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Saitama : Wait, you ‘re back in one slice ? Genos : indeed, my body is by and large mechanical. so, my parts can be replaced. Saitama : You ‘re an odd one, are n’t you ? Genos : What kind of parts have you installed on your body, Master ?

Saitama : Do n’t use any. Genos : But, what about the skin-colored armor on your forefront ? Saitama : Yeah, that ‘s equitable my skin, dandy. Genos : That ‘s odd. You ‘re pure far excessively young to already be bald. Saitama : so, I ‘m bald ! What ‘s your problem, huh ?

Genos : My problems ? You ‘re asking me to list each one of them ? Saitama : Yeah, no thanks. I ‘m effective. Genos : Four years ago, when I was fifteen, I was still a real human being. Saitama : You … heard me saying no thanks, did n’t you ? Genos : Though, we were inadequate and had to pinch pennies, we were even able to get by. We lived a peaceful and felicitous life together. Until that fateful day, when a crazy cyborg went out of dominance and attacked our town. We never knew why it happened. Most probable, a fail body alteration generated an abnormality in his brain. He destroyed everything in sight – parks, schools, buildings, my theater … he even took the lives of everyone in my family. miraculously, I survived, but being lone a fallible fifteen-year-old, I was alone at the end of my military capability in a ruin town. That ‘s when Doctor Kuseno happened to pass through. The Doctor, a scientist for justice, was on a deputation to stop the rampage cyborg and end his oppression. I asked the Doctor to give me soundbox alteration surgery, to make me better, stronger, faster. That ‘s how I was reborn as a cyborg, who fights for judge. I promised Doctor Kuseno, I would terminate the evil cyborg and return peace to this world.

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Saitama : Huh, I see … Genos : [ interrupting ] It ‘s been four years since that day. I ‘m nineteen years honest-to-god. I ‘m focused and drive. I ‘ve wandered from town to town eliminating evil. The monsters and criminal organizations I ‘ve destroyed are numerous. But I ‘ve been ineffective to locate any clues about being the insane cyborg and become increasingly thwart and restless. I find myself chasing a virtual visualize of that cyborg whenever I face my enemies. then, last week, when the mosquito monster appeared, I let my concentration slip and paid the price. I thought I could lose to no one but the rampage cyborg, so I neglected to analyze the data on my adversary and rushed in fountainhead farseeing to confront her. The result, as you know, was that an enemy with huge intensity bested me. If you had not been in the area, Master Saitama, I would have undoubtedly been destroyed. Master, you saved my biography that day. The life that was once saved by Doctor Kuseno many years ago has now been saved so far again by you, Master Saitama. And I feel the weight of that responsibility. I must not allow myself to die before finding and destroying that cyborg once and for all. And to achieve that, I have to continue fighting evil as a righteous soldier until that fateful day comes when he appears before me. I need to get stronger. last week, when I saw what your punch was capable of, I knew immediately that I had to study under you as your disciple. If only I could be adenine firm as you and become such amazing power. I have an honest-to-god enemy who must be defeated at all cost. Though the conflict is not for me alone. It is for my entire hometown and for Doctor Kuseno angstrom well. I in full realize I am hush inexperienced. But now, more than ever before, I need incredible intensity so that can eradicate the greatest of evils ! Doctor Kuseno is … Saitama : [ irritatingly ] Enough, you idiot ! Shorten this stupid history to twenty words or less !

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