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A world full of ace brawny characters which save the cities from bad monsters. In the One Punch Man when female characters come in a scene, it automatically turns into something wholesome. Throughout all the seasons of zanzibar copal many female characters are introduced in report like Fubuki ( Blizzard of Hell ) .
During one episode where Fubuki and Do-S fight each other. Do-S had gained the upper berth hand over Fubuki and had successfully converted all people into love slaves. This fight keeps on getting interesting by each minute as the report continue .
In the number below we will cover every episode and all the seasons which aired cashbox date. While making the number you will see all types of shuffle names like monsters, heros and others female characters. Hope you will enjoy our ranking of characters below .

Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters are as follows:

1. Tatsumaki

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Tatsumaki
power : telekinesis

Female Character Detail : Tatsumaki has a uncivil, conceited, and impatient fictional character. She treats most people with contempt, particularly those she considers useless. She is regarded as one of the most knock-down heroes in the Hero Association. She is an extraordinary champion and Fubuki ’ s older sister .
Tatsumaki is a small charwoman who is sometimes err for person much younger than she is. Her greens hair naturally curls up at the ends, and she has an adolescent face with emerald green eyes. She ’ s dressed in a form-fitting blacken dress with long sleeves and four high-cut leg slits that highlight her shapely long leg, a well as black low-heeled shoes .

2. Fubuki

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Fubuki
baron : telekinesis
Female Character Detail : Fubuki is a cold-hearted, ambitious, and self-assured charwoman who does not doubt her own ability but recognises her limitations to a degree, preventing her from acting irrationally. She is Tatsumaki ’ south younger sister and an extraordinary champion. She is besides the principal of the Blizzard Group, a hero group of the B-Class. The psychic Sisters are a appoint she and her sister have earned for themselves .
Fubuki is a new lady with a bosomy consistency, chin-length dark green hair fashioned into a curtsy, and light green eyes. Her primary equip includes a long ashen fur coat, a blue fleeceable form-fitting dress, thigh-high black boots, and respective jewelry .

3. Do-S

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Do-S
power : mind operate
Female Character Detail : Do-S is a member of the Monster Association and a Demon-level Mysterious women. Do-S has the electric potential to take see of early people ’ randomness brains. She accomplishes this by slapping them across the side with her whip. Those under her world power develop cordate pupils and are known as her beloved slaves .
Do-S has hanker, gold hair and a black flower on the impart side of her lead, like a human female. She has a bosomy figure, pink eyes with black sclera, a pink cordate sign on her frontal bone, and respective piercings in both ears. She is dressed in an highly exposing BDSM overdress with nasty straps and alloy rings that show off her contours .

4. Psykos

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Psykos
ability : Energy Projection
Female Character Detail : Psykos is the Monster Association ’ s military adviser and friends with one of top champion. She is one of the Monster Association ’ s key adversaries. She ’ mho besides a bit of a thief, since she likes playing cruel games with the Hero Association ’ s members. She considers the potency of each battle since she is a identical calculate person .
Psykos has a lissome form, long aqua-blue wavy hair, emerald-green eyes, and wears glasses most of the time. Gyoro Gyoro, a Psykos puppet, is a slug-like monster with a individual eye, no obvious facial orifice, and eight limbs emerging from its skull .

5. Mizuki

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Mizuki
world power : Superhuman Physical
Female Character Detail : Mizuki appears to be a creditworthy champion, swiftly addressing the causal agent for the assembly of heroes. She besides looks to have a felicitous and bubbly side, as she appears to be ecstatic at the likely of a forwarding. Mizuki is a sanely herculean B-Class hero. On Rhino Wrestler ’ s attack rating scale, her Shot Put attack received a score of 30 out of 100, which is greater than the attacks of numerous A-Class .
Captain Mizuki is a tall dame with purple eyes and a firm yet epicurean body type. Her long dark orange hair is pulled up into a high ponytail with a scrunchie, and she wears earrings and a band-aid on the impart side of her face. She ’ s dressed in a form-fitting blasphemous spandex top with a single stripe down either side .

6. Mosquito Girl

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Mosquito Girl
power : Mosquito Physiology & Superhuman Strength
Female Character Detail : Mosquito Girl was a formidable mutant from Dr. Genus ’ House of Evolution who was regarded as a deadly Demon-level menace. Mosquito Girl considered humans and animals as prey, and she was constantly athirst for their blood. She, on the early hand, treated her mosquitoes as if they were her children, referring to them as “ little ones ” and included them in her attacks .
Mosquito Girl ’ s physique was largely exoskeleton and light adequate to allow winged fledge due to her worm origins. Her lower branch were digitigrade, with extra foreleg, and all of her limbs were elongated and terminated in match hook shot. Her biceps and shins were striped like a hornet ’ s and coated with long bristles. She had a juicy human body vitamin a well .

7. Lin Lin

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Lin Lin
power : warlike artist
Female Character Detail : Lin Lin is a Palm Bell Fist exploiter and a martial artist. She is said to be the best female martial artist in the worldly concern. Lin Lin wields two polearms, the first gear of which is a illusion Guandao with a cosmetic rear spike. She is besides revealed to have a huge array of weapons, all of which she appears to be adept with .
Lin Lin is a petite young dame with a slender determine and a lean frame. Her black hair is braided and knotted into loops, and she has bangs that hide her brow. She ’ s dressed in a maroon qipao shirt, white arm warmers, and a scarf.

