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Nick Fury

Former leaders

Steve Rogers
Tony Stark †
Natasha Romanoff †

Notable former members

Bruce Banner
Clint Barton
Pietro Maximoff †
Wanda Maximoff
Vision †
James Rhodes
Sam Wilson
Peter Parker
Rocket Raccoon
Carol Danvers
Scott Lang


Benatar ( once )
Luis ‘ Van ( destroyed )


Avengers Tower ( once )
Avengers Compound ( once )




S.H.I.E.L.D. Profile.png S.H.I.E.L.D. ( once )
UN Logo.png United Nations ( Stark ‘s cabal ; once )





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* The Avengers Initiative


Avengers: Damage Control


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“The Avengers. That’s what we call ourselves. We’re sort of like a team. ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’-type thing.”
―Tony Stark to Loki

The Avengers were a team of extraordinary individuals, with either superpowers or other especial characteristics. Though primarily affiliated with the interests of the United States of America, the group ‘s aim was to protect ball-shaped constancy from inner or extraterrestrial being threats. The Avengers were first assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a leave of the Avengers Initiative, when Loki invaded Earth with his Chitauri army. The team, consisting of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk, defeated Loki and went their branch ways for a while. After S.H.I.E.L.D. became a defunct agency due to the HYDRA infiltration, the team was no longer an american english governmental division, therefore becoming an freelancer and private organization. Stark Industries remodeled Stark Tower into Avengers Tower and the team joined together in the fight against HYDRA. After their victory, Stark built Ultron, hoping that the A.I. would be able to defend the populace from any threats necessary in place of the Avengers. The plan backfired and Ultron started a war against world, forcing the Avengers to fight him. When Ultron was defeated, Hulk, Barton, Thor and Stark left the team, so Scarlet Witch, Vision, War Machine and Falcon were recruited, and they were relocated to the Avengers Compound. Under Captain America ‘s leadership, the team completed several operations around the earth with achiever, until the total of collateral damage during their conflicts caused the United Nations to pass the Sokovia Accords in an attack to regulate their actions, turning the team from a individual arrangement to one which was under the operate of the government. The differences in opinions created a rupture within the team which split the Avengers into two factions, one led by Iron Man and the other by Captain America. After Captain America was able to stop Helmut Zemo, the instigator of their contend, the team was divided ; Iron Man, Vision and War Machine remained official members, while a belittled group consisting of Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon continued to operate in the shadows. Stark would try to boost the Avengers ‘ membership by inviting Spider-Man to join, but the young hero turned down the volunteer to remain closer to the people he had sworn to protect. Two years after the Accords were ratified, Thanos launched a crusade against the population in his bay to gather the Infinity Stones. The Avengers were split up into different groups as they fought to combat Thanos before he succeeded, joining forces with the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Wakandans, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Iron Man and Spider-Man went to Titan aboard Doctor Strange, where they allied with Star-Lord, Nebula, Mantis and Drax to try to stop Thanos, while Captain America, Banner, Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Thor, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Scarlet Witch protected Vision from the Black Order in Wakanda. The team on Wakanda was successful in killing Thanos ‘ minions, but the team on Titan was defeated. Thanos arrived and overpowered the heroes on Wakanda with relief before killing Vision to acquire the Mind Stone, thus completing the Infinity Gauntlet, and eradicating one-half of the population ‘s population. Among the victims were Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man ; with merely Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Banner, Black Widow, and War Machine surviving the war. Despite them managing to kill Thanos, the victory was empty, as the Infinity Stones were destroyed, ensuring no chances of undoing the Snap. This failure greatly impacted each of the Avengers, leaving Black Widow, War Machine, Rocket, Nebula, Captain Marvel, and Okoye as the remaining members, trying to maintain order on earth and the wide universe. Five years subsequently, Ant-Man escaped from the Quantum Realm and provided the Avengers with a prospect to time travel, so the Avengers assembled once more. The Avengers initiated a Time Heist, where they traveled to alternate timelines and collected the six Infinity Stones. Returning to their timeline with the Stones, at the price of Black Widow ‘s life, Banner donned the Nano Gauntlet and was able to resurrect those who died in the Snap. however, an alternate timeline Thanos and his army had followed them, sparking the huge Battle of Earth, where Iron Man gave his life to defeat Thanos and his army. With the battle won and over, and the remaining members going their distinguish ways, the Avengers effectively disbanded .



Starting the first step

“We have no idea what other intergalactic threats are out there. And our one woman security force had a prior commitment on the other side of the universe. S.H.I.E.L.D. alone can’t protect us. We need to find more.”
“More weapons?”
“More heroes.”
―Nick Fury and Phil Coulson

After meeting Captain Marvel and being thrown into the midst of the Kree-Skrull War, Nick Fury realized that a group of extraordinary individuals would be needed to battle the growing forces that conventional military forces or S.H.I.E.L.D. would not be able to handle alone, much less frustration. During the starting development of the enterprise, the team ’ s original name was meant to be named the Protectors, until Fury decided to name it as the Avengers, after Captain Marvel ’ s former Air Force original call gestural. [ 1 ]

Recruiting Tony Stark

“‘I am Iron Man.’ You think you’re only the superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.”
―Nick Fury to Tony Stark

Nick Fury personally encountered Tony Stark, following his revelation to the worldly concern that he was Iron Man. Fury consulted with Stark regarding the Avengers Initiative, telling him that he ‘s not the alone superhero in the universe. Stark declined but Fury even kept his eye on him for the meanwhile. [ 2 ]

Rejecting Tony Stark

“I told you I don’t want to join your super-secret boy band.”
―Tony Stark to Nick Fury

Six months after revealing to the world that he was Iron Man, Stark helped to stabilize peace between East and West relations. however, he discovered that the Palladium Arc Reactor was lento killing him. Beginning to act questionably, such as donating a large count of his personal belongings and giving Pepper Potts control of Stark Industries, Nick Fury began to intervene, sending Natasha Romanoff, herself a campaigner of the Avengers Initiative, in the guise of Stark ‘s modern adjunct, to keep an eye on him .
Following several altercations, including an attack on Stark by Ivan Vanko and a fight with James Rhodes during a bibulous daze, Fury met with Stark to discuss his condition and help him get back on the path to save himself. After finding a new element to stabilize his health and end a large scale assail by Vanko, Romanoff wrote a composition on Stark, stating that while the armor would benefit the Avengers Initiative, Stark himself was deemed inapplicable and was alternatively given the position of adviser. Stark accepted on the condition that he and Rhodes would be given medals for their heroics, personally awarded by Senator Stern. [ 3 ]

The Arrival of Thor

“Know this, Son of Coul. We both fight for the safety of this world. From this day forward, you can consider me an ally.”
―Thor to Phil Coulson

After Thor was exiled to Earth, landing in New Mexico, he tried to retrieve Mjølnir after discovering it was on worldly concern american samoa well. During this undertake, Avengers Initiative campaigner, Clint Barton, who was there to watch over the web site, was tasked with stopping Thor if requested .
Phil Coulson made note of Thor ‘s force, albeit human, and his battle skills, as he took down a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with rest. When Thor ‘s brother Loki sent the Destroyer to Earth to kill him, Thor regained his ability and defeated the Destroyer. After that, Coulson approached him and Thor vowed he would be an ally to S.H.I.E.L.D. if they returned Jane Foster ‘s inquiry, which Coulson agreed. however, before Coulson had a chance to debrief him, Thor flew to the landing site to return to Asgard to stop Loki. [ 4 ]

The Consultant

“So, on the Council’s orders, we have to send one of our people down to General Ross to ask for Blonsky, who we don’t even want?”
―Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson

soon after the confrontation between Hulk and Emil Blonsky in New York City, a request came down from the World Security Council to blame the incident on Banner and that Blonsky, who was being held in Thaddeus Ross ‘ sector, be exonerated for his crimes and placed on the team ‘s roll .
Nick Fury did n’t want Blonsky for the team but was in no position to disobey a direct ordering from the council. Hoping to resolve the situation for Fury, Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell conspired to sabotage the request by sending in Tony Stark to be the one to contact Ross. As planned, Stark ‘s abrasive manner and condescension for agency resulted in Ross turning down the request. [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

Captain America ‘s return

“You’ve been asleep, Cap. For almost 70 years.”
―Nick Fury to Steve Rogers

Upon the expedition in the Arctic, S.H.I.E.L.D. recovered the body of Captain America who was frozen for approximately 70 years. Examining Rogers ‘ body, scientists informed Nick Fury that he was distillery alive .
fury ordered to place Rogers in a 1940s-style hospital where he abruptly woke up. Realizing that something was wrong, he escaped onto the streets of New York City. There, he met Fury who told him the entire incident was meant to break the news program to him lento that he had been missing for about 70 years. [ 7 ]

“We’re running the world’s greatest covert security network and you’re gonna leave the fate of human race to a handful of freaks.”
“I’m not leaving anything to anyone. We need a response team. These people may be isolated, unbalanced even, but I believe with the right push they can be exactly what we need.”
―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury

When it seemed no progress had been made with it, the Avengers Initiative was shut down by World Security Council. Using the Tesseract, Loki arrived on Earth, initiating an invasion, taking manipulate of Clint Barton with the Scepter and stealing the Tesseract. Following this, Nick Fury reinstated the Initiative in hopes to stop Loki ‘s invasion. Fury late spoke with the council, who opposed Fury ‘s actions, not believing in the Initiative, but it was distillery allowed to proceed. [ 8 ]

Bringing in the team

“He’ll be putting together a team.”
“Are they a threat?”
“To each other, more than likely.”
―Clint Barton and Loki

While she was on a mission, Natasha Romanoff was called by Phil Coulson to assist in the recruitment. Romanoff was tasked with recruiting Bruce Banner, much to her concern. After arriving in Kolkata and tricking Banner, Romanoff introduced herself to the scientist, informing him of the Tesseract and how Nick Fury wanted him to find it due to his expertness. After some opinion, Romanoff was able to convince Banner to accompany her to the Helicarrier .
fury then went to recruit Steve Rogers for his first mission since being awakened. Fury arrived at a gymnasium, where he gave Rogers a report on the Tesseract, informing him that Loki had stolen it from S.H.I.E.L.D. . Fury told Rogers he would provide him with more details if he accepted the deputation, although Rogers was hesitant to return to the worldly concern, and left the gymnasium after telling Fury the Tesseract never should have been found. After reading a debrief packet for him, Rogers accepted the mission and was picked up in a Quinjet .
Coulson was assigned to bring in Tony Stark, so he forced his way into Stark Tower to recruit him. Coulson gave Stark files that contained data on his other electric potential teammates, Loki, and the Tesseract. When Pepper Potts realized the visit was about the Avengers, Stark commented on how he did n’t qualify for the Initiative, but Coulson informed him that it did n’t matter anymore. Stark then looked over the files, updating him on the situation that was going on .
When Rogers arrived on the Helicarrier, he was greeted by Romanoff, and the two got acquainted. They were soon joined by Banner, who discussed the mission with Rogers, equally well as getting to know each other. When S.H.I.E.L.D. prepared for parody, Romanoff guided the two inside, after they were amazed by the Helicarrier actually being an aircraft. The three then met up with Fury in the bridge and started to assist S.H.I.E.L.D. in their search for Loki and the Tesseract. [ 8 ] In a guarantee hideout, a mind-controlled Clint Barton, informed Loki that Fury was putting a team in concert. When Loki asked about if they would be a menace, Barton insisted that the Avengers would be more of a risk to themselves. Loki then demanded to know everything about the Avengers, vowing to test them. Barton would go on to inform Loki all about the Avengers, including the dangers of Hulk, Romanoff ‘s past, and the power of Stark Tower. [ 9 ]

“Stark, we need a plan of attack!”
“I have a plan. Attack.”
―Captain America and Iron Man

