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To see which chapters correspond with which arc, see fib Arcs. What Ca n’t Be Bought Appearances in other Media Genos blows up the building

Arriving at the House of Evolution Heading toward the House of Evolution Showing him the remains of Beast King Saitama already beat his enemies Genos appears in front man of Saitama ‘s doorway Genos uses a inflame attack to destroy the swarm. Seeing Saitama for the foremost clock time The pour of mosquitoes surrounds Mosquito Girl. Aiming at the monster Genos appears in front of Mosquito Girl Agreeing to sign up for the Hero Registry with Saitama Genos moving in with Saitama Seeing the damage Saitama made Genos after the attack … stopping before hitting him … and uses a end punch … Saitama gets behind Genos … lone to miss Using his eye to find him … entirely to notice … Using his weapon … Prepared to spar with Saitama Going home after the examination Being threatened by Sneck Genos at the seminar hosted by Sneck Genos without his shirt Telling Saitama about kombu ‘s impression on hair Genos asking about the mountain of kombu at the door Genos was given a fresh finish Genos documenting everything he says Saitama says something inspirational Watching the news about the meteoroid Was saved by Bang from the meteor debris Seeing Saitama break the meteoroid with one punch Genos arouse at the meteor Genos places his effect inside his arm Bang reassures Genos not to worry Genos starts to doubt himself Genos heading to deal with the meteoroid Hearing the sirens warning the citizens about the meteoroid Genos is called by the Hero Association Genos telling Saitama about his newly rank ready to find the senders who sent hate chain mail to Saitama Among the many defeated heroes Hearing his teacher being belittled The Deep Sea King about to finish him His arms fall apart Genos defends a little girl from the acid Both of them injured Was surprise attacked and hit a wall Genos made a hole in the protection Genos prepared to eliminate the Deep Sea King sonic telling him he wo n’t win Genos meets Speed-o’-Sound Sonic naked on the streets Drying dishes with his powers Genos smashed into a wall by Tatsumaki The impact of the embark falling Genos wondering if the transport ‘s explosion is Saitama ‘s doing

The ground begins to shake Seeing the embark fall Genos, Drive Knight and Child Emperor watch the ship Genos volunteer to help Tatsumaki Genos and the other heroes on the roof Noticing Saitama made a hole in the ceiling At the hero meeting Explains who Tatsumaki is Arriving at the Hero Association Heading towards the meet Hearing about the merging from the hero staff member Genos and G4 face head on Genos tells Saitama to go without him Both of them observe G4 as he appears to destroy King Genos and Saitama see King Genos asking Dr. Kuseno for an promote closeup of Genos ‘ face showing his homo brain Genos is given his hero diagnose Genos was stopped by Saitama Genos ends up on the ground Genos about to blow up the sphere Genos gets behind sonic Genos is attacked by Sonic ‘s Exploding Shurikens Genos tells Saitama who Charanko is Genos, aboard Saitama, Fubuki and King are visited by Charanko Genos being carried by Dr. Kuseno ‘s drone after being attacked by Gouketsu Genos shocking Face Ripper to death with Genos using his incineration cannon Genos responds to the raidGenos Preparing Genos receives the call for back upGarou blocks Genos with his leg Genos clashes with Garou Manga Ch83 Genos Blades Genos ‘ newly-installed arm bladesGenos vs. Elder Centipede Attacking the elephantine monster with all his mightGenos reconnect Genos reconnects his consistency after being cut in one-half at the shankUltra Spiral Incinerate Super Spiral Incineration Cannon inside Elder Centipede ‘s mouthGenos escapesmouth Escaping from Elder Centipede ‘s insidesGenos power upgrade Genos ‘ modern imprint after the Elder Centipede conflictGenos &fubuki Walking to Saitama ‘s apartment with FubukiGenos 2018 back Genos ‘s current secondGenos Senses Saitama's punch Genos senses Saitama ‘s punch on Rover while doing dishesGenos kickrescue Genos appears to save Sekingar from G5 Genos kills G5 Genos defeating G5 ‘s coreGenos saves HA members Genos running with the support group on his backGenos arm missiles Genos destroys the monsters in avocationGenos stares at Drive Knight's intel on the Monster Association Holding Drive Knight ‘s Monster Association intelGenos analyses Drive Knight's intel Genos analyzing Drive Knight ‘s intelGenos saves King and Tareo from Orochi goo Genos repels Orochi ‘s biomassGenos saves Tatsumaki Genos saves Tatsumaki from the fusion of Psykos and OrochiThunder Drill Cannon Genos prepares to fire Thunder Drill CannonLightning Drill Cannon Genos fires Thunder Drill CannonTrue Spiral Incineration Cannon Genos firing his true Spiral Incineration CannonGenos clashing with Psykos Genos clashing with the fusion monster using True Spiral Incineration CannonTatsumaki protecting Genos after he used True Spiral Incineration Cannon and became immobilized Tatsumaki protecting Genos after he is immobilized .Genos saves Tatsumaki 3 Genos saves Tatsumaki from Psykos savageGEnos overloads Genos suffers from energy overloadGEnos overloads 2 Fubuki stabilizes Genos after suppressing the excessive heat from his system, enabling Genos ‘s internal system to initiate cooldown .Manga GenosBang Save TTMTatsumaki Genos carries Tatsumaki away .Genos saving Tatsumaki from Black Sperm Genos saving Tatsumaki from Black Sperm

CH147 Genos & Tatsumaki Genos and Tatsumaki team up again .Genos carrying Tatsumaki with his mouth while surrounded by Black Sperm A helpless Tatsumaki and Genos being surrounded by Black Sperm .Saitama telling Genos he has become stronger Saitama telling Genos that he has become stronger

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