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  • One Punch Man in Invincible.

    One Punch Man in Invincible.

    This is my first fanfic, and it ‘s a One punch Man Invincible crossing fanfic. detail

  • OP in One punch man dropped

    OP in One punch man dropped

    It was not perfect but I will be making a new fanfic which will be better and it will be named ” A New Life ” detail

  • One punch man in MHA

    One punch man in MHA

    4.55 A man who loves superheroes reincarnated into the worldly concern of My hero academia with the might of his darling character the one punch valet. Welcome to the easy mode, watch our MC redefines what it means to be the strongest hero. * No baldhead here … * note : – making this novel merely for fun, cover not mine, got it from google. detail

  • Release that Man

    Release that Man

    4.23 The stranger DNA is the best thing that has ever happened to Ye Shuang because the genetic optimization it offers has made her more beautiful, more formidable, and more brilliant. But… why does n’t this nameless alien species have a fixed sex before adulthood‽ Alternating between both sexes every few days, why‽ For gender equality‽ Thankfully, she still has a find to save herself. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as she can settle down with a partner before full genic assimilation, she ‘ll be able to carry on with her life as equitable one specific sex. For the sake of the perfect female body, all the men out there, beware ! But wait, what are all these women up to ? Why are you all looking at me like a while of meat‽ Halt, break, do n’t come any closer… What the hell‽ detail

  • One Punch Man : Valir's Chronicle

    One Punch Man : Valir’s Chronicle

    I Opened a box my Aunt gave me and it changed my life everlastingly. Be it a good change or Bad change, you guess.One thing though, i will never regret making that decision, ever. * The painting iodine use for the cover is 100 % not mine * Just a fanfic of OPM, making this since one have nothing to do while waiting for OPM s2 … 2019 come faster7/week or if i ‘m lazy 5/week hehehe detail

  • one punch man Fubuki x reader

    one punch man Fubuki x reader

    This is a One punch serviceman fanfict I do not own any of these characters except for y/n it does have manga spoilers so be mindful contingent

  • One Punch man (VS GOD FANFIC)

    One Punch man (VS GOD FANFIC)

    After the most destructive battle between the Hero Hunter “ Monster Garou ” and the Caped Baldy “ Saitama ”. Saitama is declared the winner as Garou ‘s freak shape lento fades away. When Saitama was headed base, a mysterious being cryptically appears out of nowhere ! Read to find out more ! detail



    Saitama is barely an ordinary waiter working for his uncle at a local diner in City-Z. He protects the people of Z City and is loved and cared for, he has been dubbed champion by the citizens but Saitama does n’t want to be a hero he just wants to live his life normally. so when a mighty menace appears on earth would Saitama lay first gear or would our hero footprint up and save the sidereal day


  • The Luckiest Man

    The Luckiest Man

    4.51 As the supernatural influence recovered, Hong Xiaofu awakened to the aura of luck ! It was the begin of a fantastic travel ! Let ’ s take a expect at his abilities : Pay Respects to the God of Luck, Unforseen Setback, Bolt from the Blue, Divine Justice, Defeat upon Landing … This novel tells the fib of a cipher and his travel in becoming a master of luck worshipped by the world… detail

  • one punch man in another world

    one punch man in another world

    what happen when an otaku was transported to another world by the will of God to complete mission contingent

  • One Punch Man: Strongest Creature

    One Punch Man: Strongest Creature

    A young homo dies in his sleep due to unanticipated reasons. His parents and kin members mourn his death.Unaware he was living a better life in another earth. It seemed so until he found out it was n’t all fair weather and flowers. ( I won nothing early than the MC, besides check out the guy who made the pfp, he ‘s sick. ! ) contingent

  • Cupid Styll: Adventures in One Punch Man

    Cupid Styll: Adventures in One Punch Man

    A boy named Cupid met a atrocious destine after an accident on a bridge. little did he know, he was about to be reincarnated into the populace of one punch homo with a few wishes. This is my first always book, feel absolve to give criticism. detail

  • Reborn as Naruto(One punch man) of the multiverse

    Reborn as Naruto(One punch man) of the multiverse

    typical platitude trash or not ! ? bunch of weird bullshit happening in this fanfic.Yes … this is my Fantasy and it ‘s wyrd as hell. You can read if you want a short warning though the grammar might be horrible.any NECESSARY criticism is allowed.I already know this narrative wo n’t make any smell but please, I invite you to be a dick. I can take it ! summary Reborn as naruto creation powers Saitama military capability and immortalityThis will be … a …. ? detail

  • One Punch Justice

    One Punch Justice

    Saitama from One punch Man has unexpectedly crossed over to the One Piece world. In this vibrant and colorful world lies hide danger that shall be brought to inner light by the universe of a Hero and bring judge to the common people. Whether the perpetrators be Pirates or Marines, all shall be brought to judge ! ( Patreon page : hypertext transfer protocol : // I will be posting this narrative on Thank you for your attention ) detail

  • The Man Behind The Mask

    The Man Behind The Mask

    She is Shakeera Alcantara, 24 years of age and individual. Kind and a good child, hard make, and nothing can be done merely for the kin. Time tested her resilience, it ‘s a count of life and death. Her sister, even if she needs to clings into the tongue, she will do barely to save her. so withhout hesitation she entered into a confidential populace, where there was an ongoing trade of females. An underground administration that the patrons are not casual. If you have millions then your in.But it left her with a memory that she never regreted.Will she recognize THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK ? James Arch Smith, The CEO, The party boss of the company where she cultivate at. Is it him ? # Shakeera & James detail

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