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Chapter 108 (First mentioned)
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The Neo Heroes ( ネオヒーローズ, Neohīrōzu ) are a new body of heroes founded by Fuzzy and aided by Blue to replace the flounder Hero Association. Blue created the Neo Heroes to show the world what true heroism is, as he deems the Hero Association to be corrupt and self-serving. [ 1 ] however, it turns out that the Neo Heroes are not ampere good as they appear to be on the surface due to fly-by-night activities and unethical recruitment practices, the latter of which being made extent in their specially flagitious desire to turn unexpected and unwilling people into puppet cyborg. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]




Unlike the Hero Association, who selects heroes through a physical and written test, the Neo Heroes recruit members through a particular headhunting system. There are more than 2000 candidates within the Neo Heroes ranks which far exceeds the 546 professional heroes of the Hero Association. Due to the counterproductive and anti-meritocratic nature of the rank system at Hero Association, the Neo Heroes eschews such practices in favor of attempting to create a culture where strong and weak heroes can work together and support each early. furthermore, the arrangement seems to know the shortcomings of the current Hero Association in terms of wrongdoing, unfair treatment of its superhumans and collateral damage often caused by their more powerful heroes, such as Tatsumaki. They keep this criticism in mind and try to minimize such shortcomings in their own administration, a willingness to change the way heroes operate is the chief cause of Child Emperor ‘s apostasy from the Hero Association and join this modern hero organization. The Neo Heroes have recruited a handful of S-Class heroes to join their organization, including Metal Bat, Child Emperor and Superalloy Darkshine ; in a talent scouting bid to outpace their adjacent counterparts in the Hero Association. According to the Neo Heroes ‘ recruiter, they promise to treat their heroes much fairer than the premiere champion means. With the Neo Heroes offering multiple membership benefits that entice many up and comers or veteran do-gooders to join their constitution. Enticements ranging from novelties such as clothe, increase income, room and board equally good as familial benefits on clear of an abundance in hero equipment even for newly or junior-grade supers. Their willingness to meet the needs of their operatives caused the former S-Class hero Metal Bat to join them. Unlike the Hero Association, the Neo Heroes are more focus on the safety of heroes working under them, forgoing the forced quotas to maintain their hero rank. They do, however, require that their heroes possess a “ prescriptive awareness, ” despite this the arrangement took no issue with Raiden attacking Superalloy Darkshine despite the latter ‘s clear discomfort with engaging in fight. They besides raised no qualms with two top-position candidates attacking other heroes to prove a point, showing that the bullying culture between strong and weak heroes placid remains to an extent. Their method acting of talent search was once a biased as the conventional test in the Hero Association since they largely focused on recruiting top tier heroes, indicating why they did n’t try to recruit Saitama. however, this attitude has recently changed, as multiple lower-ranked heroes have been invited to join the association, such as the A-Class heroes Forte, Butterfly DX, and Chain’n’toad, angstrom well as the group containing two C-Class heroes, Soda Pop Boys. This arrangement besides has a blue side in which they recruit highly controversial members like consecutive killers, racketeers and cult leaders ; such as the likes of A and Infelsinave based on the merit of battle art and for social following preferably than any built-in desire for department of justice. This fact makes Speed-o’-Sound Sonic state that the Neo Heroes are even more “ rotten ” than the criminal hell. recently, Child Emperor and Metal Bat had discovered the more sinister sides of the Neo Hero establishment. A dark underbelly that not even Blue is mindful of, case in point being that the Neo Heroes possesses a cybernization program dubbed as a convalescence and performance-enhancing operation for heavily injured Neo Heroes members to heal them and enhance their performance through cybernetic enhancements. The process of which is intentionally invalidated as to keep employees within their service, as those whom ‘re enhanced this way become dependent upon changeless maintenance which only the organization can provide for their bionic augmentations. Darkshine excessively came under misgiving while training some newfangled requites within their secondary school as the operation feeds Neo Hero candidates a special department of energy swallow that causes the taker to develop increased muscle bulk and other forcible dynamics at incredible rates ; but at the cost of making them increasingly aggressive to the indicate of fierce outburst and certitude. During the meeting between the hedonic killer whale and Sonic, A reveals that the Neo Heroes are actively on the hunt for potent advocates in the cyborgification first step. Seeking out mighty individuals regardless of moral alliance to turn them into cyborg puppets even outside organization purviews as A, among other Neo Leaders, is tasked with capturing sonic with such purpose. Child Emperor besides suspects that a distribute of monsters are actually controlled by the Neo Hero faction as he discovered microchips within the basal of brains belonging to many dead Dragon-Level threats that they were tasked to dispatch recently. other issues with the new hero group being their rather aggressive interactions with their aged predecessors within the Hero Association. chiefly stemming from how the Neo Heroes went after some of the Hero Association ‘s more big enforcers while blatantly disregarding any attack by the latter to establish proper relations to join forces in the future. Something which is highlighted with Ryumon ‘s deservingness stealing with Crescent Eyebroll against a freak threat besides hard for him to handle alone. A trait which even Black Sperm found more damaging than beneficial to both orders in the hanker discharge, for rather of working together they spend more clock time sniping at one another therefore weakening the efficacy of both organizations and humanity as a wholly. Citing it as a irregular fasten to the problems in club while making the prim and proper Neo Heroes less capable of dealing with the more major assaults from monsters and calamities down the line. During the meet between Blue and Forte, Forte reveals that the Neo Heroes operation methods actually hamper the growth of individual heroes by making them depend excessively much on their struggle suits. not to mention their extreme stress on efficiency, leaving little to no room for advancement in personal strength of the individual since remarkable heroes never have to put all on the line in life or death situations to radically improve themselves. furthermore, because about no Neo Hero members actually constantly put risking anything ampere much as heroes from the Hero Association, they often lack charisma as an individual since the public only refers to the organization as a hale and rarely remembers them by their name, even Neo Leaders.