When Loki was spotted in Germany, Captain America was sent to apprehend him. Discovering Loki standing over a group of people and about to execute one, Captain America dropped down to stop him. After deflecting a blast binding at Loki, Captain America confronted him, while Black Widow assisted from a Quinjet in the flip. When a fight commenced between the two, Iron Man soon arrived, knocking Loki down, resulting in him surrendering .
Rogers and Stark brought Loki onboard the Quinjet and they flew second to the Helicarrier for questioning. On the way, Rogers and Stark discussed Loki ‘s leery capitulation, a well as each other. not excessively long after, the Quinjet was infiltrated by Thor, who grabbed Loki and flew away. Stark then went after him, and Rogers followed after equipping a chute, despite Romanoff ‘s warnings about the Asgardians .
When Iron Man found Thor, the two argued over taking Loki. Both of them refused the other ‘s requests, so a fight broke out between them. During the competitiveness, Captain America intervened and tried to talk with Thor. however, this did not last hanker, as Thor went to attack Captain America, besides. Although, when Thor struck Captain America ‘s Shield with Mjølnir, it caused a shockwave to go off, knocking everyone depressed. The three then decided to no longer battle and render to the Helicarrier. [ 8 ]

team tension

“I mean, what are we, a team? No, we’re a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We’re a time bomb.”
―Bruce Banner to the Avengers

With the team joined by Thor, they all gathered in the bridge and watched Nick Fury spill the beans with Loki in his cell. The team discussed Loki ‘s plans, and Thor revealed that his buddy had an army that was going to attack Earth. When they realized Loki planned to open a portal site, Tony Stark joined them informing them that was what the iridium was for. Stark and Bruce Banner discussed the mechanics of the portal site in detail and then went to work on locating the Tesseract .
As Stark and Banner examined the Scepter and began their search, they bonded with each other. When Steve Rogers arrived and found Stark testing Banner ‘s control over his transformation, the three discourse Fury calling them in, believing he was hiding something. After discussing Fury ‘s motivations, a quarrel broke out between Stark and Rogers, as the latter believed they should stay focused on the mission, whereas Stark was attempting to uncover S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘s secrets .
After Natasha Romanoff discovered Loki ‘s plans to unleash Hulk, she and Thor headed to the lab to watch over him. Fury met with Stark and Banner in the lab, questioning Stark on why he was hacking S.H.I.E.L.D., and Stark asked about Phase 2. Rogers returned and revealed S.H.I.E.L.D. was intending to make weapons from the Tesseract. Romanoff and Thor then joined them, and they all began to argue over S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘s secrets a well as with each other. [ 8 ]

“Your heroes are scattered. Your floating fortress falls from the sky. Where is my disadvantage?”
―Loki to Phil Coulson

The heated argument between the Avengers was interrupted when the Helicarrier was attacked by Hawkeye, blowing up the lab, scattering the team in the chaos. Iron Man and Captain America went to repair the turbine, while Black Widow witnessed Bruce Banner lose control and transform into Hulk. Black Widow proceeded to run for her life from the rampaging Hulk until she was saved by Thor, who fought the animal. meanwhile, Iron Man cleared through the debris as he instructed Captain America how to fix the engine .
When Hulk was lured out of the Helicarrier, Thor went to check on Loki in his cell. Black Widow went to stop Hawkeye, and the two fight until she was able to release him from Loki ‘s control. Iron Man was able to start up the engine, stopping the Helicarrier from falling. When Thor reached the detention charge, he was tricked by his brother and was locked in the cell. Although, Phil Coulson tried to stop Loki, but was killed, and Thor was dropped from the Helicarrier .
With the Avengers distracted during the attack, Loki was able to escape from the Helicarrier. Fury informed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Avengers of Coulson ‘s death, so Stark and Rogers returned to the bridge to mourn him. Fury besides updated them on their situation and used Coulson ‘s death to motivate them to avenge him. After Stark and Rogers spoke, they realized Loki ‘s plan to use Stark Tower, so they decided to head there and stop him. Rogers recruited Romanoff and Barton for the battle, and they all geared up and traveled to New York. [ 8 ]

“Let’s do a headcount, here. Your brother, the demigod, a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend. A man with breathtaking anger-management issues, a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.”
―Tony Stark to Loki

Iron Man was the inaugural to arrive at Stark Tower, so he confronted Loki, threatening him with the might of the Avengers. however, Loki threw him out of a windowpane as the portal site opened. After suiting up, Iron Man engaged in battle, destroying many ships .
When the invasion had begun, Thor arrived to confront his brother, followed by Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye flying in a Quinjet. While the two brothers crusade, the Quinjet was shot out of the sky and crashed. The three on the street went to fight Loki, but were stopped by the sight of the Leviathans flying through the sky. They then decided to stay on the grind to help save the civilians and fight the Chitauri, then Black Widow and Hawkeye held them off as Captain America went to coordinate the police aid .
While Black Widow and Hawkeye fought off hordes of the Chitauri, they were finally joined by Captain America and Thor. The four discussed the battle as Captain America went to create a plan, but was interrupted by the arrival of Bruce Banner. When Iron Man was informed of Banner ‘s arrival, he led a Leviathan towards them, so Banner transformed into Hulk to defeat it. With all of the Avengers last assembled and working as a team, they stood in concert in a set and looked over the ongoing invasion .
With more of the Chitauri coming through the portal vein, Captain America took command and tasked each Avenger with a function in the battle. Hawkeye took status on a rooftop, overseeing the hale battle to assist. Iron Man was instructed to maintain a circumference while battling the Chitauri. Thor flew on lead of the Chrysler Building and released a powerful charge of lighting to bottleneck the portal site. Black Widow and Captain America stayed on the streets to keep the competitiveness with them. And Hulk was simply told to smash .
The Avengers proceeded to battle the massive army, giving everything they had, although Black Widow told Captain America it would mean nothing if they did n’t close the portal, so she made her way to Stark Tower. interim, Captain America went to rescue hostages taken by the Chitauri, as the other Avengers continued to fight the estrange invaders. After Hawkeye shot Loki out of the flip, he fell towards Stark Tower, where Hulk launched himself at Loki and beat him badly .
Black Widow was able to reach the rooftop of the tower where she came across Erik Selvig, who was finally loose from Loki ‘s control condition. Selvig revealed to Black Widow that the portal could be closed by using the Scepter. sol, Black Widow went to retrieve Loki ‘s weapon so she could close the portal and bring an end to the invasion. Despite their best efforts, the battle began to overwhelm the Avengers as more Chitauri forces came through the portal .
Doubting the Avengers ‘ chances of stopping the invasion, the World Security Council launched a nuclear weapon at New York. Nick Fury informed Iron Man of the atomic warhead, so he flew to intercept it before it could hit the city. Iron Man was able to get a accommodate of the microwave and decided to fly it through the portal vein. Once Iron Man got the atomic warhead clear of the city, he released it towards the Chitauri Command Center, destroying it, resulting in the deaths of the Chitauri army .
With the integral fleet eliminated, Captain America ordered Black Widow to close the portal, although Iron Man had not returned from the early side. however, as the portal vein closed, Iron Man fell through at the last here and now, and was caught by Hulk and brought to the anchor safely. Captain America, Thor and Hulk stood over Iron Man, who appeared to be dead, but after Hulk let out a roar, he awoke. The Avengers then took a moment, having finally been won after a long battle. Iron Man suggested that they get shawarma to celebrate .
however, Captain America reminded the Avengers that they were not finished, so they regrouped with Black Widow and Hawkeye and went to apprehend Loki. The Avengers gathered inside Stark Tower, where Loki was just getting up from the exhaust he received from Hulk. When the God of Mischief turned around he discovered the Avengers standing before him, so he accepted kill and the Avengers arrested him. [ 8 ] Iron Man, Thor and Hulk escorted Loki and the Tesseract, Captain America went to coordinate search and rescue, and Black Widow and Hawkeye shared a drink in the loom. [ 10 ]


“I don’t think you understand what you’ve started. Letting the Avengers loose on this world. They’re dangerous.”
“They surely are. And the whole world knows it. Every world knows it.”
―Pamela Hawley and Nick Fury

After an find with Alexander Pierce regarding Loki and the Tesseract, [ 10 ] the Avengers met together shortly after at the nearby Shawarma Palace where they ate and rested together after the acute struggle. [ 11 ] They were soon joined by War Machine who arrived deep to help in the conflict. [ 12 ] by and by, the Avengers reassembled once again at Central Park in their civilian clothes to watch Thor take Loki back to Asgard to be punished by Odin. After Thor departed from worldly concern with Loki and the Tesseract, the remaining Avengers said their goodbyes as they all went their separate ways : Tony Stark driving away with Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers returning to the world, and Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton continuing to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. . [ 8 ] After their heroic acts during the Battle of New York, the Avengers were publicly recognized and praised by the global, with many people seeing it as a comfort knowing that they were out there. however, with this positive reception, some did n’t look as fondly upon the new superhero team. [ 8 ] With the Avengers ‘ rise in popularity, a toy-line was made under the identify the “ Heroes of New York, ” featuring action figures of each Avenger. [ 13 ]


“Oh, actually, he’s the boss. I just pay for everything and design everything and make everyone look cooler.”
―Tony Stark to Maria Hill

With the rising menace of HYDRA, the Avengers were officially reassembled, with the fiscal backing of Tony Stark, who provided the team with new and update equipment and uniforms .
Using the former Stark Tower, now renamed Avengers Tower, as their headquarters, and using the newly drones of the Iron Legion, they embarked on respective missions to ruin HYDRA ‘s plans for world domination. Their independent target was the cell of Baron Strucker, which had Loki ‘s scepter. [ 14 ]

“Let’s take ’em down fast, boys!”
―Captain America

When Black Widow intercepted a birdcall from Jensen to her colleagues in Khartoum, the Avengers quickly flew in their Quinjet to the location of Jensen ‘s lab. Though HYDRA managed to shoot down the Quinjet, the Avengers ferociously attacked HYDRA ‘s soldiers. Despite their tanks, guns, and numeral superiority, HYDRA soldiers decided to retreat. Refusing to admit get the better of, Dr. Jensen took the baron gauntlets from one fallen soldier and attacked the Avengers with heavy energy blasts. however, Hawkeye sneaked up behind her and destroyed her weapon with one of his explosive arrows. [ 15 ]

“They have to be after the Scepter. Can we hold them?”
“They’re the Avengers.”
―Baron Strucker and Fortress Soldier

When S.H.I.E.L.D. acquired information about the placement of Loki ‘s Scepter, Phil Coulson contacted Maria Hill, [ 16 ], who passed this data on to the Avengers. The team attacked the HYDRA free-base in Sokovia, using their skilled battle techniques to fight as a harmonious unit .
This synergy, coupled with their abilities and equipment, gave the Avengers a decisive advantage over HYDRA, despite their upgrades, allowing the team to confidently joke amongst themselves. During the conflict, the enhance Pietro Maximoff joined the battlefield to attack the Avengers, resulting in Hawkeye getting badly injured. Black Widow rushed to his aid, as Hulk destroyed the bunkers .
After some stay, Iron Man was able to disable the base ‘s defenses, so Captain America regrouped and discussed the struggle plan with Thor, who decided to take Hawkeye back to the Quinjet, while the others retrieved the Scepter. With the battle won, and HYDRA defeated, Black Widow went to use the lullaby she created on Hulk to calm him down and transform back into Bruce Banner, as Captain America and Iron Man entered the infrastructure .
Captain America came across Baron Strucker, american samoa well as the other enhance submit, Wanda Maximoff, who knocked him back and retreated. Captain America got back improving and knocked out von Strucker, while Iron Man found the Scepter in a secret room. Wanda followed Iron Man and used her abilities to show him a sight of all the Avengers killed with, Earth being invaded. Shocked by this vision, Iron Man then grabbed the Scepter and regrouped with the respite of the Avengers in the Quinjet .
Stark then piloted the Quinjet back to the Avengers Tower. As Barton rested, Banner and Romanoff discussed Hulk, while Stark, Thor and Rogers expressed their relief over the war with HYDRA ultimately over. thor allowed Stark to examine the Scepter before he brought it to Asgard after the celebration that was going to be held for their recent victory .
Upon returning to the Avengers Tower, Barton was rushed to Banner ‘s lab so Helen Cho could treat him, as Thor secured the Scepter, and Rogers was informed by Maria Hill of the two capture individuals from the conflict. While the Scepter was being deciphered, Romanoff, Banner and Stark were present as Barton was being treated in the Regeneration Cradle. Stark then brought Banner out to discuss the Scepter, telling him it could be used to achieve the Ultron Program. After convincing Banner, they spent the next few days working on it, to no success. [ 14 ]


“Just a few days till the farewell party. You’re staying, right?”
“Yes, yes, of course. A victory should be honored with revels.”
―Tony Stark and Thor

