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March 10, 2022


Monster Association Arc


Chapter 86 (Partially)

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Blessing Sinking Feeling

Divide “ ( 分水嶺, Bunsuirei, Tonari : 205 ) is the hundred-and-sixtieth chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.




A confused Sweet Mask, carrying the unconscious Metal Bat, walks in as he sees the cadaver of Sage Centipede, who was split in half by Garou, and wonders what happened. He then notices that Manako is trying to wake up a knocked out Flashy Flash, and mistakes it for an assassination undertake, which he immediately attacks her. however, before he can strike Manako, his punch is intercepted by an aircraft carrier crashing in between them, knocking both Sweet disguise and Metal Bat deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Flashy Flash and Manako away. meanwhile, King, hush carrying the disable Tatsumaki notices the carrier flying straightaway towards him, and panics realising Saitama is nowhere to be found. While King is still panicking, Fubuki arrives and congratulates King on rescuing Tatsumaki. It is then revealed she has arrived with the “ New Blizzard Group ”. Fubuki arrived with Tanktop Master, Spring Mustachio, Bomb, Bang, Superalloy Darkshine, and Nichirin. spring Mustachio is carrying Nichirin while Tanktop Master is carrying Bomb, Bang and Darkshine. King questions who is the guy wearing a tank-top, it is then shown that the one wearing a tank-top is Tanktop Master who now looks much fatter than earlier. Despite being fat, Tanktop Master has gained fantastic force. Fubuki then rushes towards Tatsumaki, saying she will give some of her energy to Tatsumaki. Spring Mustachio questions if that ‘s dependable, as Fubuki has used most of her energy on healing the other heroes. Fubuki says to be hushed. Fubuki then says if she could heal her baby even a little piece, then Tatsumaki might be able to get the heroes out via telekinesis. But there was barely no prison term for Fubuki to heal Tatsumaki. Fubuki asks Tanktop Master to lend a bridge player. Tanktop Master would then think about Tatsumaki for a moment, refusing to accept her death before his command of tank-top wearing would manage to surpass her psychic powers. Tanktop Master would then be all fired up and lift up everyone simultaneously. With that, he would tell them all not to bite their tongues. Fubuki already used up a bunch of her energy on healing the other heroes, so King would be urged to leap atop the deck of the ship for the sake of catching everyone. Quickly in reply, King would come up with the excuse that these shockwaves to be found with the King manner superintendent catch might harm the injured so it would probably be better to use psychic powers. But that ‘s when King would notice it good on top of the ship was none other than Saitama, who had concluded that this was a good spot to park now. Seeing Saitama hera would immediately change everything. King would tell all the other heroes to hold on as King was sealed that they would all be all right if they just stayed correct there. cipher actually sympathize, but they did as he told because King is the one conduct. meanwhile, Saitama would shift positions sauntering off elsewhere entirely to yet again embed his boots into the deck of the ship and give it a huge device serving to move the entire thing so far again with a one movement. Everyone King included was absolutely blown away here and in complete talk incredulity. But Saitama was n’t done yet, as now he would repair his legs before leaping away with an artificial degree of force, the transport would crumple from the launch bespeak as everyone would very feel the shockwaves of all of this. The ship which was now effectively embedded in the ground at an angle that would redirect the ocean ‘s water right over the heroes leaving them unharmed. cipher but King knew that this was Saitama ‘s doing. This fortune of theirs would get even crazier as not lone did the ship protect them from the side effect of Evil Natural Water, but it besides protected them from being crushed by the cadaver of Sage Centipede. Tanktop Master now thanks King for making this decision, that if they did n’t follow King ‘s order, they would have been dead. Fubuki says they can not stay hera either because the urine has begun to do some huge waves. Pig God immediately having regained his fatness, suddenly arrives and puts all the heroes including Nichirin and Bomb into his mouth to save them. interim, Garou looks at his surroundings, wondering what happened to Evil Natural Water as Saitama appears behind Garou and asks who he is supposed to be .

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