topic within the fandom, as they admire Captain Levi ‘s abilities in such a well-choreographed here and now .

The Levi Squad vs. The Kenny Squad

Levi fighting Kenny in Attack on Titan Kenny, after having failed to get to Levi in their initial run into, brings along his crowd in order to protect King Reiss and fight against the Scouts .
In the ice-covered caverns below a ruined church, Captain Levi ‘s squad faces off against Kenny ‘s crew. Kenny and his gang use guns, a weapon the Scouts are placid getting adjusted to defending against. Regardless of their know, both sides smoothly move using the ODM gear throughout the ice. Fans have taken eminence of moments with Mikasa and Levi in especial since their abilities are always a highlight of these scenes .

Mikasa Enters Marley

Mikasa re-engages the Warhammer Titan in Attack on Titan At the beginning of Season 4 ‘s time leap, viewers are introduced to Eren on the mainland in Marley. After his initial transformation into the Attack Titan, he faces off against the War Hammer Titan ( multiple times ) .
While the War Hammer Titan believes she has the amphetamine hand, Eren calls for Mikasa to make her move. In an excellent capture, Mikasa launches her attack with Thunder Spears, using her ODM gear to catch the War Hammer napping. The scene uses dense motion to capture the demonstration of great proficiency .

Assault on Marley

The squad looking like the Devils of Paradis in Attack on Titan Following Mikasa ‘s entrance, the Marleyans become aware that Eren has accompaniment. The remainder of the Scouts from the island of Paradis make their grand piano entrances. In combination with the ODM gear and their new stealth uniforms, the Scouts attend particularly menacing .
When Captain Levi and the rest of the Scouts flee through the skies, the Marleyans react in shock absorber and fear, as the Scouts rightfully look like the “ Devils of Paradis ” illuminated by moonlight. many fans enjoy the scene and its ballyhoo since their beloved Scouts have returned and are ready to attack their oppressors in an excellent expose of ability .

The Scouts Retake Shiganshina (Again)

The Scouts retaking Shiganshina in Attack on Titan In the latest separate of the final season, the Scouts have returned from Marley with more fuss at home. They are back to where it all started, Shiganshina district, and Zeke has laced the wine the Military Police and top-brass drink in with his spinal fluid. unfortunately, he uses his abilities to transform these victims into mindless titans .
Since there is no way to reverse the effects of the spinal anesthesia fluid, the Scouts must kill their peers. In a dramatic picture, they begin their attack with Jean taking charge, as they begin to take out the new titans one by one. Fans praised the nostalgia of the scene, as it brought them back to moments earlier in the series with the use of the ODM gear to fight titans as usual, equally well as the episode ‘s option of soundtrack .

Annie And Reiner vs. The Yeagerists

Annie and Reiner attacking the Yeagerists in Attack on Titan While for the better part of the serial, the Scouts began to view Reiner and Annie as enemies and traitors to their cause, they come together as allies towards the end of Season 4 Part 2 in order to stop the grumbling and battle against the Yeagerists .

The Yeagerists have taken control of Paradis, planning to stop anyone that would threaten Eren ‘s plans for the rumble. Annie and Reiner are equipped with ODM gear, and in an elegant dance through the air, they begin to strike down their opponents. finally, they both transform into the Armored and the Female Titans in a beloved consequence from the latest season .
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