One-Punch Man’s Missing ‘Chapter 141’ is A Secret, Not a Mistake

Warning: contains spoilers for One-Punch Man
The most consecrated fans of One-Punch Man may have noticed that there ‘s a chapter missing, but the reason why is less clear. As a professionally published series, that kind of mistake is very unlikely, so it must have been skipped measuredly. Yet, in the English chapter numbering through Viz ‘s Shonen Jump free, the chapter numbers are completely different, and nothing has been skipped. So what ‘s the deal ?
One-Punch Man is fairly strange in terms of how it releases its manga chapters. Chapters can be of varying lengths, with some over a hundred pages, while others are less than ten, and longer chapters may be released in smaller parts as they ‘re finished. In the japanese unblock, the most holocene chapter is 143, while the English unblock for the same chapter is 140. The differences are largely accounted for by counting some of these sub-chapter “ parts ” differently, so it ‘s not that the English release is behind or missing chapters. The collected print volumes of the manga are sometimes different hush, as certain panels and pages may be redrawn by artist Yusuke Murata for print turn, with longer chapters broken up or smaller chapters combined in concert to create more standardize lengths. All this makes discussing chapters of One-Punch Man by numbering alone preferably confuse, so fans normally discuss the report by separating them into history arch.

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however, while the latest chapter of the japanese manga was labeled chapter 143, there was no chapter 141. chapter 140 was released on March 3, while chapter 142 was released on March 22, leaving no room for 141. Chapters 140 and 142 follow unlike characters, with 140 focusing on King and Metal Bat, and 142 opening with Suiryu before moving on to Child Emperor, Sweet Mask, and Zombieman. 143 moves to even another batch of characters, like Genos and Fubuki. There ‘s no indication of what subject might belong in chapter 141, but it seems likely that based on the pattern of rotating character focus, 141 would check in with a bent of characters that were n’t featured in any of its neighbor chapters .

The death time Saitama was seen was chapter 139, as he and Flashy Flash by chance made contact with some god-like being of incalculable ability, which offered to make a deal with them to share its power. Before a softwood could be struck, however, they were teleported away from the Monster Association Headquarters by # 1 hero Blast, good anterior to Tornado ‘s annihilative attack that destroyed the structure. While about every hero has been shown to have avoided collateral price from Tornado ‘s assail, the destiny of those three has n’t been confirmed. It ‘s possible that chapter 141 may reveal foster interactions with this god-like being, either focusing on Blast or Saitama, or even both .
Most likely, the chapter number was skipped in order to leave distance for a by and by chapter, which would take position during this period chronologically but may be withheld from readers for dramatic purposes. Rather than retroactively adding in a “ chapter 140.5 ” or something like late on, 141 was reserved for this mystery chapter, which serves the double purpose of cultivating an air of mystery and inviting speculation from the sports fan base, specially after the uncover of Blast and this divine figure. Since this chapter total was n’t preserved in the English release, Viz may choose to approach it differently, by simply slotting it in with whatever chapter phone number is appropriate when it is finally revealed. Regardless of what it contains and when it arrives, One-Punch Man’s “ missing chapter ” of 141 has surely succeeded in sparking debate and guess, and fans are left to patiently wait to see their theories confirmed.

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