Three days later, Tony Stark held a massive region in Avengers Tower for the Avengers over their kill of HYDRA. Along with the team, Maria Hill, Helen Cho, James Rhodes and Sam Wilson attended, and they all mingled with each other angstrom well assume of the guests. The party included compare of girl friends, drinking strong Asgardian liquor, and flirting between Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner .
After the guests left, the remaining Avengers and their allies sat around drink and jesting with each other. Clint Barton challenged Thor over the legitimacy of Mjølnir, leading to the Asgardian afford it up for Barton to try and lift it. After a fail attack, Stark, Rhodes, Banner and Steve Rogers then tried and besides failed, with Romanoff declining the challenge. [ 14 ]

Crashed Party

“There is only one path to peace… The Avengers’ extinction.”
―Ultron to the Avengers

suddenly, a high make noise disrupted the party, and an Iron Legion drone emerged. The Avengers then watched as the monotone began to speak, revealing himself to be Ultron and that he was on a mission for peace .
More drones then began to attack the Avengers, so they all attempted to fight them off. Thor, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark focused on destroying the drones, while Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner and Clint Barton dodged the attacks. however, the attack was precisely a distraction so Ultron could acquire the Scepter. Once all of the drones were destroyed, Ultron then gave a language about the Avengers ‘ extinction, and Thor destroyed him. [ 14 ]


“How were you guys planning on beating that?”
“We’ll lose.”
“Then we’ll do that together, too.”
―Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

After the attack, the Avengers, Maria Hill, James Rhodes and Helen Cho gathered in the lab and discovered that Ultron had gone through all their files and had escaped through the internet. They then discussed Ultron and what his plans, and found that he had destroyed J.A.R.V.I.S. in rage .
thor then stormed in and grabbed Tony Stark by the throat, angry at him for creating Ultron. Thor informed the team that he had lost the Iron Legion and the Scepter in his search. With everyone upset at Stark, he attempted to defend his actions, but Steve Rogers said that the Avengers were supposed to be unlike from S.H.I.E.L.D. . When Stark discussed the Avengers and how they would defeat Ultron, Rogers responded that they would defeat him or lose as a team .
Without the practice of their digital resources, the Avengers attempted to search for Ultron. The Avengers soon discovered that Ultron had aligned with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, and had killed Baron Strucker. They then discussed what Ultron ‘s plans were, knowing that von Strucker had information that would reveal his plans to the Avengers. When they discovered that all their digital files on von Strucker were gone, they went through their forcible files, where they came across Ulysses Klaue, who they suspected possess Vibranium, which Ultron would want to acquire. [ 14 ]

“Natasha, I could really use a lullaby.”
“Well, that’s not gonna happen. Not for a while. The whole team is down.”
―Tony Stark and Clint Barton

The Avengers flew to South Africa and landed outside of the Salvage Yard, where the team, minus Bruce Banner infiltrated the Churchill. Iron Man, Captain America and Thor confronted Ultron, while Black Widow and Hawkeye took their positions .
After an exchange between Ultron, along with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, who were in the summons of acquiring Vibranium, the Avengers engaged in a cutthroat battle. Iron Man faced off with Ultron alone, as Captain America and Thor destroyed the army of Ultron Sentries, and Black Widow and Hawkeye fought off Ulysses Klaue ‘s mercenaries. Pietro besides joined in the battle against the Avengers .
Wanda then snuck up on the Avengers and used her abilities to show them their bad fears. Wanda was able to subdue Thor, Captain America and Black Widow, but when she went to engage Hawkeye, he stunned her with an arrow. Pietro rescued his baby, and when they found Banner, Wanda showed him his fear, causing him to transform into Hulk. Hawkeye attempted to rally the team, but they were all defeated .
With the rest of the Avengers ineffective to assist in stopping Hulk, Iron Man promptly destroyed Ultron and flew to his location. Iron Man called in Veronica to contain Hulk, but it failed, so in his Mark XLIV armor, Iron Man fought Hulk. Due to the barbarous nature of the angered Hulk, the fight caused severe collateral damage to the city. finally, Iron Man was able to knock out Hulk, stopping the competitiveness. [ 14 ]

The Barton Home

“Sorry for barging in on you.”
“Yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea you existed.”
―Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

With Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Bruce Banner beat, the Avengers retreated to the Quinjet left Johannesburg. Maria Hill called Clint Barton and Tony Stark and suggested they go into shroud after the incident with Hulk .
Barton decided to take the team to a safe house, which upon entering was revealed to be his home, where his family lived, wholly unknown to them. As they all stood in shock, Barton introduced the Avengers to his wife and ki doctor of science and informed them of how they have been living in seclusion, which would is why it was a full locate for them to hide out until their following competitiveness. however, Thor left, needing to find answers on his sight about the Infinity Stones .
As Thor met with Erik Selvig to help him on his search, the rest of the Avengers on the farm took the time to recover. Barton reunited with his wife, where they discussed his plaza on the team, in which he was needed to keep them all together. Romanoff and Banner talked about running away from the Avengers and starting a liveliness together. As Stark and Rogers chopped wood, they argued about the former creating Ultron, who defended it as trying to end the team .
Nick Fury arrived at the farm and spoke with Stark about creating Ultron and his fear of not being able to save the Avengers. After they had dinner, Fury informed the Avengers of Ultron ‘s condition and what his plans could be, equally well as an unknown enemy of Ultron who was disrupting his plans. Fury then motivated the Avengers with a manner of speaking to stop Ultron from completing his mission from ball-shaped destruction. They were able to realize Ultron wanted Helen Cho to help evolve. [ 14 ]

“I could take out the driver.”
“Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level the city. We need to draw out Ultron.”
―Hawkeye and Captain America

While Tony Stark went to the NEXUS Internet Hub and Bruce Banner returned to the Avengers Tower, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye took the Quinjet and flew to Seoul to do recon at the U-GIN Genetic Research Facility .
Hawkeye kept the Quinjet in the tune with Black Widow, as Captain America entered the facility, discovering a hurt Helen Cho, who informed him that Ultron was in the process of uploading himself to a new torso. After learning that the jewel inside the Regeneration Cradle was dangerous, Hawkeye spotted a truck that Ultron was escaping in .
Captain America then pursued the truck and crusade Ultron, as Hawkeye rushed to their location to provide support. Black Widow then prepared her motorcycle and dropped out of the Quinjet to assist Captain America. After picking up Captain America ‘s shield, Black Widow was guided by Hawkeye to the truck ‘s location, where she there the carapace back to Captain America .
When Hawkeye drew the Ultron Sentries away, Black Widow was able to infiltrate the truck, as the crusade between Captain America and Ultron moved into a speed discipline. As Black Widow attempted to secure the Regeneration Cradle, the truck became airborne, so Hawkeye chased after it. During the fight on the educate, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff arrived to save Captain America and stop Ultron. however, Ultron managed to escape and destroy the train ‘s command panel .
once Black Widow had secured the Regeneration Cradle, she set the hand truck to explode and dived out on acme of the Cradle, where Hawkeye was waiting to catch her in the Quinjet. however, as she made it to the Quinjet, Ultron grabbed Black Widow and kidnapped her. Hawkeye was able to successfully obtain the Cradle and was forced to return to the Avengers Tower, leaving Black Widow .
interim, Captain America, Wanda and Pietro were able to save the civilians and stop the train. With the struggle over, the Maximoff twins asked about Captain America about the Cradle. He assured them Stark would take care of it, although they were doubtful due to their hatred of him, warning Captain America that Ultron and Stark ca n’t tell the dispute between saving the earth and destroying it from Stark. [ 14 ]

birth of sight

“We have to act now. And not one of us can do it without the others.”

Clint Barton returned to the Avengers Tower with the Regeneration Cradle, and shortly belated Tony Stark came back from the NEXUS Internet Hub, regrouping with Bruce Banner. Banner and Barton attempted to open the Cradle but to no achiever. Stark then joined them and suggested to Barton to go and try to locate Natasha Romanoff, leaving the two scientists alone with the Cradle .
Banner told Stark that they had to destroy everything implanted inside the Cradle but soon discovered Stark had other intentions. Stark revealed that J.A.R.V.I.S. was alert and was the one stopping Ultron from accessing the United States of America ‘s nuclear weapons. Stark explained his theme to put J.A.R.V.I.S. inside the synthetic body, believing it could bring an end to Ultron. After some convincing, Stark was able to get Banner onboard with the plan .
As the two scientists were about finished, Steve Rogers, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, interrupted them, demanding that they shut it down. They all then began to argue over what should be done with the Cradle, but Pietro took action and unplugged the Cradle. After Barton shot the glass under Pietro, the rest of them began to fight each other. however, Thor suddenly burst in and unleashed his lightning into the Cradle .
The now living body inside the Cradle jumped out and briefly attack Thor, but was thrown towards the window. Upon looking at himself, he apologized and Thor informed the other Avengers of the Vision and the gem in his frontal bone, which was one of the Infinity Stones. Vision told them that he wished to assist them in the fight against Ultron, but they were all hesitant to trust him. however, this was cursorily fixed when they witnessed Vision hand Mjølnir to Thor. [ 14 ]

“Ultron thinks we’re monsters and we’re what’s wrong with the world. This isn’t just about beating him. It’s about whether he’s right.”
―Captain America

Captain America then told the Avengers to gear up for the approaching conflict against Ultron, and they all boarded the Quinjet, with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision joining them. Captain America then gave a speech and laid out the design to evacuate Sokovia and rescue Black Widow .
Upon arriving in Sokovia, Thor and Bruce Banner went to find Black Widow, Iron Man went to confront Ultron, and Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver orchestrated the elimination. Banner was able to absolve Black Widow, but when he said he would n’t help in the fight, Black Widow forced him to transform into Hulk. During the emptying, Ultron Sentries began to emerge and attack the civilians, so the Avengers fought back to protect them .
After Vision confronted Ultron, the AI activated the Vibranium detonator, and the city began to rise, where it would be used as a meteoroid to destroy the Earth. With emptying nobelium longer an option, the Avengers focused on getting the civilians to safety and destroying the united states army of sentries, as Iron Man figured out a way to bring the city rear down. During the conflict, Hawkeye spoke with Scarlet Witch and motivated her to continue crusade, which makes her an Avenger .
When the Avengers regrouped, they discussed how the air was getting thin, but they were unable to do anything about an emptying, so they continued to fight. Iron Man and Captain America discussed what their adjacent actions would be, the former proposing an escape plan, but the latter defy to leave with any civilians hush trapped. Black Widow, who joined the fight, expressed that the only option may be staying in the city with everyone else .
At that here and now, Nick Fury arrived in a Helicarrier with Maria Hill and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to assist in evacuating the city, with support from War Machine. When the Avengers learned that Ultron was heading for the core, they all rallied to protect it. When faced with Ultron ‘s stallion army, Iron Man repeated Captain America ‘s words about stopping him together, and they engaged in an acute struggle, managing to wipe out the oncoming sentries .
When Ultron joined in the contend, Vision used the Mind Stone to blast him down and was joined by Iron Man and Thor to use their blend blasts, seriously damaging Ultron. When they stopped blasting Ultron, Hulk punched the AI, sending him flying far away. however, this caused Ultron to land near the Quinjet, allowing him to hijack it. With Scarlet Witch protecting the kernel, the Avengers then went to help with the emptying and then get onto the Lifeboats .
A few sentries remained, so Vision assisted War Machine in destroying all of them. As Black Widow attempted to calm down Hulk, Ultron fired upon them, and then went to kill Hawkeye. however, Quicksilver saw this and used his accelerate to save his new teammate, sacrificing his own life. once Hulk got Black Widow to guard, he went after Ultron, throwing him out of the Quinjet .
Iron man made his way below the city to the core, telling thor to return to the church to help him overload it. Scarlet Witch left her position to get revenge on Ultron, ripping his heart out, allowing a lookout to activate the core. As the city dropped, Iron Man and Thor destroyed the core, obliterating the city. The Avengers were able to get to condom, Vision managed to destroy the end lookout, and Hulk flew aside in the Quinjet. [ 14 ]

New Avengers

The New team

“They’re good; they’re not a team.”
“Let’s beat ’em into shape.”
―Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff

