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I am rightfully tempted to give One punch man a 10 but in my opinion there is no perfection. There is near perfection and one punch homo is that.

The first episode that one saw, i laughed so arduous that i about fell off my president. As it progresses to the next episodes they try to combine the comedic and the seriousness of the history together, and they manage to do that. I feel like that the writers are truly doing this with a feel of passion and future to it they enjoy the absurd crusade sequences.

opinion on the last two episodes of season 1 :

My thoughts : The amount of awesomeness put in this two episodes is beyond imagination. It ‘s just incredible how they build up the climax to the end and to show the endless powers Saitama has. Although it ‘s a parody it does n’t stop me as a spectator to enjoy the zanzibar copal and accept it as part of something big. When i say something capital, iodine mean putting it adjacent draco ball, and other incredible animes. It ‘s obvious to the rational number thinker that a draw of elements like the characters design ( boros etc ) are similar to Dragon ball, and that it ‘s influenced by them.

BUT what makes it sol different one might ask himself : barely by observing the total of details put in to the active sequences will tell you that ‘one punch man ‘ is a serious zanzibar copal ( in some ways ). Dragon ball is nostalgic and has a great history and quality growth behind its series and one punch man will have to gain more years in order to obtain the status DB has. What i ‘m trying to say is that the detail put in to the fighting scenes in one punch man are far beyond what other anime have achieved or tried to … It ‘s a masterpiece in room … And that ‘s what gave this zanzibar copal a 9 out of 10.

He destroys all of his enemies with one punch and mocks them like they were nothing. But it still does not get bore and that ‘s the reason why this zanzibar copal is a great success. Make the details look sublime and the active sequences beyond comprehention, mix it with a spirit of humor/comedy and you ‘ve got in my eyes the arrant anime ( action fans ). Just take a good look at the episode where Saitama fights Genos and you ‘ll get the perfective picture on why this anime is amazing ( there are youtube videos with that scene ).

It flush got me to search some more information about this anime on the internet. There are youtube videos and articles about the origin of one punch man. It ‘s interesting to take a expect.

I hope this show keeps up the quality as it is and one ca n’t wait for more ! — — > after watching the last two episodes i can only imagine where it is headed. This anime has proved ( after this season ) that it will not fail to entertain it ‘s anime sleep together fans !

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