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I am the strongest.
— Marugori after taking Biceps Brachii King[1]


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Human ( once )


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[ 2 ]

270 m (885’10”)


[ 2 ]

More than 100 tons





Shockwave Generation

Superhuman Strength



( Hero Association military rank )
Dragon ( Actual ) [ 3 ]



The Brain and Brawn Brothers


Fukegao ( Older Brother )


Webcomic Debut

Chapter 3

Manga Debut

chapter 3

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese VA

Shinya Hamazoe

English VA

Bryce Papenbrook Marugori ( マルゴリ, Marugori ), besides called Beefcake, was a human who drank the Biceps Brachii King steroid hormone developed by Fukegao, which turned him into a mutate giant. He was killed by Saitama. [ 4 ]




As a homo, Marugori was depicted as a fan young man, with a big torso and mesomorphic arms. He had sharp eyes and a shave head. He wore a elementary cooler top and obviously jeans. These clothes were ripped off when he transformed into a cryptic Being. When transforming, his veins were popping, muscles expanding and his size grew fabulously. As a colossus, he resembled a colossus human body without skin, steaming, with a white, bone-like armor covering his enormous muscles. Most of his skeletal system and muscle tissue became visible, including his tendons. He besides grew two tubes, protruding from his thorax and race over his shoulders to his back .
BeefFullSize Marugori when transformed into a giant ( Anime )

Beefcake back A view of Marugori ‘s back ( Manga )Marugori working out Marugori working out ( Anime )




Marugori was a identical square individual who was loyal to his brother and had a potent hope to become stronger. Despite the unfeelingness he displayed while murdering thousands of people, he was rightfully sadden and enraged by the loss of his brother .




Marugori is first base seen in the lab of his scientist older brother, Fukegao. He is handed the ultimate steroid, Biceps Brachii King and drinks it, being told that it will give him the power he always wanted. Marugori yells out in pain and his body grows in size at a rapid rate. It does n’t take long before he bursts through the lab ‘s ceiling and transforms into a sternly mutated giant. He picks up his brother, puts him on his shoulder and marches for the nearby D-City. Arriving at the city, he thinks to himself that he always dreamed of becoming the world ‘s strong man. He swings his branch and crushes a few buildings. His buddy is ecstatic about his overpower lastingness and the brothers move on to the following city. [ 5 ] As Marugori heads to B-City his brother notices person is sitting on the shoulder opposite to the one he is sitting. His brother yells, telling Marugori to kill him. Marugori swats at the wrong shoulder and kills Fukegao by accident. In his ensuing rage Marugori snap up Saitama and throws him to the reason. Saitama starts to get up, but Marugori jumps onto him and starts to punch Saitama repeatedly, leaving a elephantine trap in the footing. Believing himself triumphant, Marugori begins to mourn for his brother until Saitama jumps out of the hole and punches him in the confront, killing him and sending him crashing onto B-City, destroying it. [ 6 ]

Abilities and Powers



After taking the drug Biceps Brachii King, Marugori gained massive force and size, becoming one of the largest monsters in the series. Marugori was classified as a Demon-level threat and would have been upgraded to Dragon if it were not for Saitama stopping him. [ 3 ]

physical Abilities



Immense Strength: Due to his massive size after mutating into a giant, Marugori possessed enormous physical potency. This was demonstrated when he generated herculean shockwaves from one of his blows to cause massive price to an stallion city. He besides wielded outstanding leg intensity, shown when he was able to create a large crater by stomping at the prime. [ 7 ] The hole he created by punching Saitama was 100 meters wide. [ 2 ] Enhanced Speed : Despite his size, Marugori was able to deliver high-speed combos in a matter of seconds .

Fighting stylus



Hand-to-Hand Combatant : Marugori appeared to only rely on his beastly military capability and colossal size after taking the Biceps Brachii King from his older buddy, meaning he had no veridical martial arts know or crusade proficiency.

  • Barrage of Armed Hits (豪腕の連打, Gōwan no renda): Marugori throws a barrage of punches into a concentrated point.[2]
  • Trampling (ふみつけ, Fumitsuke): Marugori stomps the ground.[2]

major Battles






  • His name is a play on words of 丸坊主 “Marubozu” (close-cropped hair) and ゴリラ “Goria” (Gorilla). Gorilla is sometimes used to describe buff guys.
  • According to Murata, Marugori is 10 times larger than Orochi.[8]
  • Marugori is the first Mysterious Being in the series to receive a disaster level threat.
  • Marugori shares some similarities with Eren Yeager of Attack on Titan, as both transformed into giants and coincidentally share the English voice actor Bryce Papenbrook and Latin American Spanish voice actor Miguel Angel Leal.
  • Marugori shares the same english voice actor as Lecture Man.

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