After Ultron ‘s frustration, the original Avengers were no more. Hulk went missing, Clint Barton officially retired and returned home to his wife and children, Thor returned to Asgard to research the Infinity Stones, and Tony Stark retired from active duty, choosing to just be a non-combative extremity .
With the avail of Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Helen Cho and Erik Selvig, a new root, remodeled from an erstwhile Stark Industries warehouse, was established for the Avengers, located in upstate New York. With most of the team gone, Captain America and Black Widow invited War Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Vision to become full-time members of the Avengers, assembling at their new base. [ 14 ]

“Hey, how about the fact that I fought an Avenger and didn’t die?”
―Scott Lang

When the facility was infiltrated by Ant-Man, who was instructed by Hank Pym to retrieve an old piece of Stark technology for their plans, Falcon went to deal with the situation. After confronting the intruder, the two engaged in a brief brush, resulting in Falcon ‘s get the better of. [ 17 ] Falcon informed Black Widow [ 18 ] that it was authoritative that Captain America did not find out about his defeat. Falcon then put word on the street that he was looking for Ant-Man. [ 17 ]

project Ultimo

“Every team starts with a group of individuals. You want them to show what they’re made of… assemble them and find out.”
―Natasha Romanoff to Steve Rogers

With many destroyed Ultron Sentries from the Battle of Sokovia, HYDRA collected many of the parts and took them to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, where they used the parts to create the Ultimo. HYDRA then used the Ultimo to attack a small village. The Avengers reacted to the attack and destroy Ultimo. [ 19 ]

“Eyes on target, folks. This is the best lead we’ve had on Rumlow in six months. I don’t want to lose him.”
“If he sees us coming, there won’t be a problem. He kind of hates us.”
―Captain America and Falcon

once the Avengers ultimately tracked Crossbones to Lagos, Nigeria, Captain America led a screen deputation to apprehend him with Black Widow, Falcon and Scarlet Witch. As Captain America waited in a build and Falcon scouted the area from a roof with Redwing, Black Widow continued her train with Scarlet Witch as they sat in a café, trying to figure out Crossbones ‘ plans .
After Falcon detected that a drivel hand truck was going to be used to attack the Institute for Infectious Diseases, the Avengers left their positions as Crossbones and his mercenaries infiltrated the construction. Captain America, Falcon and Scarlet Witch arrived and fought against the mercenaries deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as clearing the natural gas. Captain America entered the construction, as the other two stayed in the contend, discovering that Crossbones had stolen a biological weapon .
Black Widow made her way to stop the mercenaries, defeating a group of them out, but some of them split up through the market with the bioweapon. Falcon and Black Widow deal with the mercenaries, and after a brief draw, they retrieved the bioweapon. At the same time, Captain America was attacked by Crossbones, but he managed to hold his own and ended up defeating him after a heated bash. however, as Captain America confronted Crossbones, he was caught off defend when he mentioned Bucky Barnes, allowing Crossbones to set off his bomb vest. Scarlet Witch was able to contain the gust but was unable to get it clear in time, causing it to go off adjacent to a build, killing many of its occupants .
The Avengers returned to the Avengers Compound, where a calendar month later, the tragic result of their mission was still being discussed, with people like King T’Chaka claiming that the Avengers caused more damage than they tried to prevent. The Avenger that felt the most guilt over the deaths was Maximoff, who believed it to be her defect. Rogers attempted to comfort Maximoff, stating that he was distracted from spotting the bombard, but they both took the incrimination. Rogers went on to explain how tied though they tried to save as many people as they could, sometimes they were n’t able to, but they had to learn how to live with it. Vision then entered to inform them of Tony Stark and Thaddeus Ross ‘ arrival. [ 20 ]

The Sokovia Accords

“For the past four years, you operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That’s an arrangement the governments of the world can no longer tolerate. But I think we have a solution. The Sokovia Accords. Approved by 117 countries. It states that the Avengers shall no longer be a private organization.”
―Thaddeus Ross

The Avengers then gathered in the conference room with Tony Stark, as they listened to Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross acknowledge their efforts to save the universe multiple times, but addressed the fact that some saw them as vigilantes rather of heroes .
After Ross expressed his refer for the huge power with apparently unlimited restrictions the Avengers had, he showed them footage of the destruction and death that was left in the aftermath of the Avengers ‘ battles in New York, Washington D.C., Sokovia and Lagos. Ross then explained that the world ‘s governments could no longer tolerate the miss of supervision, so they instated the Sokovia Accords, so the Avengers would operate under the United Nations .
Steve Rogers expressed that the Avengers had been keeping the world dependable, but Ross brought up that none of them knew the locations of Thor or Bruce Banner, which was a concern for him. Ross assured them that the Sokovia Accords were the best scenario for them and that it would be ratified in three days by the United Nations in Vienna. As Ross went to let them talk amongst themselves, Natasha Romanoff asked what would happen if they decline, which he answered that they would be forced to retire. [ 20 ]

Choosing Sides

once Ross left, the Avengers and Stark moved to the lounge area to further discuss the Sokovia Accords, a count that they were all divided on whether they should sign or not. James Rhodes, who was for the Accords due to its severity and support, argued with Sam Wilson, who was against them, being cautious of what would happen to them .
sight interrupted, detailing that since Stark announced himself as Iron Man, the total of enhance people and world-ending threats have grown, which can result in catastrophe, concluding that he excessively was besides for the Accords. Romanoff then addressed Stark ‘s strange silence, which Rogers noted was because he ‘d already made up his mind to sign the Accords. Stark proceeded to tell the Avengers about Charlie Spencer, a kyd who was killed during their fight against Ultron in Sokovia, leading to him stating that they needed to be put in check .
however, Rogers argued that by signing the Accords, they were giving up by not taking province for their actions. Rhodes objected, commenting that in this exemplify they were dealing with the United Nations, not just any other organization, but Rogers voiced that it was led by people whose agendas may change. Stark reflected on how he chose to shut down his weapons manufacture, which Rogers added was his own choice, and by signing, they were giving up their right to choose, seeing that they were the ones well qualified to deal with their problems .
however, Stark made it clear that if they did n’t willingly agree to the Accords, more drastic measures would be taken, which Wanda Maximoff feared would involve her being targeted, although Vision stated they ‘d protect her. Romanoff voiced agreement with Stark, not wanting to have anything regretful happen to them. After Rogers left, the discussion was ended, with Stark, Romanoff, Rhodes and Vision for, Rogers and Wilson against, and Maximoff undecided .
After the funeral for Peggy Carter, Romanoff, who came to comfort Rogers, updated him on who had signed, besides mentioning how she contacted early Avenger Clint Barton, who stated that he was retired, clearing him from needing to sign. Seeing the fight within Rogers, Romanoff told him that staying together was more important than how they stayed together, wanting him to besides sign. however, Rogers was ineffective to sign, along with Wilson, not knowing what they would be giving up by doing so. [ 20 ]

home Falling Apart

“I’m doing what has to be done, to stave off something worse.”
“You keep telling yourself that.”
―Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

In Vienna, the United Nations and Natasha Romanoff convened to approve the Sokovia Accords. however, during the conference, a turkey was set off outside the construct, killing the king of Wakanda, which the authorities suspected Bucky Barnes to be responsible for. Steve Rogers, who had retired, called Romanoff, telling her he had decided to go after Barnes, despite her warnings to stay out of the situation .
Rogers enlisted the help of the besides retired Sam Wilson, and they were given a lead from Sharon Carter on where to find Barnes. After Rogers spoke with Barnes in Bucharest, a chase ensued between Barnes, the GSG 9 and a man in a cat suit, who attacked him, with Rogers behind them, and Wilson providing accompaniment. The chase came to an end when they were all surrounded by the GSG 9 and War Machine, who came to arrest them, as they violated the Accords .
back at the Avengers Compound, Vision was assigned by Tony Stark to watch over Wanda Maximoff and keep her confined to the compound, in concern of another public incident involving her, due to what happened in Lagos. After Vision cooked for Maximoff, the two talked about how the Mind Stone impacted their lives until she discovered what he was asked to do when trying to leave .
Along with Barnes ‘ halt, Rogers and Wilson were taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin, where they spoke with T’Challa, who wanted to kill Barnes after the death of his father. Once they arrived, they met Everett Ross, who confiscated Rogers ‘ shield and Wilson ‘s wings, as they regrouped with Romanoff and Stark, who stopped them from being prosecuted .
Stark spoke with Rogers privately to try to convince him to sign the Accords, something Rogers did n’t want to be an issue for, but due to his nature, could n’t resist helping in a situation. Stark assured Rogers that nothing had happened that could n’t be undone, so long as he signed, and Rogers became open to doing so, with some safeguards in station. however, when Stark mentioned that Maximoff was confined to the compound, it immediately stopped Rogers from agreeing, leading to the two to argue. Stark attempted to convince Rogers he was doing it for the betterment of the Avengers, although Rogers did n’t see it that way, and refused to sign .
The Avengers, separated by who had signed, watched as Barnes was questioned by a psychiatrist until a power outage occurred, so Rogers and Wilson rushed to the holding room, as Stark searched for the induce of the outage. Rogers and Wilson found the psychiatrist, who they realized was responsible for the fail, but before they could interrogate him, Barnes attacked them, having been activated. After throwing down Wilson, Barnes fought Rogers until he defeated him and proceeded to make his escape. When Wilson awoke, he noticed the psychiatrist besides escaping, so he chased after him, but he got aside.

As Barnes continued to make his escape, Stark, Romanoff and Carter went to stop him. however, all three of them were promptly defeated by Barnes but were soon saved by T’Challa, although Barnes still managed to get away from them. When Barnes managed to get to a helicopter, Rogers arrived and was able to stop him from leaving, which resulted in the two falling into the water, where Rogers took Barnes, met up with Wilson, and went underground .
once Barnes wake up, he told Rogers and Wilson that the psychiatrist wanted to know about the HYDRA Siberian Facility, where the other Winter Soldiers were located. Rogers and Wilson decided to not inform Stark of this, now being on their own because of the Accords, so they decided to form a modern team to help them. meanwhile, Thaddeus Ross tasked Stark with hunting Rogers and his team with Romanoff, who enlisted the assistant of T’Challa, while Stark recruited the adolescent vigilante Peter Parker, as they were short on subscribe .
not being able to personally recruit his team, Rogers contacted retire Avenger Clint Barton to do it for him, arsenic well as join in the competitiveness. Barton started with rescuing Maximoff from the compound and Vision ‘s auspices. After luring Vision away, Barton infiltrated the compound and tried to leave with Maximoff. however, they were stopped by Vision, so Barton fought him but was overpowered until Maximoff stepped in and used her powers to defeat Vision .
Barton and Maximoff then left the compound and went to recruit Scott Lang, who Wilson previously encountered. Keeping a low profile, Rogers, Wilson and Barnes met up with Carter, who provided them with their gear to help them in their fight. They then joined up with Barton and Maximoff at Leipzig-Halle Airport, who introduced them to Lang. Rogers informed Lang that by helping them he would become wanted by the politics, but he accepted anyhow. After Barton told them about a helicopter he set up for them, they heard the airport being evacuated, leading to them realizing that Stark had found them, so they all suited up. [ 20 ]

“I’m trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart.”
“You did that when you signed.”
―Iron Man and Captain America

As Captain America approached the helicopter, it was disabled by Iron Man, who confronted him along with War Machine. As Captain America tried to explain the Winter Soldier ‘s innocence, he was soon surrounded when Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man appeared. Iron Man ‘s side attempted to get Captain America to stand down, but he refused to give up .
once Falcon located the Quinjet, Captain America was rescued by Hawkeye and Ant-Man, and the two factions began to fight, with Captain America ‘s side trying to leave, and Iron Man ‘s side trying to stop them. As Iron Man went after Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Black Panther fought Captain America, Black Widow distribute with Ant-Man, and Spider-Man pursued Falcon and Winter Soldier .
When Captain America ‘s side temporarily defeated Iron Man ‘s side, they regrouped and headed for the Quinjet. But before they could get there, they were stopped by Vision, who fired a blast in front of them. The lie of Iron Man ‘s side regrouped and stood opposite of their former allies, telling them once more to stand down. however, Captain America gave the order to fight, so the two factions charged at each other .
During the massive fight, Black Widow and Hawkeye reunited, assuring each other that they were still friends despite being on diametric sides. not being the best combatant, Scarlet Witch focused on providing back to her team, saving them from being defeated with her powers. Captain America met Spider-Man, who was informed by Iron Man who to fight him, but Captain America was able to beat him. When Falcon was being chased by Iron Man, Hawkeye saved him, by firing Ant-Man on one of his arrows .
When Captain America ‘s side realized that the psychiatrist would be in Siberia, Falcon told Captain America and Winter Soldier to leave, as Hawkeye explained that some of them would have to lose so they could besides get to Siberia. once Ant-Man turned giant, he distracted Iron Man ‘s side along with Falcon, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch indeed Captain America and Winter Soldier could get to the Quinjet. Vision realized it was a distraction, and attempted to stop the two from escaping, but Scarlet Witch was able to get them to the airdock .
Having succeeded in getting them to the Quinjet, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man were soon defeated and arrested by Iron Man ‘s side. When Captain America and Winter Soldier made it to the Quinjet, they were confronted by Black Widow who was waiting for them. Knowing that they would never stop, Black Widow decided to change sides and help them, as she immobilized Black Panther before he could get to them, stating that she only promised to help find them, not capture them .
As the Quinjet departed from the airport, Iron Man and War Machine pursued them, indeed Falcon went after them. Noticing Falcon, War Machine asked Vision for support, but because he was distracted by Scarlet Witch, he missed and by chance hit War Machine ‘s Arc Reactor. This cause War Machine to fall from the flip, so Iron Man and Falcon went after him, letting the Quinjet elude. They were unable to save War Machine, but he managed to survive. [ 20 ]