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In arrange to combat monsters more effectively with fewer risks, equally well as promote a polish of comeliness between heroes, most Neo Heroes work together in teams, unlike the Hero Association ‘s focus on individual samaritan oeuvre and miss of one. Each team has a designated Neo Leader who helps their teammates grow in lastingness together and get the job done. For this reason, some Neo Leaders were tactically recruited for their social charm as opposed to their struggle art, as seen with Infelsinave, who founded the 900,000-member Church of Otherworldly Reincarnation ; Ryumon, who leads the 400-gangster Ryumon Gang ; and Accel, who heads the 47-man Neo Hunters. The Neo Heroes have developed an advanced artificial news that analyzes the position and picks the most suitable endowment in their roll to deal with the menace. This normally consists of teams of three or more. furthermore, they besides have respective armored conveyance vehicles and light aircraft available at each city to transport the heroes, or if need be they can deploy their little security detail, consisting of Elimin and Destro. To prevent collateral damage caused by powerful individuals such as Tatsumaki, angstrom well as avoiding public negligence problems that are abundant within the Hero Association, the Neo Heroes have established several powerful security operatives to keep sealed heroes from crossing the line. Each member of the Neo Heroes has a speciate battle lawsuit, which allows even the weakest members to fight effectively against monsters of catastrophe level Tiger, as seen when the Triple Tongues were defeated and their attacks were unable to hurt the Neo Heroes. however, even these armors do not help weaker members against higher horizontal surface threats, since Infelsinave was defeated and badly injured by a calamity of degree Demon .




A talent scout from the Hero Association seeks out the pedestrian hero Accel with the intent of bringing him and his 50-man ordain of citizen fighters into the congregation for the sake of emboldening the organizations ranks. But the hometown vigilante adamantly refuses the volunteer, as he had done several times before, due to not liking how the hero faction operates. Citing how despite all their resources and the fiscal back from multiple highly influential entrepreneurs behind them, the association has yet to accomplish anything major. That, on top of how they treat many of the superintendent powered beings in their diverse units like a commodity alternatively of as people working diligently under them offends him reasonably. meanwhile another mercenary humanitarian by the name of Raiden is similarly approached by an HA advocate but declines due to having arrangements with a new hero organization. Jumping between the two, these new up & comers voice their similar dissatisfactions with the way the champion business is run to the deal makers. Accel stating that having to work under the Hero Association ‘s cultivate structure is no different than withering away in the service of what has in recent times shown to be a corrupt and incapable protection noise that caters more to the fat elite than the people as a unharmed. Both individuals voicing plans of joining the Neo Heroes over being hyponym to the untrustworthy Hero Association .
Genos details to Saitama the being of the Neo Heroes, appearing to show pastime in seeing if he can grow stronger from joining their ranks and even having received an invitation already. however, when Saitama shows a miss of interest, Genos decides not to join them either. Superalloy Darkshine, Child Emperor, and Metal Bat all quit the Hero Association and join the Neo Heroes. Darkshine joins not as a Hero, but as a flight simulator and sparring spouse rather. McCoy is besides revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes as the human resources coach. Two new characters, Accel and Raiden, are introduced as well .
The day after Sweet Mask reveals his freak form to the global, McCoy holds a meeting between the Neo Leaders and Neo Heroes staff. It is revealed that Child Emperor, Metal Bat, Accel, and Raiden have all been given leadership positions. Suiryu is besides revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes as a drawing card, along with Ryumon, Zaedats, Webigaza, Infelsinave, and ‘ A ‘. McCoy then introduces Blue, the laminitis and top hero of the Neo Heroes. Zaedats reveals that Blue is Blast ‘s son.

After a sudden surge in monster bodily process, the Neo Hero teams are deployed. They make immediate work of the many monsters with their advanced battlesuits and teamwork, wholly showing up the Hero Association ‘s heroes. The world is impressed by the Neo Heroes ‘ bring and their popularity skyrockets. During a struggle, Child Emperor recently discovers that some potent Dragon-level monsters have microchips in their brains, which he suspects that the freak rampages are reasonably being manipulated. Furthermore, Webigaza necessitate of changeless care from the Neo Heroes starts to make him suspect something sinister about the fresh heroes. After Infelsinave and Zaedats are cryptically revitalized, Metal Bat inquires Destro and Elimin about the medical programs used to mend them as he suspects fetid play from the Neo Heroes. His suspicion is proved dependable when Destro and Elimin casually introduce him to the cybernetics part of their home base only to try and forcefully turn him into a soulless cyborg, calling in the cyborgified Mars Leo and Solitude to kill Metal Bat. As Webigaza gets a call from Neo Heroes tracking team about a current prosecute on a monsterized Sweet Mask ‘s whereabout, then departs for her schedule commercial, Child Emperor is last alone to figure out about the chip he got without the Neo Heroes ‘ intentional. ‘ A ‘ attempts to ambush and kidnap Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, but fails, causing ‘ A ‘ to retreat and leave his own men behind. Raiden attempts to take Puri-Puri Prisoner ‘s rehabilitating convict group, including a reformed Hammerhead away from him, in order to turn them into puppet cyborg as well, but Puri-Puri Prisoner refuses and challenges Raiden in a sumo crusade. Suiryu ‘s team has targeted a character time delivery world who suspects to be Garou, once the civilians have been evacuated without being noticed by a Hero Hunter suspected part-timer .







  • The Neo Heroes agenda of trying to turn powerful individuals into cyborgs is similar to the character Sektor from the Mortal Kombat series, who initiates the Cyber Lin Kuei initiative in which he attempts to turn the clan into enslaved cyborgs.




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