8. Suiko

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Suiko
power : Skilled Martial Artist
Female Character Detail : Suiko is a one of the best martial artist and a nice Void Fist overcome. She is Suiryu ’ second younger sister and Suicho ’ s grandchild. Suiko is a laid-back charwoman who is a little naïve. She is arrogant enough to overestimate her own talents on times, yet she is not afraid to improve .
Suiko is a petite unseasoned lady with a slender calculate. Her dark eyes, tanned complexion, and short black hair set her aside. She is dressed in black leggings and a sweatshirt over a sport top. She is a identical diligent womanhood who is focused on enhancing her abilities .

9. Lily

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Lily
power : Three-section Staff
Female Character Detail : Lily is a Hero Association B-Class Rank 74 professional bomber. She belongs to the Blizzard Group. Fubuki is her paragon, and she is devoted to her. Lily would besides go to any duration for her emboss, evening working half-time jobs overnight to help the Blizzard Group buy their own automobile. Lily is a competent warrior, however her military rank suggests she international relations and security network ’ thymine identical herculean by B-Class standards .
lily is a pretty young lady with blue-purple eyes and faint complexion. Her long, black hair, which is always worn in a high ponytail with bangs covering the right field one-half of her face, a single light blue highlight, and a white lily flower on top of her forefront, is her most recognizable feature in her search .

10. Maiko Plasma

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Maiko Plasma
world power : electricity handling
Female Character Detail : During the event, Monster Association dispatched Maiko Plasma to assault D-City. Maiko Plasma seemed steady and accepted that there are more potent entities in the populace than she, a characteristic that entirely a few moo threat monsters possess. Maiko Plasma can create multiple bolts of electricity as an electricity-based cryptic Being .
Maiko Plasma had the look of a Maiko, with her black hair put up in a traditional japanese expressive style with a assortment of ornamental hair’s-breadth clips featuring stars, clouds, and thunderbolts. She donned a hikizuri, a hanker kimono with clouds and thunderbolts on it, a black obeah sash with two belts knotted over it, and wedge-heeled wooden sandals as a Maiko .

11. Shadow Ring

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Shadow Ring
power : Ninja equipment
Female Character Detail : Shadow Ring is a Hero Association A-Class Rank 32 professional hero. Shadow Ring looks to be a reserved individual. Shadow Ring is a competent and formidable combatant. Flashy Flash compliments her on her battle abilities. Shadow Ring, who was raised in a ninja hamlet, has shown to be an technical in ninjutsu .
Shadow Ring wears a purple ninja costume that entirely conceals her font and torso. Her brown hair is pulled bet on into pigtails beneath her cloak. She besides wears a masquerade over her eyes. Shadow Ring possesses amazing physical strength and can well slay a number of creatures .

12. Eyesight

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Eyesight
power : paralyze venom
Female Character Detail : During the Monster Raid, Eyesight was a Demon-level Mysterious Being who ambushed Y-City. Eyesight was a Monster Association member who was trusted to do large scale end. Targets may be detected by heating system even if they are hidden behind other objects and are far aside. Eyesight held a staff like a Caduceus. It was a long staff with two serpents coiled in it .
eyesight manifested as a Medusa-like animal, half-snake, half-woman with bony jewelry. She donned a skull-shaped cap with a drop inserted in it, equally well as skull-like bobbles, a skull necklace, and a skull belt. Her face was snake-like in appearance, with no nozzle and snakes for hair .

13. Shibabawa

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Shibabawa
exponent : clairvoyance
Female Character Detail : Shibabawa was a long-familiar destine teller from G-City. She was a endow prophet, but she appeared to be terrified of a ‘ great tragedy ’ that she had predicted, trembling as she choked on cough drops and stared terrified into her crystal ball. Shibabawa has 100 percentage accuracy in predicting the accurate timing of forthcoming earthquakes and strange entity assaults .
Shibabawa was a unironed aged woman with blank hair, long fingernails, weak brows, and a draw of wrinkles. Her cheekbones were drooping, and she lacked teeth. She wore a strange bone necklace and earrings all the clock time .

14. Twin Tail

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Twin Tail
world power : juggle
Female Character Detail : Twin Tail is a talented and formidable opposition. Despite wearing a blindfold, Twin Tail is a superb combatant who uses her enhanced senses to detect the universe of cryptic Beings around her. Twin Tail, being one of the A-Class heroes, possesses incredible potency, which she use to wield several weapons and sever her foes. Twin Tail ’ second heightened senses are one of her most outstanding qualities as a hero.

Twin Tail has a pigtail hairdo with four dice binding each tail together, as her name indicates. Each dice has four sides, which in japanese rhymes with death. She wears a blindfold and is dressed like a jester, with a teardrop painted on her impudence .

15. Manako

15 Most Popular One Punch Man Female Characters Manako
might : light manipulation
Female Character Detail : Manako is one of the Monster Association ’ s female monsters. Manako appears to be a decrepit freak that avoids conflicts by hiding in a toilet in the Monster Association Headquarters. Depending on how she pushes her two horns, Manako ’ s eye can produce different types of light with distinct functions. Manako is a little, ball-shaped character with pale hide and a single huge eye. She besides possesses two little horns, crisp fangs, and a midst black belt that covers her mouth most of the clock .

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