“This place is for maniacs, it’s a place for-“
“Criminals. Criminals, Tony. I think that’s the word you’re looking for. Right? It didn’t use to mean me. Or Sam, or Wanda. But here we are.”
“Because you broke the law.”
―Tony Stark and Clint Barton

Tony Stark and Vision brought James Rhodes back to the Avengers Compound to be examined. When Natasha Romanoff arrived, she and Stark went outside and talked about her betrayal, which Stark informed Romanoff that the politics would be coming after her now, forcing her to go on the operate .
Having learned about Helmut Zemo from F.R.I.D.A.Y., Stark realized that Steve Rogers was correctly, and decided to visit Rogers ‘ teammates who were imprisoned in the Raft. Upon entering the Raft, Stark was greeted by taunts from Clint Barton, who was angry at him for having them all marked as criminals. The two former teammates argued about the Sokovia Accords, which Stark tried to defend himself, but Barton ‘s entrust for him was broken, so Stark walked off from him .
Knowing that Sam Wilson know of where Rogers and Bucky Barnes were heading, Stark moved to his cell, asking for their location. But, Wilson refused to help Stark, until he admitted that he was wrong, revealing to him what he discovered about Zemo. Wilson then decided to tell Stark that they were going to the HYDRA Siberian Facility and that he would have to go there as a friend only, which Stark agreed to, and then left the Raft, lying to Thaddeus Ross. [ 20 ] interim, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes arrived at the facility and began searching for Helmut Zemo, until they were joined by Tony Stark, who revealed that he believed them and was there for Zemo, excessively, so they searched together. They soon found Zemo, who revealed he killed all the Winter Soldiers, explaining he did n’t want them but wanted revenge on the Avengers for his family ‘s deaths during the Battle of Sokovia .
Zemo, stating how an conglomerate can be rebuilt if destroyed by its enemies, but that if it crumbles from within it is dead for good. He then showed them a video from 1991, revealing to Stark that Barnes, while under HYDRA ‘s control, killed his equality ents. Enraged by this, Stark demanded Rogers to tell him if he knew all along, which he admitted to, causing Stark to attack him and proceed to attempt to kill Barnes. Rogers desperately tried to stop Stark from killing Barnes, as the three fight, explaining that Barnes was n’t in manipulate of his actions, but Stark did n’t care for what he had to say .
When the crusade moved to the lower levels of the facility, both leaders were determined to not stop, so they began to fight each other, as Barnes rejoined them and helped Rogers. The three fought viciously until Stark defeated Barnes by destroying his alloy arm, leaving the fight between Stark and Rogers. The fight ended with Rogers defeating Stark, and as he walked away with Barnes, he left his harbor behind, after Stark claimed he did n’t deserve it. [ 20 ]

Avengers Disassembled

“So, no matter what, I promise you, if you need us, if you need me, I’ll be there.”
―Steve Rogers

After Helmut Zemo ‘s arrest, Tony Stark returned to the Avengers Compound, where the remaining Avengers were himself, James Rhodes and Vision. Stark gave Rhodes leg braces to help him walk, and as Stark helped with his rehabilitation, Rhodes commented on how even after his injury and the falling out, he still agreed with the Sokovia Accords .
Stark received a letter and telephone from Steve Rogers, explaining that he was regretful for the holocene events and wished they agreed on the Sokovia Accords. besides in the letter, Rogers promised that if Stark ever needed him, he would be there, and at the same time, Stark was notified of a breach inside the Raft. This breach was Rogers, who could n’t let those who supported him stay locked up, so he freed Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff and Scott Lang. [ 20 ] The group, who were all fugitives immediately, celebrated their freedom, with Barton expressing that he was going bet on into retirement for good this prison term to be with his family. To do this, Barton made a hand with the FBI to be put under house catch, alternatively of being imprisoned. Whereas, Rogers, Wilson and Maximoff decided to go on the ladder, with Maximoff frequently meeting up with Vision secretly, so they could be together. interim, Rogers and Wilson continued to conduct vigilante missions together, and they were former joined by Natasha Romanoff, who was besides on the run, [ 21 ] due to her wanting to repair her divided kin. [ 22 ]

Offering Spider-Man a locate

“You’re turning me down? You better think about this. Look at that, look at me. Last chance, yes or no?”
―Tony Stark and Peter Parker

Following his experience with the Avengers, Peter Parker continued helping the people of New York City, hoping that he would finally be offered by Tony Stark to join the team. Stark was impressed by Parker stopping Vulture all on his own and finally offered him to join the Avengers, arsenic well as a new lawsuit. however, Parker declined the offer and the lawsuit, claiming that he should stick to helping the ordinary civilians and learn more before connect. [ 23 ]

secret Avengers

“It’s only a matter of time before some bigger intergalactic problem needs to be solved. Doing this case-by-case cleanup isn’t what this team was meant for.”
―Nick Fury to Steve Rogers

Over the course of several months, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff would continue to operate under the radar, dealing with multiple cases, in an aim to eliminate crime and terrorism around the world, [ 24 ] receiving aid from the reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. . [ 25 ] After a mission in Syria to stop ISIS from using Chitauri fueled weapons, the team were reunited with Nick Fury, who tried to get them to work things out with Tony Stark, but they declined and continued their privy missions. [ 24 ]

Maria Hill ‘s visit

“How long are you going to allow this to continue? The world needs the Avengers– the full roster–“
“Yeah, well, not today.”
―Maria Hill and Tony Stark

At the Avengers Compound, Tony Stark, who was now feeling guilty for becoming distracted from the actual threats coming to Earth, began study on a raw become that could be used by him to defend the world by himself. Stark considered reaching out to Steve Rogers with the telephone he was given but decided to continue his deputation alone. [ 21 ] While testing the new lawsuit, Stark was visited by Maria Hill, who brought up Vision ‘s frequent disappearances, as he was secretly leaving to be with Wanda Maximoff. After mentioning the Ultron Offensive, Hill then brought up the Avengers ‘ falling out and stated that the world needed the broad roll assembled again, but Stark was reluctant. [ 24 ] Following his return to Earth, Bruce Banner informed Doctor Strange and Wong that Thanos ‘ at hand arrival was coming. Upon Banner ‘s request, Strange opened a portal to Tony Stark ‘s placement, and Banner reunited with his friend, asking him to come with them to help, so they entered the Sanctum .
After Strange and Wong explained the Infinity Stones to Stark, Banner began to explain Thanos ‘ mission, and they discussed the threat he posed to them all. After a brief dispute between Stark and Strange about the Time Stone, Banner brought up Vision possessing the Mind Stone, so they had to find him. At that moment, Stark explained that Vision was missing and that Steve Rogers could find him, leading to Stark revealing how the Avengers had a falling out .
however, despite being confused by this newsworthiness, Banner made it clear to Stark that it was n’t crucial, as Thanos was coming, noting how he defeated Thor. Stark decided to call Rogers, but before he was able to, they were interrupted when they noticed something occurring outside. Exiting the Sanctum, the four witnessed the Q-Ship ‘s arrival, as Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian appeared, declaring themselves as the children of Thanos, with the mission of retrieving the Time Stone. Preparing to fight the estrange invaders, Banner went to turn into Hulk but was ineffective to transform. unable to assist in the battle, Banner stepped back as Stark proceeded to suit up and face off against the Black Order alongside Strange and Wong .
After Banner was transported away for safety, Iron Man battled Obsidian, which soon moved to Banner ‘s placement. During the contend, Iron Man was joined by Spider-Man, who helped him deal with Obsidian, while Banner still struggled to get Hulk to come out. When Strange was captured and beamed aboard the Q-Ship, which began to depart from earth with Spider-Man outside it, Iron Man rushed after it. After giving Spider-Man a new suit and sending him away, Iron Man made his way inside the ship. [ 26 ] In the aftermath of the conflict in New York, Bruce Banner, who had been left alone, found Tony Stark ‘s telephone and decided to call Steve Rogers to inform him of the site, asking him to find Vision before Thanos and his allies did. Afterward, Banner made his way to the Avengers Compound and was greeted by James Rhodes .
In Edinburgh, Wanda Maximoff and Vision would take time from their Avengers groups and frequently meet up to secretly be with each other. Before they both headed binding, Vision suggested that neither recurrence to their responsibilities with their respective Avengers groups, but just decide to be together. however, before responding, Maximoff noticed a report regarding the Attack on Greenwich Village, revealing that Tony Stark was missing. Understanding his duties, Vision immediately decided to leave, although Maximoff questioned whether it would be safer if he did n’t, knowing that the Mind Stone was warning him .
on the spur of the moment, Vision was stabbed by Corvus Glaive, and as Maximoff went to save him, she was blasted aside by Proxima Midnight. The alien attackers began to extract the Mind Stone from Vision ‘s brow, but Maximoff was able to rescue him. An intense crusade then began between Maximoff and Midnight, and Vision and Glaive, with Glaive demanding the stone be handed over or Maximoff would be killed. Maximoff was able to get her and Vision off from the battle, but only temporarily, as they were soon cornered at the train post .
As the Black Order approached, Maximoff prepared to make her final stand, when they all became aware of person standing in the shadows. Midnight threw her spear at the calculate, who caught it, revealing himself to be Steve Rogers, who successfully located Vision. Falcon and Black Widow besides appeared and began to attack the Black Order. In a coordinated attack from the Secret Avengers, Black Widow was able to wound Glaive, and Falcon knocked Midnight down, holding both of them at point, but they retreated .
They all then boarded the Quinjet, and Rogers told Wilson to fly to the Avengers Compound, understanding that their stream situation was more important than staying in hiding. At the intensify, Rhodes was contacted by his former teammates about their arrival, and after having time to reflect on what the Sokovia Accords have done, Rhodes decided to welcome his friends. While Rhodes was speaking with Thaddeus Ross about Vision ‘s fade, he expressed his thoughts on Ross ‘ making the Avengers fugitives .
At that moment, the fugitive Avengers entered the board and confront Ross, who was n’t willing to accept their help oneself. however, Rogers declared that he no longer cared about the Accords, as Stark was n’t on Earth anymore, so they were going to help fight in the incoming war. Ross ordered Rhodes to arrest the fugitives, but alternatively, he happily reunited with them, no longer standing with the Accords. Banner then joined them, to the team ‘s surprise, having not known his whereabouts for three years .
After they all reunited, Banner stated that they needed all hands on deck, asking about Clint Barton ‘s whereabouts, which Romanoff explained he was on house check. Banner revealed Thanos ‘ design, and how he needed the Mind Stone, which Vision stated that they should destroy it. however, everyone opposed the estimate, as it would involve killing Vision, so Banner brought up a possibility of safely removing it. not being able to do it at the compound, Rogers suggested they go to Wakanda to get it done. [ 26 ]

