ONE: Everything to Know About the One-Punch Man Manga Artist

The creator of One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 goes by the apposite shield mention of ONE. Although he ‘s kept his name a secret from the public eye, there are total of facts he ‘s revealed about himself through diverse interviews. Let ‘s investigate what this mysterious artist is like .

Personal Background

ONE was born in Niigata on October 29th, 1986. however, he spent his childhood up until early adulthood in Kōnosu, Saitama. The appointment of Saitama ’ mho quality, equally well as the sic of the manga, was based on his experiences there. however, it seems that he has moved away from Saitama in his adult liveliness, since as of 2017, ONE was a citizen of Okinawa. Although he doesn ’ triiodothyronine talk much about his personal biography, he has mentioned that he played tennis throughout middle school and gamey school. however, he lone played casually—his real sake lay in drawing manga .
In an interview on a Nico Nico Live testify called “ Yamada Reiji ’ sulfur Young Sunday, ” ONE talks about what inspired him to start drawing. This consultation is besides one of the few instances where the enigmatic artist has openly revealed his face. He states that as a child, he read a fortune of Crayon Shin-chan, which he believes was what inspired him to draw comics. In particular, he enjoyed the comedy and the multi-panel format.

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however, he kept his interest in becoming a manga artist a mystery. He didn ’ thymine want to pursue a career that might disappoint his family, and felt ashamed of being scolded by his parents for drawing joke manga in his unblock meter. ONE besides admits that he ’ s surprisingly alike to Mob in that he has a reserved personality and doesn ’ thyroxine typically show much outward emotion. It wasn ’ thyroxine until his freshman year of college that he began to publish his works online, after searching the web for a community of aspiring manga artists like him .

Making a Webcomic

saitama from one-punch man He discovered a web site called NEETsha, directly translated as “ NEET caller, ” purportedly for people who are “ not in Education, Employment, or Training. ” Many otaku besides self-identify as NEETs, as this term has found its seat in the often self-degrading terminology of zanzibar copal fans in Japan. ONE found his niche posting his comics on this site, along with early authors like Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul fame .
ONE didn ’ t have much luck showing his early on comics to Shonen Jump. Nevertheless, he overcame these struggles. In 2016, One-Punch Man won the Sugoi Japan award in the manga class, and in 2017, Mob Psycho 100 won the Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen category. One of his latest published works is a Mob Psycho 100 by-product called Reigen, now available in English from Dark Horse Comics.

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Future Influences

ONE ’ second unique artwork style comes from being by and large self-taught, having never worked as an adjunct for a manga artist. He was always a fecund artist : in an interview with Tokyo Reimei Note, he talks about how he likely filled up around fifty notebooks precisely with his own comics and drawings. It ’ randomness besides important to note that the manga interpretation of One-Punch Man published in Shonen Jump international relations and security network ’ t his art, but a redraw of the master webcomic done by Yusuke Murata, of Eyeshield 21 fame. ONE now posts updates to One-Punch Man on a separate personal web site, as he ‘s outgrown the NEETsha web site. He besides has a page with links to shirts and behind-the-scenes books, featuring a hilarious sketch of Saitama and Genos humbly hawking the wares .

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In many ways, ONE represents hope for many aspiring artists, showing that rage and creativity combined with consistent end product can be a way to achiever. His comics demonstrate that particularly in this digital historic period, creating content that is accessible and relevant on-line might be the most effective method of gathering an audience .
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