One-Punch Man’s New Name for Saitama Hints at the Origin of His Strength

Warning: Contains spoilers for One-Punch Man chapter 164 (digital manga)
The hit manga One-Punch Man teased an unexpected connection between its protagonist, Saitama, and the mysterious ultimate villain of the series, the animal known as “ God ”, which could besides ultimately explain the reference of Saitama ‘s absurd force .
The stopping point of chapter # 164 of One-Punch Man was completely remade by the authors, One and Yusuke Murata, a workweek after it originally came out. In the newfangled translation Garou, who is getting dispiritedly beaten by Saitama, is contacted by God, a mysterious entity who offers world power to selected individuals in orderliness to pursue his yet-unclear agenda. Garou, tricked by God taking the semblance of his early victor Bang, receives a new power-up and is quick for orotund two with Saitama. however, the most concern thing is the way that God refers to the bald hero, which, together with a hint previously dropped by another freak, suggests there might be a association between the two .

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Garou developed his own martial arts style, evolving Bang ‘s Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist through countless battles and near-death experiences. Garou called his expressive style Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist, but it proved useless against Saitama ‘s harebrained defense. In the second gear version of chapter # 164, when God reaches out to Garou in his mind, he says that there is only one fist ( which means proficiency or fighting style ) that can counter “ the fist that turned against God ”, in reference to Saitama, and grants Garou a newly form that results in the Fist of God. The way that God describes Saitama, making a reference to a rebellion against himself, is completely unexpected, but in hindsight, it was foreshadowed by another freak, Sage Centipede, who used the like nickname in chapter # 156 .
sage Centipede announced that he and his sister, Evil Ocean Water, were sent to destroy “ the atrocious fist that turned against God ”. At that meter, Garou believed the monster was talking about him, but he immediately realizes it was actually in address to Saitama. Readers know that God is somehow connected to all the monsters appearing in the series, and they recently learned that the animal is trapped by a dimensional seal. A team led by One-Punch Man ‘s S-Class Rank 1 hero Blast is trying to prevent God ‘s influence from spreading, but until immediately all this storyline seemed disconnected from Saitama who, as always, is oblivious to what is actually going on around him. however, the revelation that God considers Saitama his own personal enemy opens the way to speculations concerning the origins of the hero ‘s unexplained power.

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The key could be the idea of “ rebellion ” against God. The villain likes tempting people with the promise of great power, as he did with Homeless Emperor, Garou, and Tatsumaki ( but this last try failed ). possibly, Saitama ‘s absurd exponent does come from a treaty made with God, but the bald hero somehow escaped his end of the dicker and God ‘s influence. This is equitable a theory, and God ‘s animosity towards Saitama could fair be motivated by the fact that he exterminates monsters with still, but the use of the discussion “ turned ” hints at a unlike, more personal connection. It could be that once more details about God and his plans are revealed, fans of One-Punch Man will besides ultimately learn the truth about Saitama ‘s nonsense power .

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