“All right, kid, you’re an Avenger now.”
―Iron Man to Spider-Man

back on the Q-Ship, Tony Stark was joined by the Cloak of Levitation and Peter Parker, as they located Doctor Strange, who was being tortured by Ebony Maw. Frustrated by Parker ‘s presence, Stark relented and had him come up with a rescue plan for Strange .
By following Parker ‘s plan, Stark was able to defeat Maw and save Strange by blasting a hole in the ship. After the rescue, Strange asked if they could navigate the transport back to Earth, however, Stark had other intentions, due to being haunted by Thanos ever since the Battle of New York, revealing he wanted to head to Titan. Stark explained his plan of bringing the battle to Thanos, and Strange acquiesced his decision .
With the three on a typeset path for Titan, where they planned to face off against Thanos, Stark decided to appoint Parker as an official member of the Avengers, to qualify him for the pending struggle, much to Parker ‘s joy. Once they arrived at Titan, Stark and Parker had to steer the Q-Ship with an arm piece each and attempted to safely land on the planet. however, they ended up crashing on the surface, so Strange protected them from the end. [ 26 ]

Meeting the Guardians

After recovering from the clang, the group was ambushed by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who mistook them for allies of Thanos. A brief fight broke out between the two groups, resulting in them holding members of their teams at point. however, they soon learned of each early ‘s identities, as the Guardians were told about the Avengers from Thor, and decided to team astir, having a shared interest in killing Thanos .
As they waited for Thanos ‘ arrival on Titan, Tony Stark decided to organize a plan but struggled with the unprofessionalism of the Guardians, much to the frustration of the two Avengers. After a abbreviated quibble with Peter Quill, they noticed Doctor Strange seize, so they went to check on him. Strange then revealed to them all that he used the Time Stone to look at over fourteen million outcomes, entirely to find that they win in one of them. [ 26 ]

recourse in Wakanda

“So, how big of an assault should we expect?”
“Uh, sir, I think you should expect quite a big assault.”
―T’Challa and Bruce Banner

back on earth, the Avengers boarded the Quinjet and headed to Wakanda, where they could get the Mind Stone removed from Vision. Once they landed, the Avengers were welcomed by King T’Challa, who was warned by Bruce Banner about a massive assault coming their way, so he offered his forces, a well Bucky Barnes .
While James Rhodes and Sam Wilson kept vigil outside, the rest of the Avengers accompanied Vision as he was examined by Shuri, who assured them she could remove the Mind Stone, although it would take some fourth dimension. When a evanesce of dropships entered the standard atmosphere, Wilson informed the rest of the Avengers, and they witnessed the ships land outside of the attic. vision insisted they destroy the Mind Stone, but they refused and prepared for the struggle. [ 26 ]

“Cap, if these things circle the perimeter and get behind us, there’s nothing between them and Vision.”
“Then we better keep ’em in front of us.”
―Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers

Whilst Scarlet Witch stayed with Vision as Shuri worked on separating the Mind Stone from him, Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, War Machine and Falcon joined the Wakandan army, as they prepared to hold off Thanos ‘ army .
Rogers and Black Widow accompanied Black Panther as they faced Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian, but neither side backed down. The Avengers watched as the Outriders charged at the barrier, forcing their way through, so Banner, War Machine and Falcon fired upon them before they got close. however, they were forced to open the barrier so the Outriders did n’t get to Vision, and the two armies then charged at each other, engaging in an intense battle .
The Avengers, along with the rest of their allies, were able to take out many Outriders, but it did n’t seem to make much of an impact, as more of the foreigner army continued to overwhelm them. When they all found themselves significantly overpowered, the Bifrost Bridge suddenly opened on the battlefield, and an ax came out, clearing through the Outriders, and saving the Avengers. The ax then returned, where it was caught by Thor, who had joined the competitiveness with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, declaring a want to kill Thanos .
During the battle, Rogers and Thor reunited after three years, remarking on each early ‘s fresh haircuts and beards. When Threshers arrived on the battlefield, Scarlet Witch decided to join the competitiveness, saving her allies. With Scarlet Witch leaving her placement, Corvus Glaive attacked the lab, but Vision was able to fight him, causing them to fall out of the construction. Falcon informed the Avengers of Vision ‘s situation, so Banner, in the Hulkbuster suit, made his way there, where he fought off and managed to kill Obsidian .
Scarlet Witch attempted to get to Vision, but was stopped by Midnight, who ended up facing off with Black Widow and Okoye until Scarlet Witch was able to kill her. Glaive continued to fatally attack Vision, who was barely holding his own until Rogers came to his rescue. Vision was able to steal Glaive ‘s glaive and transfix him with it, killing the death of the Black Order, and saving Rogers. [ 26 ]

“Parker, help! Get over here. She can’t hold him much longer. Let’s go.”
“We gotta open his fingers to get it off.”
―Iron Man and Spider-Man

back on Titan, the group of heroes formulated a plan and waited for Thanos. Once the Mad Titan arrived, he briefly spoke with Doctor Strange before Iron Man initiated the fight, by crushing Thanos with a massive musical composition of a starship hull. The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Strange worked together to overwhelm Thanos, who fought back with the Infinity Stones .
finally, they were all able to overpower and restrain Thanos, so Iron Man and Spider-Man attempted to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from him, while they had the prospect. however, when Star-Lord discovered that Thanos killed Gamora, he attacked the Mad Titan, forcing Iron homo to leave his position to stop the anger Guardian. Spider-Man was able to about remove the Gauntlet, but Thanos managed to break free and reclaim the Gauntlet .
With the design ruined, Thanos retaliated, using the stones to throw one of Titan ‘s moons at them. Spider-Man focused on saving the unconscious Guardians, while Iron Man returned to fighting Thanos after escaping the destruction. The two battled it out in a heated duel, resulting in Iron Man only being able to merely cut Thanos. not being a match for the Mad Titan, Iron Man proceeded to be greatly beaten by him, despite his best efforts and was stabbed. Iron Man ‘s life was saved when Strange saved gave up the Time Stone, and Thanos teleported away. [ 26 ]

“What is this? What the hell is happening?”
“Oh, God.”
―War Machine and Steve Rogers

With all of the Outriders defeated at Wakanda, the Avengers moved to Vision ‘s localization. suddenly, a portal opened, and Thanos stepped out, so the Avengers continued to protect Vision, charging at the Mad Titan. however, Thanos made short ferment of the Avengers, using the Infinity Stones to clear through them with ease .
Knowing the rest of the Avengers could n’t defeat Thanos, Vision told Scarlet Witch to destroy the Mind Stone, and she deplorably decided to do so. As Scarlet Witch used her powers to destroy the stone, the Avengers, one by one, was defeated by Thanos, as they attempted to defeat him, with Steve Rogers being the last one fight. Thanos then headed for the Mind Stone but was blocked by Scarlet Witch, who was able to destroy the stone, killing sight in the process .
unfortunately, Thanos had acquired the Time Stone, allowing him to reverse the effects, reviving Vision and the Mind Stone. Scarlet Witch attempted to stop Thanos, but he was able to rip out the Mind Stone from Vision ‘s brow, frankincense completing the Infinity Gauntlet. At that moment, Thor arrived and threw Stormbreaker at Thanos, hitting him directly in the chest of drawers. When Thor landed to taunt the Mad Titan, Thanos took advantage of the opportunity to use the Infinity Stones once more, snapping his fingers, and then teleporting aside .
thor was then leave standing in hush, as Rogers helplessly asked where Thanos went. They were then shocked and confused when Bucky Barnes began to turn to dust and then disappear, which was followed by Scarlet Witch and Falcon doing the like, along with Spider-Man on Titan, who vanished in Iron Man ‘s arms. The remaining Avengers were left in horror, unable to do anything, as Thanos ‘ missions to wipe out half of all life was completed. [ 26 ]

The Arrival of Captain Marvel

“We don’t even know what this is.”
“Fury did. You tell me the second you get a signal. I wanna know who’s on the other end of that thing.”
―Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff

Following the Snap, the surviving Avengers on Earth, wholly defeated, returned to the Avengers Compound to do whatever they could to prevent the wrong from Thanos ‘ actions from becoming excessively great. They besides started planning a retaliation against Thanos and if possible unmake his actions, using space scans and satellites to hunt him down but finding nothing that would lead them to the Mad Titan .
Along the way, they retrieved Nick Fury ‘s Transmitter Pager in Atlanta, which obviously was sending a margin call to person. As Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were watching the casualties counter in despair and horror at the Avengers Compound and commented on how bloodcurdling it was, James Rhodes informed them that the Pager had stopped working. The three asked Bruce Banner if he could make it work but he claimed that he did not understand what it was so far. however, Captain Marvel abruptly appeared behind them, asking about Fury ‘s whereabouts. [ 27 ]

“I said we’d lose. You said, ‘We’ll do that together, too.’ And guess what, Cap? We lost. And you weren’t there. But that’s what we do, right? Our best work after the fact? We’re the ‘Avengers.’ We’re the ‘Avengers,’ not the ‘Pre-vengers.'”
―Tony Stark to Steve Rogers

Upon meeting Captain Marvel, the Avengers had her research for Tony Stark, who had been stuck in outer space with Nebula in the Benatar. Twenty-two days after the Snap, Stark was found by Captain Marvel, who carried the transport back to Earth, where the remaining Avengers reunited with him .
They all went inside the Avengers Compound, and Stark was briefed on Thanos ‘ victory, having successfully wiped out half of all biography in the universe. After Steve Rogers mentioned their fail searches to locate Thanos, he asked Stark if he knew anything, which he responded that he was only beaten by Thanos. This then leads to Stark expressing how he envisioned the Infinity War all the way back in 2015, and that he needed Rogers, but he was n’t there to help .
In his flimsy state, both physically and emotionally, Stark continued his harangue and bitterness towards Rogers, reflecting how Rogers assured him that if they lost, they ‘d do that as a team, but when it came for them to lose, the team was divided. Enraged, Stark then mocked the nature of the Avengers, declaring that they work best after losing, alternatively of preventing failure ahead. The rest of the Avengers witnessed as Stark collapsed after insulting Rogers, and Bruce Banner gave him a ataractic so he could rest. [ 10 ]

“You know, we usually work as a team here, and, uh, between you and I, morale’s a little fragile.”
“We realize up there is more your territory, but this is our fight, too.”
―Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers to Carol Danvers

When Carol Danvers announced she was leaving to kill Thanos, the Avengers stopped her, with Natasha Romanoff explaining that they work as a team, and Steve Rogers adding that this was their battle, excessively. James Rhodes asked if Danvers even knew where to find Thanos, which she did n’t, but Nebula revealed she did .
After Nebula revealed to the Avengers about the Garden, Rocket Raccoon showed the team a office surge of equal size to the Snap on another planet, causing them to realize Thanos was there, and that he used the Infinity Stones again. Knowing this, the Avengers and their new allies, discussed going after Thanos and using the Stones to undoing the Snap. Bruce Banner was hesitant, but Danvers assured them that having her with them would ensure victory, and they all prepared to confront the Mad Titan .
After suiting up, the Avengers, joined by Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon and Nebula, boarded the Benatar. As they departed from Earth, Rocket asked the Avengers who had n’t been to space before, which was Rogers, Black Widow and War Machine, before cursorily arriving at the planet through a Jump Point. While Captain Marvel conducted recon, Rogers and Black Widow discussed their determination to succeed this time. Captain Marvel returned, informing them that Thanos was entirely on the planet .
Landing on the satellite, the team orchestrated a align ambush, with Captain Marvel, Banner in the Hulkbuster armor, and War Machine restraining Thanos, allowing Thor to slice off his hand with the Infinity Gauntlet. When the rest of the team joined them, they discovered that the Stones were missing from the Gauntlet, so Rogers interrogated Thanos about their whereabouts, which he revealed that he had reduced the Stones to atoms .
desperately not wanting to have failed again, the Avengers accused Thanos of lying, but Nebula assured them her church father was telling the truth. With nothing left for them to gain, Thor used Stormbreaker to decapitate Thanos, shocking everyone, as they all stood in silence and horror, realizing that despite having killed Thanos, it was no victory and they still lost as they were ineffective to bring back their friends, and the respite of the population. The Avengers and their allies dejectedly went back to the Benatar and returned to Earth. [ 10 ]

The endgame

Moving On

“If I move on, who does this?”
“Maybe it doesn’t need to be done.”
―Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers

The huge failure of the Infinity War impacted each of the Avengers badly, causing most of them to leave the team. Tony Stark started a normal life with Pepper Potts. Thor rebuild Asgard on Earth, and fell into a deep express of depression. Bruce Banner took the time to evaluate his situation with Hulk, resulting in the two confluence and operate as a public hero. Steve Rogers focused on helping people move on from the Snap, while not able to, himself. And Natasha Romanoff became the leader of the Avengers, as it was all she had left, creating a new roll of James Rhodes, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, Carol Danvers, and Okoye .
By 2023, the Avengers, whose chief concenter was helping Earth, adenine well as the wide population, recover from the effects of the Snap, gathered for a holo-conference, held by Romanoff, who was stationed at the Avengers Compound. After they all provided their updates, including Danvers informing them they wo n’t see her for a while, Romanoff reminded them to contact her if anything happens. Rhodes stayed on, telling Romanoff about his findings on former Avenger, Clint Barton, who had begun killing criminals after his family died, but Romanoff asked him to keep search .
Rogers arrived at the compound to check on Romanoff, and he told her about how some people were able to move on from the Snap, but the Avengers were n’t able to, being the ones who directly lost. Romanoff questioned what would happen to the Avengers if she moved on, which Rogers pondered if the team hush needed to exist. however, Romanoff proceeded to reveal how she had nothing until she joined the Avengers, which became her family, and that it made her a better person, which she was hush trying to be, even after their failure. [ 10 ]

A second casual

“The stones are in the past. We could go back, we could get them.”
“We can snap our own fingers. We can bring everybody back.”
―Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Tony Stark

Receiving a notification from the front entrance, Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers discovered Scott Lang had arrived at the Avengers Compound for their help, so they let him in. Lang then revealed to them that he had been trapped in the Quantum Realm for the last five years, but it only felt like five hours for him, leading to Lang creating the idea to use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time to undo the Snap .
Because they did n’t understand how to navigate through the Quantum Realm, they went to meet with Tony Stark, and ask for his avail. however, when they proposed the mind of retrieving the Infinity Stones from the past to Stark, he turned it down, not viewing it as possible, but besides not wanting to risk what he gained since the Snap. Rogers and Romanoff attempted to convince Stark to help them take this second probability, but he refused without hesitation, so they left .
Wanting to do it right, they decided to ask Bruce Banner for his aid. Lang was confused about Banner ‘s confluent, so he explained how during the Infinity War, while all the Avengers lost, it was worse for him, as he lost as Banner and as Hulk, although Romanoff tried to comfort him in that they did n’t blame him. Returning to what they were meeting about, Banner expressed that the topic of time travel was outside his area of expertness, but he agreed to help anyhow .
The next day, after Banner looked into Quantum Physics, he joined Rogers, Romanoff and Lang at the compound to commence their time travel tests, setting up the Quantum Tunnel in Lang ‘s van, although he was calm doubtful whether it would work. Once the Avengers commenced the quiz, attempting to send Lang back in clock, they were shocked to discover Lang returning in unlike ages, having sent time through Lang rather. Banner was able to return Lang to his right long time, which he believed to be a successful first quiz. [ 10 ]

Reassembling the team

“We are getting the whole team, yeah?”
“We’re working on that right now.”
―Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

Although retired from his Avengers animation, Tony Stark was unable to rest knowing he could do something to save the world. So, after successfully figuring out Time Travel, Stark headed to the Avengers Compound to rejoin the Avengers, where he and Steve Rogers reconciled their feud. Stark stated his terms for returning to them, leading to him asking about the team ‘s status .
Understanding that this was their most crucial mission however, the Avengers determined that they needed all hands on deck, so they contacted their other active members, James Rhodes, Rocket Raccoon and Nebula to return to the compound. In addition to Scott Lang joining the team, it was decided that they needed their entire roll, so the Avengers planned to bring back their former original members, Thor and Clint Barton .
once Rocket arrived in the Benatar with Nebula, he was joined by Bruce Banner, and they departed the intensify, heading to New Asgard to recruit Thor. After they landed, Banner and Rocket briefly spoke to Valkyrie before reuniting with Thor, who stunned them by his weight amplification. Banner informed Thor that they needed his avail to resurrect the victims of Thanos ‘ Snap, but he refused, being depressed. however, they were able to convince him to come with them .
meanwhile, Natasha Romanoff put it upon herself to recruit her best acquaintance, Barton, having received intel of his location from Rhodes. Romanoff traveled to Tokyo, where she discovered Barton standing over many dead Yakuza members, who he had just ruthlessly massacred. After discussing what Barton had been doing, Romanoff revealed that they found a way to possibly bring everyone second, including his family, and she managed to get him to come with her .
now that the Avengers were amply assembled at the compound, they began working on creating the means to Time Travel, with Stark and Rocket working on the Quantum Tunnel, and Banner, Nebula and Lang working on the Advanced Tech Suit. While Barton wore the suit, Rhodes wondered why they do n’t use fourth dimension travel to go back and kill a child Thanos, but Banner explained to them all how time travel actually worked, in which they could n’t actually change the past .
Having volunteered himself to test time travel, Barton was sent back to 2018 and then curtly returned, revealing that they were successful. With the ability to travel back in time achieved, the Avengers focused on brainstorming specifically when and where they were going to retrieve each of the Infinity Stones. They started with the Reality Stone, so Thor began to inform his boyfriend Avengers about it, only to become distracted from the brainstorm, due to his submit .
late, they moved on to the Power Stone, which Rocket explained to the rest of the Avengers as they had dinner, talking about how Peter Quill found it on Morag in 2014. [ 10 ] Afterwards, Rogers and Rhodes went through the Space Stone ‘s history during the 1940s together. [ 28 ] The future day, Stark and Banner told Romanoff about the Time Stone, leading to her realize that there were three Stones in New York in 2012, along with the Space and Mind Stone. [ 10 ] By the third day, with this new realization, the Avengers looked back to when they assembled for their first gear battle together in 2012, which Rocket mocked them for how long it took them to deal with the Chitauri army. [ 28 ] Lastly, Nebula explained to the Avengers about the Soul Stone located on Vormir, where Thanos killed Gamora. With every stone covered, the Avengers wholly formulated the design, splitting into three teams and going to three different years. [ 10 ]

“You know your teams. You know your missions. Get the stones. Get them back. One round-trip each. No mistakes, no do-overs. Most of us are going somewhere we know. That doesn’t mean we should know what to expect. Be careful. Look out for each other. This is the fight of our lives, and we’re gonna win. Whatever it takes.”
―Captain America

Being in full prepared for their deputation, the Avengers suited up, with all of them wearing the Advanced Tech Suits, and then approached the Quantum Tunnel. After Captain America gave a lecture about the deputation being their second and only chance, arsenic well as to watch out for each other, the Tunnel activated, and they were sent through the Quantum Realm to their designated times .
The team of Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Hulk arrived in New York during the Battle of New York in 2012, as that was when there were three Infinity Stones in the same area at the lapp time. With instructions towards keeping a low visibility, Captain America was tasked with stealing the Mind Stone, while Iron Man and Ant-Man were assigned with stealing the Space Stone, and Hulk focused on finding and stealing the Time Stone .
Hulk departed from the group and headed to the New York Sanctum, where he met the Ancient One, who was in current self-control of the Time Stone, encased inside the Eye of Agamotto. Hulk attempted to steal the gem but rather had his stellar shape pushed out of his physical body. The two then discussed taking an Infinity Stone from an interchange reality, so Banner assured the Ancient One they would return all the stones, and she gave him the Time Stone .
once the Battle of New York concluded, Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man headed to Stark Tower, where both the Tesseract and Scepter were, along with all the past Avengers and Loki. While Captain America waited by the elevator, Iron Man and Ant-Man took blanket as the past Avengers and hit packed up the two Infinity Stones. Ant-Man was flicked onto the past Tony Stark, who was carrying the Tesseract, and Iron Man exited the build, tracking the STRIKE team ‘s location for Captain America .
Iron Man, disguised as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, made his means to the lobby where the Tesseract was taken being escorted. Managing to shutoff the past Stark ‘s Arc Reactor, Ant-Man passed the briefcase to Iron Man, but it was knocked away from him when the past Hulk burst into the lobby, resulting in past Loki stealing the Tesseract and escaping. interim, Captain America was able to steal the scepter from STRIKE, but encountered his by self, resulting in them fighting each other, and the past translation was defeated .
Captain America regrouped with Iron Man and Ant-Man, who failed to obtain the Space Stone. however, Iron Man figured out they could retrieve the Space Stone and Pym Particles from 1970, so he and Captain America traveled there. Arriving at Camp Lehigh, Iron Man successfully stole the Tesseract, and Captain America acquired more Pym Particles. The two then regrouped with each other and headed back to the present, completing the New York team ‘s mission .
In an understudy 2013, Thor and Rocket Raccoon arrived on Asgard to steal the Reality Stone which was presently housed inside the body of Jane Foster. Despite Rocket ‘s attempts to motivate Thor during the deputation, he was forced to go solo, so he snuck into Foster ‘s board and extracted the Aether. Being chased by the Einherjar, Rocket regrouped with Thor, who had been talking with his alternate mother, and before they left, Thor summoned Mjølnir, proving he was worthy .
last, in an alternate 2014, the team of Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine and Nebula arrived on Morag. Black Widow and Hawkeye took the Benatar and headed to Vormir to steal the Soul Stone, while War Machine and Nebula stayed on Morag to wait for Peter Quill so they could then steal the Power Stone. After that Benatar’s passing, Nebula warned War Machine that Thanos, Gamora and her past self were besides after the Infinity Stones in 2014 .
Following War Machine knocking out the past Quill, he and Nebula entered the Temple of the Power Stone, and Nebula grabbed the Orb. After handing it to War Machine, they prepared to return to the present. however, lone War Machine was able to leave, as Nebula abruptly malfunctioned, which was caused by her past self receiving her future memories. Nebula attempted to contact Black Widow and Hawkeye, but alternatively, she was kidnapped by by Thanos .
Nebula was brought onboard the Sanctuary II, where she was interrogated by her past self, who stole her Time-Space GPS. The present Nebula attempted to get through to the past Gamora, explaining what Thanos was going to do, particularly what would happen to Gamora. After stealing the Pym Particle from the award Nebula, the past Nebula brought it to Thanos, who had it reverse-engineered. The present Nebula was left in 2014, as the by Nebula impersonated her and traveled to 2023 .
At the same time, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrived at Vormir, where they were greeted by the Red Skull, who informed them that he was their lead to the Soul Stone. however, when they asked where it was, Red Skull revealed to them that to acquire the Soul Stone, one of them would have to sacrifice themselves. Accepting that the sacrifice was actual, both Black Widow and Hawkeye decided to be the one to do it, much to the other ‘s refusal .
Knowing she would n’t let him, Hawkeye dropped Black Widow to the ground so he could sacrifice himself, but she threw him down and ladder towards the edge of the cliff. After knocking Black Widow apart with an explosive arrow, Hawkeye jumped off the cliff, only to be grappled to the mountain by Black Widow. Hawkeye tried to hold on to Black Widow, but she let go, sacrificing herself. As a solution, Hawkeye obtained the Soul Stone and returned to the present. [ 10 ]

Mourning Natasha Romanoff

“Why are we acting like she’s dead? We have the stones, right? As long as we have the stones, Cap, we can bring her back. Isn’t that right? So, stop this shit. We’re the Avengers. Get it together.”
“Can’t get her back.”
―Thor and Clint Barton

Returning through the Quantum Realm at the same time, the Avengers, minus Natasha Romanoff, and the by Nebula alternatively of the present one, returned to the Avengers Compound in the portray. They celebrated their hark back and success in stealing the Infinity Stones, but this was cut curtly when they noticed Clint Barton was alone, leading them to realize what had happened .
completely taken back by this passing, the remaining original Avengers gathered outside to mourn the death of their teammate and close friend, with Steve Rogers recounting how they were her syndicate after Tony Stark asked if she had any. however, Thor believed they could bring her back using the Infinity Stones, but Barton sadly explained to him that the sacrifice could n’t be untie, so Bruce Banner said they had to accept that and make her forfeit worth it. [ 10 ] Determined to not let Natasha Romanoff ‘s sacrifice be in bootless, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon got to work on creating a modern gauntlet that could successfully store the Infinity Stones. Once they completed the Nano Gauntlet, Rocket arose the interview of who would be the one to wield it .
Thor immediately volunteered himself, much to everyone ‘s hesitation, claiming that he was the strongest avenger, making the responsibility fall upon him. however, after Stark convinced Thor that he was in no circumstance to wield the gauntlet, Banner revealed to the rest of them that it had to be him, explaining that none of them would be able to survive. Steve Rogers questioned whether he could even survive, but Banner stated that the radiation was by and large Gamma .
Deciding to have Banner be the one to snap his fingers, Stark reminded him to only bring everyone who died binding, not changing anything from the last five years. Before Banner equipped the gauntlet, the respite of the Avengers in full suited up to protect themselves from the gauntlet ‘s world power. once Banner put on the gauntlet, the Avengers watched on as the energy of the stones began to hurt his body, but Banner managed to snap his fingers .
wholly overwhelmed to a weakened state of matter from the tear, Banner collapsed to the ground, so the Avengers immediately rushed to his side to check on him. The Avengers were uncertain whether the snap worked, as they were focused on making certain Banner was n’t excessively badly hurt from the effects of the gauntlet. however, Scott Lang looked outside and assumed it worked, which was prove true when Clint Barton received a address from his wife, who died during the Snap. [ 10 ]

“You know it’s a trap, right?”
“Yeah. I don’t much care.”
“Good. Just as long we’re all in agreement… Let’s kill him properly this time.”
―Thor and Iron Man

This fleeting success was interrupted when the intensify was suddenly destroyed by an airstrike, due to the 2014 Nebula bringing the Sanctuary II to 2023 through the Quantum Tunnel. Amidst the destruction, the Avengers were separated and trapped underneath the debris .
Hulk, War Machine and Rocket Raccoon struggled to survive as the stallion colonial started to collapse on clear of them, while a deluge began to fill up the area. Ant-Man made his way to rescue them, as Hawkeye found himself in the access tunnels with the Nano Gauntlet, being chased by a drove of Outriders. meanwhile, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor discovered Thanos sitting amongst the end, so they decided to confront and kill him once again .
Before Hulk, War Machine and Rocket drowned, Ant-Man managed to find them and get them to guard. During the heat pursuit, Hawkeye protected the gauntlet and was able to kill all the Outriders. Resting after the competitiveness, Hawkeye noticed Nebula approach him, so he gave her the gauntlet, only to discover that she was n’t the Nebula he knew. however, the portray Nebula arrived and killed her by self, and Hawkeye continued to protect the gauntlet .
Outside, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor made their way to Thanos ‘ localization to confront him, and keep him aside from the gauntlet. Thanos commented on the Avengers ‘ inability to accept their bankruptcy, which led them back to him, and he declared a new deputation to wipe out all of universe with the Infinity Stones and create a new being. The three Avengers then charged at the Mad Titan and commenced the intense fight .
even with their combined efforts, Thanos was besides formidable, defeating each of the three Avengers. As Thanos was near killing Thor with Stormbreaker, Captain America picked up Mjølnir and used it to stop him. thor rejoiced in having his suspicions he had ever since 2015 confirmed, as Captain America proceeds to overpower Thanos with Mjølnir. however, Thanos was soon able to get the upper bridge player, defeating Captain America and breaking his harbor. [ 10 ] Having defeated the Avengers, Thanos expressed his pleasure in destroying Earth out of hurt for heroes, and proceeded to call down his integral army. Captain America, who refused to give up, got back on his feet and prepared to face off against the gigantic united states army alone .
Despite Captain America ‘s strong doggedness, the approaching fight was destined for get the better of, only to wholly change when he was abruptly radioed by Falcon, followed by a massive number of portals to open up behind him. Coming out of the portals were all heroes from different affiliations, including the Avengers who died from the Snap, but besides the Guardians of the Galaxy, Masters of the Mystic Arts, Wakandan armies, Asgardians and Ravagers, having been resurrected by Hulk ‘s snatch .
With Captain America leading them, the connect allies stood together, and after he shouted the Avengers ‘ battle cry to assemble, they all charged at Thanos ‘ united states army. Once the two sides collided, an epic poem conflict commenced, with the Avengers fighting aboard their allies, honest-to-god and new, to once and for all frustration the Mad Titan and his forces. During the battle, Captain America and Thor fought side by side as they shared Mjølnir and Stormbreaker, and Iron Man was reunited with Spider-Man, who saved him from Cull Obsidian .
elsewhere on the battlefield, Hawkeye was still protecting the Nano Gauntlet, which put him in the most risk, therefore Falcon saved him from a Chitauri Gorilla. Hawkeye asked Captain America what he should do with the gauntlet, so he told him to get it far away from the area. Hulk interjected, explaining that they had to return the Infinity Stones to their original timelines, but Iron Man revealed that Thanos destroyed their Quantum Tunnel. Ant-Man noted that they distillery had a Quantum Tunnel in the van, so he and Wasp went to get it working, as the stay of the heroes focused on getting the gauntlet to them .
Iron Man checked in with Doctor Strange to see if they were in the one reality where they won, as Hawkeye was faced with an overpowering phone number of Thanos ‘ forces, to be then saved by Black Panther, who took self-control of the gauntlet. When Thanos went to acquire the gauntlet from Black Panther, Scarlet Witch confronted him, seeking revenge for him killing Vision, obscure to her it was n’t the lapp Thanos, and she proceeded to overpower the Mad Titan .
Spider-Man soon took self-control of the gauntlet, but when Scarlet Witch was near killing Thanos, he ordered an airstrike, causing her to be knocked off, and for Spider-Man to drop the gauntlet. The heroes found themselves struggling to avoid the attacks from Sanctuary II, but were spared when it abruptly stopped firing at them and began firing at Captain Marvel, who had returned to Earth. With bang-up comfort, Captain Marvel destroyed the Sanctuary II .
Captain America informed Captain Marvel of their design, and she made her way to Spider-Man ‘s localization. After they introduced themselves, Spider-Man handed Captain Marvel the gauntlet so she could get it to the Quantum Tunnel, but the way was blocked by a hearty sum of Thanos ‘ forces. To assist Captain Marvel in getting past the gigantic drove, the female Avengers : Scarlet Witch, Okoye and Nebula, along with some others joined her, and they all charged forwards, successfully clearing a path .
unfortunately, despite their efforts, Thanos used his double-edged Sword to destroy the Quantum Tunnel, and the explosion caused Captain Marvel to be separated from the gauntlet, leaving it vulnerable. Thanos went to grab the gauntlet, but Iron Man rushed at the Mad Titan to stop him, merely to be knocked down. thor cursorily arrived and vigorously held off Thanos, with Captain America assisting him, but the Mad Titan managed to incapacitate them, besides .
After a brief brawl with Captain Marvel, Thanos threw her away and equipped the gauntlet. But, bare moments before Thanos was about to snap his fingers, Captain Marvel recovered and forcibly held his handwriting open. Thanos, with all his persuasiveness, was unable to evening move Captain Marvel, who proceeded to vastly overpower the Mad Titan. To gain the upper hand, Thanos grabbed the Power Stone out of the gauntlet and used it to increase his persuasiveness, allowing him to punch Captain Marvel away, knocking her out .
When all hope seemed lost, Doctor Strange signaled Iron man that they were in the world where they won. so, with everything he had left in him, Iron Man managed to latch onto the gauntlet. Thanos brushed Iron Man aside, but unbeknown to him, Iron Man had stolen the stones and inserted them into his armor. Thanos snapped his fingers, but when nothing happened, he looked to Iron Man, who snapped his own fingers, wiping out Thanos and his entire army. [ 10 ]

The Death of Tony Stark

“This time travel thing that we’re gonna try and pull off tomorrow, it’s… it’s got me scratching my head about the survivability of it all. But then again, that’s the hero gig, right? Part of the journey is the end.”
―Tony Stark

Although the heroes had won the battle, their victory came at a great cost, as the hard office of the Infinity Stones rendered Tony Stark fatally incapacitated. Stark ‘s boyfriend Avengers, along with his wife, gathered around him in his final moments, [ 10 ] kneeling before him when he died. [ 28 ] With the Snap undo, the stallion universe celebrated having everyone brought back, including some of the Avengers, who returned to their families. A few days by and by, a funeral was held for Stark at his base, so the rest of the Avengers attended to pay their respects. The remaining original Avengers and James Rhodes watched a recorded message left by Stark, and afterwards they all stood outside, with their allies, as Stark ‘s Arc Reactor was sent adrift. [ 10 ]

bequest of the Avengers

“Everyone keeps asking me where the Avengers are, and I don’t know what to say to that.”
―Talos to Nick Fury

After the funeral, Clint Barton reunited with his mate Avenger, Wanda Maximoff, and the two mourned the losses of Natasha Romanoff and Vision, taking consolation that they would know they won .
Barton returned home and went back into retirement, [ 10 ] while Maximoff continued to mourn Vision, concisely creating a talk through one’s hat world with him in it. [ 29 ] Scott Lang and Peter Parker left the Avengers and continued their regular lives, the former being with Hope van Dyne and his daughter, and the latter going back to high educate and avoiding Avengers-level situations. Okoye resumed her duties to Wakanda, while Rocket Raccoon and Nebula returned to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were joined by Thor, [ 10 ] and Carol Danvers headed back to space. [ 30 ]

Although the Avengers had all gone their separate ways and were no more, there was still one final deputation : returning the Infinity Stones to their original timelines. Bruce Banner rebuilt the Quantum Tunnel and was joined by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson outside of the destroy compound. Rogers volunteered for the deputation, and before he left, he and Banner discussed Romanoff. Rogers took the stones and Mjølnir and traveled to the different times and succeeded .
however, Rogers did not return as planned, causing Banner and Wilson to become concern, until Bucky Barnes brought their care to a man sitting on a bench. Wilson walked up to the homo, discovering that it was Rogers, who was a lot older, and revealed to him that he stayed behind in the past to live a life with Peggy Carter, as per Tony Stark ‘s words back in 2015. Rogers then passed on the carapace to Wilson, [ 10 ] who became the following Captain America. [ 31 ] The Avengers would go on to be once again praise worldwide for their desperate and victorious efforts in bringing back those who died to the Snap. Ajak, the drawing card of the Eternals, was deeply moved by the Avengers ’ actions in the Blip and their actions were a lend divisor to her doubting her deputation. [ 32 ] The fallen heroes were honored : Stark, Romanoff, Vision, and even Rogers, who was believed to be deceased. Eight months belated, there was no activity from the Avengers, causing the worldly concern to grow concerned about their whereabouts or if they were flush distillery around at all. Seeking answers from the person who would know, people began to ask Nick Fury, unbeknownst that it was actually Talos impersonating him. [ 33 ] In 2025, a winnow consequence dedicated to the Avengers was created called “ AvengerCon, ” in which the heroes would be celebrated. [ 34 ]


erstwhile Members

  • Name: Okoye
  • Species: Human
  • Activity: 2018 – 2023
  • Status: Alive
  • Description: Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje and head of Wakanda’s armed forces. She served under King T’Challa’s command and briefly under N’Jadaka’s when the latter rightfully took the throne by throwing T’Challa off a waterfall during ritual combat. However, when T’Challa returned alive and having seen Killmonger’s despotic rule she rebelled against him with other Wakandans and helped T’Challa recover the throne. She fought in the Battle of Wakanda against Thanos’ forces under T’Challa’s command. Sometime after the Snap, Okoye became a member of the Avengers taking missions all over Africa and reporting directly to Black Widow. Okoye alongside a revived T’Challa, Shuri and Wakandan forces assisted the rest of the Avengers and their allies in the Battle of Earth against an alternate version of Thanos’ army from the past.

Deceased Members

  • Name: Pietro Maximoff
  • Species: Human
  • Activity: 2015
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Pietro Maximoff was a man who was born in Sokovia with his twin sister, Wanda. When the twins were children, their parents died in a bombing involving Tony Stark’s weapons technology. As the two grew up, Sokovia was caught up in constant war and strife, and the twins regularly took part in various protests meant to drive military forces out of their home. Baron Strucker, the leader of a secret HYDRA group set up in Sokovia, recruited Pietro and Wanda to take part in a series of tests involving the Scepter. The energy from the scepter transformed the twins, granting them superpowers. Pietro himself was gifted with superhuman speed, and his talents, as well as his sister’s, led to their indoctrination by Ultron in his campaign against the Avengers. The twins assisted Ultron greatly for a time, before learning of his genocidal intentions towards humanity; they turned against Ultron, deciding to instead help the Avengers stop him. However, Quicksilver was killed in the battle, shot dead protecting Hawkeye and Costel.






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